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How are Polish artists fighting for their abortion rights? So far Phora has written eight alb…, Gary Maurice Lucas Jr. (born August 17, 1988) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, poet, and actor from Worcester, M…, Gary Maurice Lucas Jr. (born August 17, 1988) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, poet, and actor from Worcester, Massachusetts. Similarly, just a few days after rapper Lil Peep died, Russ engaged in a 13-tweet rant expressing why he’s not cool with what he believes is rappers using a drug-addicted image for branding purposes. For over 10 years he’s been making music and doing it completely D.I.Y. Highly opinionated, contentious and one to always speak his mind, Joshua Eferighe has been on the path of expression through writing before he even chose the profession. Recruiting vocalist Dave Bickler, they recorded their self-titled debut as a three-piece. “They’re lying to the people. The studio that Top Dawg built found success by being an artist development school for gifted youngsters. Having to watch artists promote their progress as if all you need to do is release the right song or shoot the right video to change your life, but leaving out all the details to guarantee success. “At first I would look at R&B artists like they’re all abou…, R&B music isn’t all flowers and candy; just ask Rakim “PnB Rock” Allen. I didn’t sign, I wanted to make that clear. That’s why I said in “Exposed,” ‘Call me bitter, call me jealous’ because I know people will think I’m bitter. Original material is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution. Copyright 2020 Kulture Hub. Lucas received widespread exposure and critical acclaim after the release of his single "Ross Capicchioni" in 2015. Joshua Eferighe. Upcoming artists need a narrative, a genuine narrative that doesn’t skip steps or hide secrets. Changing their name to Great White, they adopted a no-frills approach from the start, relying on th These weren’t new signees, but deals that have been firmly in place for almost a year. The issue isn’t that what he’s saying is wrong, it’s the insensitivity and righteousness that comes with it. Two years later he was playing with artists such as Elvin A decade of creating around and within this industry has given him the seniority to speak on all the things he’s heard and seen - from rappers to bloggers, to labels: “When you're watching an NBA game, and Charles Barkley and Shaq are commentating and critiquing other players jump shots, no one is tripping. This former child prodigy was working in a jazz ensemble at the age of 14, and studied theory and composition at the Prague Academy of Muse Arts. Read Full Biography. Read more, Lou Grammatico, 2 May 1950, Rochester, New York, USA. In the past, artists have been swift to highlight what they received in advance - signing for hundreds of thousands or even millions is worthy of headlines. A lifelong fan of rap, Russ began writing raps in his notebook at the age of 7. It’s the rappers who continue to perpetuate the falseness of independence. Russ has done it again — made himself seemingly impossible to vouch for. The Eminem influence is fitting, as it was Em and the G-Unit era of sick melodies, hard-hitting drums, crazy choruses and crazier raps that made a young Russ fall in love with hip-hop. Be very uncertain. Mac Miller. His hands have touched every release - his blood, sweat, and tears can be heard on every record, and that’s why he was sickened by the reality that there are artists claiming independence but not living the title. This song is coming from someone who’s winning. The poor timing caused rapper Smokepurpp to call him out on Twitter. Here’s to pushing out the bad vibes, iSHi is in high demand as he looks to make a proper musical introduction. Signing to A&M Records, he released Girls With Guns the following year. My deal is crazy. “Exposed” dares to call out the bullshit and deception, but there’s a lot of wisdom in his words. Maybe in response, maybe not, but Russ shared his new single “Sore Losers” shortly after Metro’s tweet. The 23-year-old singer’s earliest inspiration didn’t come from …, R&B music isn’t all flowers and candy; just ask Rakim “PnB Rock” Allen. Click on any name to travel along. YG aspires to be like Roc-A-Fella with new multi-million dollar label deal but is he in the position to do it? In high school, Russ made the decision to also pursue a career as a rapper himself. The 23-year-old singer’s earliest inspiration didn’t come from the bedroom, but from the streets. “Exposed” feels like a song cut from Eminem’s cloth - production, flow, attitude - with Russ channeling a modern day Marshall Mathers who is fed up with all the lying. Read more, FM Radio was pioneered in San Francisco by DJ Tom Donahue at stations KMPX and, later, KSAN. Russ, a longtime DJBooth favorite and Top Prospect, has reached the point in his career where he’s gaining access to the music industry’s inner sanctums, and he doesn't like what he discovered. U can tell he still puts pizza rolls in the microwave.” “Don’t EVER downplay us music producers … EVER,” he continued. It’s about giving off the perception of independence, the underground underdog with mainstream resources. Thanks to context given by Montreal producer Kizzy, it was revealed that Metro was triggered by a tweet of a 2017 VladTV interview Russ did in which he blamed producers for the monotony of current rap. Do you know any background info about this artist? All Artists' Sites: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z : A: Abba: Adam & The Ants: Adam Faith Should we start to hold men accountable for ‘daddy issues’? Jalen Santoy. “At first I would look at R&B artists like they’re all about love, and soft. But how am I bitter? The industry weirdo started to reach out, and I ignored them. Read more, This sophisticated melodic US rock band was put together by guitarists Jim Peterik (formerly of the Ides Of March) and Frankie Sullivan in 1978. The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists. Assumptions are easy to make, and context clues help to connect the dots, but