catabolite activator protein

The cyclic nucleotide-binding domains (CNBDs) of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) and cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKG) are members of an evolutionarily conserved family of regulatory modules that are also found in the bacterial catabolite gene activator protein, cyclic nucleotide-regulated guanine nucleotide exchange factors (Epac1 and Epac2), and cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNG) and hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-modulated (HCN) channels.

The best characterized activator from the second group is the cI protein of bacteriophage λ (λcI). These proteins bind DNA via the CRP domain. Absence of glucose will "turn off" catabolite repression. The activating region in λcI was defined and was demonstrated to directly contact a specific region in σ70. - 3'. jmolRadio( "!quit; zap; background [xffffff]; load 1g6n.pdb.gz; set frank off; select all; spin off; wireframe off; spacefill off; trace off; set ambient 40; set specpower 40; slab off; ribbons off; cartoons off; label off; monitor off; ##### boilerplate #####; rotate z 57.0; rotate y 96.6; rotate z -72.3; select protein; wireframe off; cartoons; set ribbonborder on; delay 1; select protein; color chain; select cmp; color red; spacefill; select protein; color [x0099ff]; select 141-206:a, 441-506:b; color [xff00ff]; select 137-140:a, 437-440:b; color [x006666]; delay .5; select :b; cartoons 360; select cmp622; wireframe off; spacefill 300; delay .2; select :b; cartoons 300; select cmp622; spacefill 250; delay .2; select :b; cartoons 240; select cmp622; spacefill 200; delay .2; select :b; cartoons 180; select cmp622; spacefill 150; delay .2; select :b; cartoons 120; select cmp622; spacefill 100; delay .2; select :b; cartoons 60; select cmp622; spacefill 50; delay .2; select :b; cartoons 30; select cmp622; spacefill 25; delay .2; select :b; cartoons off; select cmp622; spacefill off; delay 1; select cmp621; wireframe 50; spacefill 150; delay .5; color cpk; select atomno=3188; label cAMP; color label black; delay .5; select :a; cartoons; color structure; delay .5; move 0 0 0 70 -15 0 0 0 3; delay 2; select all; labels off; move 0 360 0 0 0 0 0 0 8", "", false ); The H-T-H

This seems to be the reason why σ54 promoters frequently require the help of integration host factor (IHF), which enhances the bending of the DNA, as a cofactor. protéine activatrice catabolique - Catabolite activator protein. A DNA-binding repressor blocks the attachment of RNA polymerase to the promoter, thus preventing transcription of the genes into messenger RNA. The two kinases often target the same phosphorylation sites on the same physiological effector. Activation: The Structure of CAP-Alphactd-DNA Complex. I. In (ii) glucose is present, hence CRP is absent and lactose is also absent, hence LacI is still bound. As stated above, inducer exclusion is the dominant factor for the glucose-lactose diauxie (Inada et al., 1996a,b; Hogema et al., 1999). Gunasekera, A., Vojtechovsky, J., Zhang, X., Kunkel, T. A., Berman, jmolButton("", "reset" ); The and text that addresses structure-function relationships of Shown at left is a CAP RNA polymerase II is a multiprotein complex. In its active form the CAP–cAMP dimer forms a complex with a self-complementary 30-base pair duplex stretch of the DNA (Figure 2).

The middle residues of the RAA and RTA motifs found in PKA and PKG CNBDs, respectively, are critical for determining if the protein kinase will bind cGMP with high or low affinity. PBAD is a promoter found in bacteria and especially as part of plasmids used in laboratory studies. One conclusion from studies with various types of activators is that many activators seem to function by helping recruit DNA-binding domains of RNAP to DNA, thus supplementing suboptimal RNAP–DNA interactions with protein–RNAP interactions. Molecular Biology, 1st Edition (1999), by Robert F. Weaver. in metabolism of lactose, galactose and also arabinose). The two amphipathic helices, particularly the highly conserved hydrophobic amino acids, are thought to mediate dimerization, which is a prerequisite to DNA binding. Parkinson, G., jmolRadio( "!quit; zap; background [xffffff]; load 1run.pdb.gz; set frank off; select all; spin off; wireframe off; spacefill off; trace off; set ambient 40; set specpower 40; slab off; ribbons off; cartoons off; label off; monitor off; ##### boilerplate #####; rotate z -71.4; rotate y 101.1; rotate z -118.8; zoom 90; select protein; wireframe off; cartoons; color chain; select nucleic; spacefill; color cpk; delay 1; select cmp; spacefill; color red; select nucleic; color cpk; select :d and 12-22, :f and 12-13, :e and 14-22; color red; select :d and 10-11, :c and 1-9, :f and 1-11; color blue; select 140-206:a, 140-205:b; color [xff00ff]; delay 2; select 9-136:a, 9-136:b; color [x0099ff]; select 137-139:a, 137-139:b; color [x006666]; select cmp; color red; select 168-191; color [x339966]; select 168-179; color [x00ff00]; delay .5; move 0 360 0 0 0 0 0 0 6", "", false ); A transcriptional activator is a protein that increases gene transcription of a gene or set of genes.

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