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Take full advantage of the Expat Guide for Munich and find useful information on your new hometown. Since “Luther Year” has been recognized as a celebration not only of the German Reformer, but of Christianity as a whole, it is fitting to consider other figures as well, whether co-thinkers or forerunners, whether relatively unknown or world famous. :), MTB trail in Eglharting forest (Intermed/Expert only). +359 52 619 382 Sourp Khatch Armenian Apostolic Church (Burgas)13 Lermontov Str., … People: Emmanuel Tjeknavorian. The "Weltstadt mit Herz", as Bavarians caringly say, has a great community of Armenians that can help you make the most of your expat experience. Together with the Armenisch-Akademischer Verein 1860 e.V., the oldest Armenian association in Germany, the Church of Christ parish presented a program of lectures and music. Selected filters. Representatives of the Armenian Church in Germany criticised the German government for choosing an 'inactive' position in the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Thus, it became clear why Armenians attribute such a profound and emotional meaning to the language and the church, and how a veritable “book cult” could develop, as institutions like the Matenadaran testify. A spokesperson, said a doctor gave her a vaccination on Friday, then tested positive for the virus shortly after. +359 86 28226, Sourp Hovhannes Armenian Apostolic Church (Dobrich) 8 Dame Gruev Str., Dobrich 9300 Tel. By 1975, Armenian associations would be established in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. 5 50735. St. Lazarus Armenian Convent and Church (Venice), in Italian: St. Mary's Armenian Apostolic Church (Chisinau), Surp Hoki / De Heilige Geest (Armenian Apostolic Church), Surp Krikor Lousaworitch / Heilige Gregorius De Verlichter -(Armenian Apostolic Church), Surp Karapet / Heilige Johannes De Voorloper -(Armenian Apostolic Church), Holy Trinity Armenian Catholic Church (Gliwice), Gloriosissimae Assumptionis Beatae Virginis Mariae (Zamosc), Episcopia Armeana Hreshdagabedats Mayr Yegeghetsi (Apostolic) (Bucharest), Parohia Armeano Catolica (Gherla, Szamosujvar), Parohia Armeano Catolica (Dumbraveni, Erzsebetvaros), Parohia Armeano Catolica (Gheorgheni, Gyergyoszentmiklos), Parohia Armeano Catolica (Frumoasa, Csikszepviz), Holy Cross (Hagigadar) Armenian Apostolic Monastery of the Wishes (Manastirea Dorintelor, Suceava), Zamca Armenian Apostolic Monastery (Mânăstirea Zamca, Suceava), Armenian Apostolic Church of Iasi (Biserca Armeana Sf. But, she added, it is not only in this pioneering work of language creation that they are similar; there are also cultural, political and religious aspects that are comparable. 1050 Brussel +359 54 3 39 38, Sourp Khatch Armenian Apostolic Chapel (Stara Zagora) 38 Georgi Kolev str. Our InterNations events and activities are a great way to get to know other Armenian expats in your city and Armenians in Germany. Topics: Music. In 1520 Luther wrote about the “Greeks and many others who hold mass in their own languages,” and Thomas Münzer, his contemporary and comrade-in-arms, mentions the Armenians by name as among these “many others.” The methods used by Mesrop and by Luther, to conduct the necessary research to craft a vernacular were also strikingly similar, Drost-Abarjan showed. An Italian photojournalist’s journey through the pandemic. Dubbed as “Luther Year,” it hosted hundreds of commemorative events, lectures, special church services, festivities, concerts and exhibitions throughout the country. Marguerite, Marseille), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne St. Sahak et St. Mesrob (St. Jérôme, Marseille), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne St. Garabed (St. Antoine, Marseille), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne St. Thaddée et St. Barthélémy (St. Antoine, Marseille), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne St. Jacques (Marseille), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne St. Kévork (St. Loup, Marseille), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne St. Sauveur (La Ciotat), Eglise Apostolique Arménienne Ste. Drost-Abarjan noted that the early Reformers, in establishing their own theological stances