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Delicious thai food! I'm shocked that they don't charge more. All rights reserved. Add a small pat of butter if desired and stir to incorporate. Went to Tuk Tuk Thai after a long day of work hadnt had anything to eat- ordered Thai fried rice and pineapple soul. Tasted like it was frozen then thawed and sat in the fridge for weeks (sour). Our menu offers Tofu Soup, Green Calamari, and Massaman Curry. I use to love this place but will not ever return to such a place that mishandles food in such a way. Most thai fried rices tend to have a sweetness that this one lacked. Spicy sweet yumminess!!! Pineapple Fried Rice . All natural chicken and organic tofu tossed with rice noodles and signature Pad Thai sauce, garnished with hand crushed peanuts, carrots, bean sprouts and onions. half-size available for Tum Yum and Thom Kha at half price, (Spicy and Sour Soup) The most famous Thai hot and sour soup spiced with vegetable, lemongrass, galanga, kaffir lime leaves, lemon juice, tomatoes, chili and mushrooms, (Coconut Soup) Thai style coconut soup seasoned with vegetable, carrots, galanga, tomatoes, lemon juice, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, Rice noodle, choice of meats. AED 39 – AED 50. Sauté until translucent, then add chopped vegetables (celery, bell pepper, tomato and corn).

The chicken portions were also very small in comparison to the large serving of rice given.

The Thai fried rice is my absolute favorite." | Site map | Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement Served by Flavor Plate. The Pad See Ew was also too oily and salty for my taste. The worst $9 of my life. Oh em geeee! KAO PAD KA PAO (Basil Fried Rice) Spicy fried rice with egg, fresh ground chili, onions, bell peppers, garlic, green beans and basil leaves. The service is professional and friendly.They have a decent beer selection for a Thai place.They use quality ingredients.Recommended dishes:massaman curry - it was a special that day, I don't know if they always have it but it was very tasty spicy eggplantgreen curryyellow currythai fried ricerad na or lard na som tumfresh rollsNot recommended dishes:pumpkin curry - they put a lot of MSG in that one, gives the same feeling as eating pop rocks but without the fruity flavorthai fried rice with fried chicken - I don't know how fried chicken can have so little flavor, I wish they would season it or somethingFinally:it always bugs me to pay $2 extra for rice to accompany a dish that is traditionally served with rice included. Other aromatics that could work include ginger, bay leaves, curry leaves and shallots. The shrimp were amazingly plump and delicious. I asked for it to be mild spicy as I cannot tolerate too much spice. I see you!!! Thai fried rice with onion, tomato, green onion, and egg. panang curry chicken or pork, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, onion, bell peppers & fresh basil. "Khao Pad Saparod" Jasmine rice, stir fried egg, cashew nuts, a touch of yellow curry powder, tomatoes, onions and green onions. Use code togo15, take 15% off on take-out and delivery orders while we are preparing for indoor dining. Learn More About the Restaurant Workers Relief Fund, 2 links of Cajun andouille sausage, split and thinly sliced, 1 bell pepper, seeds removed and julienned, 1-2 sliced green onions for garnish (optional). It is now Sunday and over 72 hours of no sleep or food, and a Saturday visit to the ER I recieved a phone call from one of the ER physicians. The food arrived ahead of schedule and it was still nice and hot when we got it. Taste was on 100. The thai fried rice with breaded chicken is pretty good though.

Been here a few times since it's nearby. I'm a huge fan of Thai food and this place has never really disappointed me.

The Thai fried rice is my absolute favorite. The offer is good through Thursday, Oct 15th. 54. Pan-seared salmon, Sriracha-honey-soy sauce, avocado, mixed salad, Edamame and brown rice. The spicy sauce is really great, and all of the vegetables are crisp and flavorful.

Pour into a bowl and garnish with sliced green onions.

Choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu simmered in green curry sauce, coconut milk with bamboo, mixed vegetables and basil leaves, Choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu simmered in red curry sauce, coconut milk with mixed vegetables, bamboo shoot and basil leaves, Choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu simmered in curry sauce, coconut milk with pineapple, celery, carrots and basil leaves, Choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu in massaman curry, coconut milk, onion, steamed carrots and potatoes, Soups are 32 oz, large. But the food is delicious! ciao for now! But if you're looking for Thai food that will blow your mind, find somewhere else. Some of Our TOP PICKS —. Roast pork, ground pork, egg noodles, bean sprouts and egg in "spiced up" peanut Tom Yum soup. We're located near North Chollas Community Park. The batter was falling off as I tried to eat each sliced piece, but there was good flavor in the batter.

Fried prawns with panko crump and sweet chili sauce on the side . If anyone reading had been around someone or simply had this themselves its truly an viscious attack on ones body.

Again I cannot tolerate lots of spice so I was unable to eat it not to mention it's not what I ordered. 51. My personal favorite dish here is the wonton glass noodle soup. Loads of protein in there like whaaaa!!!

It's fairly cheap, it's close, it's open late, it's super filling, and it's fast. Had the pad see maw (sp?) No pepper = mild = medium = hot = Extra Hot, 5 South Main Street | Hanover, New Hampshire | 603-277-9192.

This place is awesome ! Red curry fried rice with sweet basil, Thai eggplant & pea eggplant. Fri.-Sat. Chicken / Vegetables / Tofu / Vegetables & Tofu  14. with pineapple, cashew, onion, scallion, and egg. Price is very reasonable and they never gotten our order wrong.

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