car revving in neutral

This is what I've heard too, but I've never understood precisely why. There There are so many components involved in a vehicle running properly, but some of the main ones are rather basic in their role. You don't need an excuse to vote early.

Well three times now when I started it up the engine starts revving. what problems can occur during the replacement of an alternator, that would make the car inoperable? This is an automatic transmission's clutch-pressure plate-throwout bearing-clutch fork, all rolled into a device about the size of a utility trailer tire and wheel.

Can any cars last 300,000 miles regardless of make, model, and year? when you take your foot off the clutch in nuetral some cars will rev higher rpm's due to no resistance in the drive train.

Still have questions? My car has an automatic transmission. The throttle on Cougar's work on a rocker mechanism I think which if the car is a high-miler or worked hard then sometimes the cable slips over the rocker a little bit, I had the same problem on a Metro and a Ford Escort and it is usually curable with a bit of WD40 and tightening the cable up very slightly if you go too harsh on it then it will over-rev all the time so whilst trying to stop the car will keep going.

As long as reving the engin is not too high (like over 2500 rpm) and is very brief (do not keep it reving without load) it should not be a problem.

I have done this to clean out a warm restart with high duration cam and maybe it goes to 4 grand then back to idle a quick shot if you will. Because the front brakes of race cars can be locked on, so that the car can't move. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge.

When I was in High school auito shop another student was replacing the clutch in his 64 chevy 409, he had trans out and no clutch on the flywheel. With the engine fully warmed up and running in Park, open the hood and look for the transmission dipstick.

I have always heard that free revving an engine was bad, and accepted it. Im unsure of the issue you are reporting. Rev matching prevents lugging the engine which is also hard on components. Does revving the engine in neutral in an automatic car make it go faster from the starting line? Connected to the ground through the 3.31-geared rear end, a full-size Chevy with the 409 engine made famous by The Beach Boys could accelerate through first gear under full throttle and shift to second gear at around 75 mph. I know when I get my Charger the first thing my friends are going to do is ask me to throw some revs on it in the parking lot. It may seem simple, but try a little 3 in 1 oil or WD on your throttle cables...... more than likely though, you have a bad fuel pressure regulator....or a vaccuum leak. ©2020 Verizon Media. guides, Check cars for recalls, common issues & maintenance Remember when you were a little kid going all out on your bike and the chain came off or broke... you'd be busting your knees on the handlebars or worse. I rev my 98 LSC in nuetral to 3000-3500 once in a while to hear the exhaust, as long as you don't take it to 4000-5000rpm often you should be fine. It sounds like your transmission is slipping. is a forum dedicated to the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat & Demon. The cooling system on your car needs air to pass through the radiator to effectively cool down the engine. One-way clutches in the stator ensure it only turns in the proper direction so as to create the vortex effect.

The fluid level and condition need to be checked. My car has 130000 miles.

Today is National Voter Registration Day! Rev matching is the lessor of two evils.

The teacher kept telling him not to run the motor like that., because he had also droped the exhaust to get the tranny out it had no exhaust and only the flywheel. Either of these can cause your problem.

That's the question. Astonishingly, I may have been taken in by popular rumor. The likeliest cause is your idle control valve.
What is it like to own and drive a Tesla?

this can cause it to hold well above idle and wander up and down. So, I have an automatic.

This causes the turbine to exert force upon the rest of the drive-train. I've had a very similar problem with a ford, it was the idle control valve, the symptoms sound exactly the same. This component is part of the air intake... Improper shifting is a sign of car transmission problems. Sometimes circumstances make it hard or impossible for you to vote on Election Day. Anyway, jacked up the car today on 4 jack stands. Check the throttle position sensor, check your cruise control system. Polling hours on Election Day: Varies by state/locality. Visit your state election office website to find out if you can vote by mail.

2015 Charger Hellcat Redline Red, Sunroof, Nav -- Build #0938, 1 of 6. Ford cougar v6. I heard someone claim excessive vibration can happen, but again I'd have to say, how? The teacher only said "I told you so" was funny for everyone not involved.

However, only the A8 has the "mall crawler" limiter at 4k.

It does not mean it needs replaced. Responses vary in *how bad* unloaded revving supposedly is for the engine but there seems to be consensus that it's not good. It sounds like your transmission may be slipping and this can happen due to worn internals or too low a fluid level from a leak. So a car sitting at the tree at idle will not start moving downrange nearly as quick as a car that is sitting at the tree revved up and snugged up when the tree lights green. Most of the time we think of a clutch in the context of a manual transmission. Perhaps you may now suspect how revving the engine contributes to drag race performance.
Heat affects these if they are malfunctioning. 75 in first gear without hurting it!

Turned it on, put it in neutral. There is overhead built into these motors so a few hundred RPM with no load should be fine. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 29 Posts. So the high idle must be making them faster, and they must be in neutral since the car isn't moving, right?

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