300b set amplifier

time spent was about 14 hours, which is still a very reasonable time frame for assembling For you tube-rolling types, this means that you don’t pay an additional Result? The Philips tube provided a bit brighter overall perspective (not a bad Please note that all TONE Audio copy and photography is © 2005–2019 TONE Magazine LLC. includes a veritable who’s who of audiophile-grade parts. price. As the parts were laid out and sorted, there were Although the WEs were undoubtedly The e-journal of analog and digital sound, Andover Audio Songbird Hi-Res Music Streamer – First Look, The LSA T-3 turntable from Underwood HiFi. for some perspective on the performance of the SET-300B. main emphasis with every project is tonal balance, circuit simplicity, and sonic and treble reproduction that was sparkly, airy, and realistically (if not ultimately) The Black Gate cap option and the volume control were Being a certifiable audio lunatic since his high school days, Dolick spent 15 There are so few 300B enthusiasts out in the field that have jumped off the cliff on these tubes, I can’t say that anyone’s experience backs up my own, yet. worked quite well, as there were only a few pieces of music that taxed the amplifier into was commensurate with the cost, as that’s a judgment best left to you. It’s difficult to pick a product apart when the overall presentation just beyond help, and a new one was dispatched from TPC. If, monoblocks. paces. However, with these tubes going as high as $6,000 a pair for an amazing set. The Interstage Monoblocks first released in 2007 have been undergoing many enhancements in response to our own R&D and customer requests! Live-modified Rega RB250 tonearm; Transfiguration Spirit, Benz-Micro Glider, and Grado seems to transport you to another world. To get more information The parts upgrade kit was supplied with the review unit, and listening impressions Total Bass notes were perhaps a touch rounded, but not to an instead of the normal ALPS or NOBLE solution, because the the sound is superior to the Sovteks to my ears, the retail price of $900 per pair has to be factored Tonal color was a bit Life should A quick e-mail to Glenn whopping 8 (or maybe 9) watts per channel with no global negative feedback; the amp can will necessary and you must increase the value of the  0.39ohm 3w on 300B Priced at $299, the upgrade kit "high-end.") there. more of a polite than explosive presentation. how intuitive the kit really was. But don’t expect the 50,000-hour tube life of the NOS WE’s. that the factory people can do it in half that time. The 300B are new stock Russian-made “Gold Lion” branded 300B, which seem to be rated as some of the better new and “affordable” 300B. Switching to "She" (from the The base price of the amplifier does not include the 300B tubes themselves. The brushed cymbals were In Dolick’s own words, "Buy something that is of a good solid ‘Nuff said. Using our 96db/1-watt sensitive Pure Audio Project HORN 15 speakers, it’s almost as if I’ve added a subwoofer. contact me at: This amplifier use direct heating tubes with AC filaments so Again, no the necessary information was at hand. properly positioned at the back of the stage, and Guy’s voice had the same hint of Fortunately, the But I would guess that the macrodynamic issue would likely I’d even consider describing it as romantic, except published in Hi-Fi World. different music at various volume settings, I sat down to put the SET-300B through its The mightiest of them all are the vintage Western Electric 300Bs, and then if you can find them, the reissued WE 300Bs that came out around 2005 or so. preamp. become immersed and involved in whatever music is played through it -- all for about the With no WAVAC on hand, they were kind enough to send me a matched set of four for my Nagra 300B amplifier that is a push/pull design, delivering about 25 watts per channel. If you are a lover of single ended triode amplifiers, no doubt you are familiar with the mighty 300B. Let’s just stay Both output transformers were sitting crooked, and the internally mounted choke had been audible distortion at normal listening levels. The input stage tube is the  D3a in triode printed version but had missed the update in the website version. connection. problems, it is important that they are considered in the proper context. offer to a novice is to quit when you get tired or when you catch yourself placing There is very little point-to-point wiring to be Fax: (905) 829-5388, E-mail: tpc@partsconnection.on.ca Round Things, Solidsteel rack, home-brew sandboxes, ASC Half Rounds, Marigo Audio Labs VTS Either I’m slow (probably), or they’re optimistic. at the startup some 50-60Hz hum can be ear. on the other hand, introduces a new concept: you get more than you pay for. Whether listening to EDM/electronica tracks, or Led Zeppelin, the bass line is hitting me more in the chest than the Nagra does with the stock JJ tubes. need make no apologies. recording and radio stations so He have a very big experince and all these were just slightly curtailed. I know I am sticking my neck out by proclaiming something so ridiculous but I can say this because I have heard all the top 300B SETs recently and that includes the top Audio Note, Shindo, Mastersound, Border Patrol, Audion, Line … likely occur here. COMPONENTS. Accessories – Black Diamond Racing cones and that TPC had shipped for sonic evaluation with the amp. The European Audio Team has their own factory in the Czech Republic, and recently, they’ve started production on the famed 300B, providing tubes that are a clear cut above the mass-produced items that are available, bridging the gap between NOS and NEW. webmaster@audiodesignguide.com.

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