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I'm hoping the world comes together like we did on this album. While he had to adapt to virtual collaboration when they pandemic hit—the album was about half done at this point—he is undeniably thrilled with the result and rightly so. Maybe it changes the way you feel about both. I thought that would be a beautiful, what you would call, a sandwich or a dinner. WEEKEND SCHEDULE!

You're now juggling the show and the podcast. "Oh, I'm okay. Box Sets Of The Week: U2 | All That You Can’t Leave Behind... Albums Of The Week: Mr. Bungle | The Raging Wrath Of The Easter... Albums Of The Week: Puscifer | Existential Reckoning, Albums Of The Week: Elvis Costello | Hey Clockface, Now Hear This: Rachel Lark | Sex & Balances, TV Oct. 15-17: A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, DES, Social Distance, Grand Army, Trial of the Chicago 7, pen15, Clouds, Star Trek: Discovery, Meet the Chimps, Perfect Weapon, SNL, David Byrne’s American Utopia, Enslaved. These guys are just blowing the roof off with the guitar playing. In a Facebook post dated January 2nd, Collins wrote that he’s abandoning live performance after 50 years because, “Doc said to much pressure on my Inner-Ear & Right Hand. But one of the advantages of the podcast is it can be a little more nimble because it's a little easier to put together. Like Branford Marsalis, who's just the greatest. The girls would look and laugh at me. It's just a great feeling. This is where we all meet up, right here on the one. We just have to realize that that's what we got to do, everybody's got to be in sync with each other. ET / 5:00 p.m. PT. Getting through it was a beautiful thing. "Empire," the musical drama depicting the fictional Empire Entertainment hip-hop dynasty has not been without its own off-camera drama, but its sixth season will wrap up the critically acclaimed series this year. You'll hear that click louder on the emphasis on that one beat. Even a recipe that's not traditional. Oh, I don't think you have to engage with both. This is, of course, a little bit different, because it's not even the same story that's being told. It was just a great way to express yourself in a time where you're supposed to be locked up and locked down. (Among the historic bangers they recorded together were, “Sex Machine,” “Talkin’ Loud and Saying Nothing” and The JB’s “The Grunt,” an early hip-hop classic, sampled on tracks by Public Enemy, Wu-Tang, 2pac and on and on.) No Hope if we Don't Vote! Oh, man. And once I can get an artist onboard to talk about a song in this way, then I start the process of trying to narrow down which song it's going to be with them. This is not a great analogy, but I think it's sort of like reading a book or watching a movie that's been adapted of that book. You can't just transliterate the podcast into a TV format, where it's just one person talking, mixed with the isolated stems, because it wouldn't work; it would get very boring very quickly. "Song Exploder" was just a way of me being able to actually make that happen for myself. The first step in the process is really identifying the artists before even getting to the song, because, frankly, I don't know necessarily which songs might have the best stories. We talked about it, we've been to each other's shows and stuff, but we never actually did anything together. [Laughs.] The full lineup and schedule have been revealed, so you can make sure to be front row (on your couch) for your favorite artists. It's totally different. You've also worked with a lot of younger musicians over the years on their projects, like Snoop and many others. Darryl Sterdan = Tinnitist. Close on the heels of Parliament-Funkadelic mastermind George Clinton’s musical farewell, comes news that one of his main funkateers, space-bassist extraordinaire William “Bootsy” Collins, is giving up touring. I want to hear what the individual tracks, what the individual stems sound like. I think this music will help in our healing, help in our focus, and help us to have a little joy and a little fun along with all the deepness that is going on. You can take your office with you. Visit NIVA's YouTube channel, where the show will be streamed this weekend, to set reminders for each day of the fest. I want to get people to realize that we do have that power within ourselves. Bootsy is currently 68 years old. For [the] Alicia Keys episode [about the song "3 Hour Drive,"] we traveled to London to film with [the song's guest vocalist and co-writer/co-producer] Sampha and the [song's] co-writer/co-producer Jimmy Napes because we knew that they were going to only expand and flesh out the story. What do you hope this album offers to the world and to its listeners?

You got it right there in your hand, your iPhone, and you really don't need people. It's just a great feeling. Whether in visual or podcast format, the core of "Song Exploder" remains the same: "an intimate portrait of an artist telling the story of how their artistic mind worked through creating one of their songs," host and creator Hrishikesh Hirway tells With George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band, his solo records and endless collaborations, he's harnessed that funky power and grown into a philosophy, a way of life. It's like, "How are you doing?" Until then, we got to deal with each other. We're coming up in a time where people don't really feel like they need each other because the technology we have is saying you don't need nobody. "Euphoria" is a visually stunning, jarring teen melodrama that unflinchingly looks at addiction, sex, identity, toxic masculinity, social media and more, with a powerful soundtrack and score crafted by musical mastermind Labrinth, executive produced by Drake.

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