there’s a difference once you gain access to what awaits beyond the door when the lines of fantasy and reality are no longer blurred. Buddy. It represented a conscious attempt to reject a Top 40-based playlist in favour of album-orientated acts. Twitch The band formed in 1975 with lanky vocalist Kevin DuBr 19 June 1960, England; drums) recruiting Mark Luckhurst (bass) and Ben Matthews (b. The following month of that year, in an interview with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson and B. He is best known for his song "Drowning", which peaked at #…, R&B music isn’t all flowers and candy; just ask Rakim “PnB Rock” Allen. Pop/R&B/hip-hop-oriented singer, songwriter, and producer known for his solo albums as well as work with Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, and Mike Posner. Additionally, many people still argue about Drake’s merit as one of the greatest, saying that he isn’t lyrically comparable to artists like … These received minimal attention, and Russ decided to wait to release his debut album until he had enough of an audience. Leave feedback, The legend of Mike Stud dates back to his days growing up (some even say blowing up) as one of Providence, Rhode Island’s greatest ball pla…, The legend of Mike Stud dates back to his days growing up (some even say blowing up) as one of Providence, Rhode Island’s greatest ball players of all time. The sense of entitlement and bravado in which he carries himself is really astonishing, especially given the fact that he is only popular with his core fans. Russ does have a point when it comes to the power of confidence, but he also should have known he would receive some heat for that comment. Honesty is all Russ wants from the industry and his colleagues. This is what I did: I dropped 11 albums and it didn’t work. If you ask Russ, he’d be the first to say that it’s he who’s the victim, that the industry doesn’t like him and not the other way around. Discrediting everyone else’s talent due to the success he still yearns is telling to me, and while he wants to come off as the humble underdog SoundCloud success story, he presents himself as nothing more than a disgruntled artist trapped in the confines of his niche fanbase. Russell Vitale is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, by way of New Jersey. At 14, he began making beats He arrived on the rock scene in 1982 with a self-titled debut of melodic AOR/pomp-rock that incorporated elements of Boston and Styx, with production offered by Blue Öyster Cult’s Sandy Pearlman. We investigate. He recalled meeting with labels and hearing the news of rappers being signed, rappers he believed to be independent artists. Read more, After Styx broke up in 1983 former vocalist Tommy Shaw embarked on a solo career. I had my boy film it and put it up on Instagram the day of. So it’s like they’re manipulating the people, finessing them. I want to tell the whole narrative from start to finish. Before signing his deal, he wore independence like a badge of honor. If I can do it, you can do it. There are so many stories being told that leave out the necessary information. Metro tagged Russ in the post then expounded later in a tweet, “and by whack I mean whack in spirit.. haven’t heard any music to come to that conclusion,” he wrote. Read more, This Los Angeles, California, USA-based heavy metal band was formed (as Dante Fox) in 1981 by Jack Russell (5 December 1960, Montebello, California, USA; vocals), Mark Kendall (b. He is the tortoise, not the hare. Russ doesn’t take the label “independent” lightly. Michael Chiklis On His Lifelong Passion For Music and His Debut Album, 'Influence', Drake Bell's Ride From Teen Star to Rockabilly Revivalist, AllMusic Watches: Rock Docs on the Stone Roses, Rush and More. It turned out that Russ was wrong, and that the email she sent never discouraged him from coming. I didn’t want anyone trying to take something away from me. Listen to Russ Radio, free! Piggy-backing off of that uncomfortable encounter, that same month Russ posted a tweet a short time after one of the shows that included an image of himself wearing a shirt that reads, “How much Xans and Lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a fucking loser.” In the tweet itself, he wrote, “After show. There’s a good reason you've never heard about Russ’ music on Twitter. Love him or hate him, you'll always want to know what he has to say. Read more, 17 April 1948, Prague, Czechoslovakia. But you’re signed, you have a label behind you, you're a weirdo industry plant, don’t fucking lie.”. Russell James Vitale (born September 26, 1992), better known by his stage name Russ, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and author from Atlanta, Georgia. Read more, This Los Angeles, USA heavy metal band was put together by vocalist Don Dokken (29 June 1953). His debut album. These rough recordings impressed Carrere Records enough to sec © 2020 and its affiliates and partner companies. You end up behind those closed doors. He is best known for his single "PRBLMS", which was released in June 2016. The Atlanta resident rapper whose debut album, There’s Really A Wolf, went gold, happens to have just as much talent in rubbing people the wrong way as he does in his pen. Highly opinionated, contentious and one to always speak his mind, Joshua Eferighe has been on the path of expression through writing before he even chose the profession. This news, of course, isn’t breaking - our former managing editor Nathan Slavik coined the term “Mindie” to label this kind of artist. These photographers risk their lives to document history in Philly protests, #PlayForChange: How DJ Set Free Richardson embodied a movement. The Babys split in 1981 after five albums and Waite Be honest so the next person can feel like they can do it to. Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, also known by his stage name as Big Sean, has released three mixtapes, 2007's Finally Famous, 2009's UKnowBigSean, and 2010's BIG. If you really bust your ass, do your D.I.Y shit, and get a real fan base, do it independently, and be real about it, it will pay off.

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