and concepts of the church, looked to the experience of the autocephalous churches, those that had become independent of the Roman or Byzantine churches. They have been planted in various locations, including the graveyard for war prisoners and forced laborers in the Bochum cemeteries, the Jewish cemetery and in front of museums and schools. This page was last edited on 7 June 2018, at 18:37. Would you like to meet Armenian expats in Munich? Empfänger: Armenische evangelische Kirche e.V, IBAN: DE80 6205 0000 0000 2933 74. Pretty Armenian church. She sketched a concise yet thorough overview of the history of the Armenian language, stressing the role it has played in shaping the political, economic, social as well as religious and cultural life of the people. We welcome you to join the InterNations community of Armenians abroad. KGB777 wrote a review Dec. 2019. +359 42 2 09 61, Sourp Astvadzadzin Armenian Apostolic Church (Silistra) 45 Kevork Arabajyan Str., Silistra 7500 Tel. Moderna’s proposed price would apply to the United States and other high-income countries. This site uses cookies. Copyright © 2017 — The Armenian Mirror-Spectator., Armenische evangelische Kirche in Duisburg, Sourp Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church (Plovdiv), Sourp Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church (Varna), Sourp Khatch Armenian Apostolic Church (Burgas), Sourp Astvadzadzin Armenian Apostolic Church (Russe), Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church of Manchester, Armenische Kirchen- und Kulturgemeinde Berlin, Sourp Hagop Armenian Apostolic Church (Geneva),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sourp Echmiadzin Mayr Dajar - The Mother Church In Echmiadzin, Armenia, Surp Grigor Luysavorich Mayr Dajar (Yerevan), Surp Katoghike Armenian Apostolic Church (Yerevan), First Armenian Evangelical Church (Yerevan), Armenian Evangelical Baptist Church (Yerevan), Armenian Evangelical Baptist Church (Gyumri), Yot Verk Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Apostolic Church (Gyumri), Surp Asdvadzadzin Mayr Yegeghetsi (Kavar), Surp Asdvadzadzin (Lori) - IV century (renovated), Metsamor Atomagayani Madur - Aghotadun (Medzamor), Kecharis Monastery - 11th Century (Tsaghkadzor), Amaras Church and Monastery (Sos, Martuni), Surp Amenaprkich Ghazanchetsots Church (Shushi), Kanach Jham Sourp Hovhannes Megertich (Shushi), St. John the Baptist Church (Monastery at Gandzasar), Armenian Church of St. Gregory Illuminator (Baku), Armenian Catholic Church and "Mekhitharisten Kloster" (Vienna), Sourp Hripsime Armenian Apostolic Church (Vienna), Eglise Armenienne Apostolique Sainte Marie-Madeleine (Bruxelles), Armenian Evangelical Church of Brussels (Bruxelles), Sourp Astvadzadzin Armenian Apostolic Church (Sofia) 31 T. Aleksandrov Blvd., Sofia 1000 Tel. Mampre Kouzouian for a Life of Service, Ministering to Those in Need, Holy Week at St. Vartan Cathedral Observed March 25-April 1, St. Vartan’s Concert Celebrates Armenian Music, Recipe Corner: Stuffed Grape Leaves Casserole From Vegetarian Times, Trump Compliments Armenians at Rally, Makes No Specific Promises Beyond ‘Working on Things’, Armenian Community of Atlanta Demonstrates at CNN and the Georgia State Capitol, How Kirk Kerkorian Helped Winston Churchill Not to Lose World War II: Video, Biden Campaign Official Klempic Issues Statement, Impresarios of Ballet, Danilians Impeded by COVID, US Secretary of State Pompeo Comments on Karabakh Again, New Nagorno Karabakh Statement by Vice President Biden, Why I Am Grateful to Erdogan, the Dictator of Turkey, A Political Whirlwind Engulfs Nagorno Karabakh, Libya’s Interim Government Recognizes the Armenian Genocide Once Again, Aleppo Aid through St. Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church of Houston, 2017 Hrant Dink Award Goes to Eren Keskin from Turkey and Ai Weiwei from China. At InterNations, Armenians in Munich can enjoy a platform on which they can share their experiences and tips on living abroad. And with the language of the church came music: it was a happy coincidence that the talented soprano Lusine Arakelyan from Gyumri and Yerevan was in Germany at the time, and could accept the invitation to perform at the event.

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