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It's a system that records the changes made to addresses in order to improve the efficiency of emergency services. They can help you keep it updated. There's just no way of telling where the address is without them. We'll talk more about this below, along with validation in general, but DPV is the most specific and accurate version of validation. This document contains the CASS™/MASS™ certified vendors list for DSF2® Licensees Current Cycle.

Configuration This form may be generated as the output of address matching processing using CASS Certified™ software in conjunction with current USPS® address database files.

In the event that someone has to move from one location to another, the USPS has forms (it can be done online too, now) that you can fill out, telling them who you are, where you currently live, and where you're moving to. Anything less accurate won't cut the mustard where CASS is concerned. Now, when new structures are built, they are assigned addresses according to their location on the street. CASS processors can help you keep your database clean and organized. Originally, addresses were assigned however a local government felt they wanted to do it (usually according to the order in which houses were built). And you can be using or implementing any of our tools in minutes (like, count-them-on-one-hand minutes).

The effectiveness of service bureaus' matching software can also be measured.

Technically, "CASS certification" is the USPS' procedure for verifying the accuracy of commercial zip code matching software.

Old addresses were updated, changing them to meet the new standards.

If the address was successfully processed, or if not then why. Here it is in a nutshell: worksharing means making the job easier for the USPS, so they cut you a discount. The results of Stage I processing are not reviewed by the NCSC and have no effect on CASS certification. That said, not all CASS certified providers are created equal. In addition to an updated address, CASS software can also return descriptive information about the address.

Any mailing claimed at an automation price must be produced from address lists properly matched and coded with CASS-certified address matching methods. Then again, you can always verify an address for yourself. Not everyone forwards to an address when they move, so forwarding addresses aren't always accurate.

The CASS™ certification process is designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of postal codes, i.e., Five-Digit ZIP Code®, ZIP + 4®, delivery point (DPCs), and carrier route codes that appear on mailpieces. Business or residential? Many services (like us here at SmartyStreets) will also validate an address by checking to see if it's already in the database.

We focus on three things: speed, reliability, and ease of use. That's because, for all of the services involved in CASS processing, USPS databases and standards must be referenced. Both are important parts of the system, and both are probably more directly applicable to you than regular ol' CASS is. The effectiveness of service bureaus' matching software can also be … They can help you keep it accurate. The Stage I file contains approximately 150,000 test addresses extracted from the City State and ZIP + 4 files with samples of all types of addressing used around the country. In fact, some businesses have to maintain and renew CASS certification on a yearly basis. This document contains the Early Warning System data file for the CASS™ and MASS™ certification process. The CASS™ certification process is designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of addresses for mail qualifying for postal discounts.

Not counting the supplemental data you mind need gathered on addresses (which could be anything from geocodes to census data), CASS covers everything you would need to do to an address.

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