dain bramage simpsons

We need an indep investigation to possible big pharma lining these people’s pockets..only explanation other than possible ignorance. Shaw (R) I wouldn’t let a Republican shine President Obama’s shoe.

That stupid fucking loser? That sham NASCAR pulled made him lose his dignity though. bees dying off,

This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. How could that happen unless he had at least 30 suits that reasonably fit the drivers at the ready?Also, CSB; I had a Simpson Bandit motorcycle helmet in the mid 80s that I thought was the coolest thing ever. I could say something similar regarding military grade assault weapons in that I don’t think they should be legal anywhere except in the hands of the military or law enforcement. Vote, and vote Democratic for the foreseeable future, while vetting out the Republicans in sheep’s clothing, and you will see their fear! Doctors aren’t all bad, just most interested in their bottom end first. But state politicians who oppose the plan do not want to wait until June for the results of a statewide vote. That said, cannabis should be 100% legal for any adult over 21 (maybe 18 since people serve in the military at that age). Go vote YES to SQ 788 6/26 rather than poopooing the hard work thats been done since 2013. He will be voted out but that is not justice.

That is why it is more important than ever that the electorate remain engaged and vigilant. And now, with Trump for a president, I find that I can no longer trust anything coming out of the White House. Cannabis should be legal in all of America. Oklahoma will outlaw weed 20 years after the fed legalizes it. Word.

Money,power,greed, Thats what drives their machine. Buuuut there are probably 14 other felony convictions behind such a person to receive such a prison sentence.

They are unworthy. Floyd (D)

for a few extra zeroes on their portfolios…. One of the tragic ironies of this medieval rejection of climate and environmental science, is that many of the same people who reject this, readily and willfully accept the predictions of charlatans and other alarmists. Sorry to be so hard on you Okies the other day, I love you good people, Just wanted to get you fired up cause this is a serious issue when those we elect know what is best for us. Most important thing now is for the people of Oklahoma to click on the Action link and contact their Reps, so let’s spread the link where we can get Oklahoma’s attention. Unfortunately, as prohibitionist politicians become more desperate in their opposition to marijuana law reform, we are seeing more frequent attempts to undermine the voters’ will. anon, Not that they suited up with them that same day. Matthews (D) gar1013: WTFDYW: HLOTY material subby.Thank you!

The E.I. Sen. Mike Schulz (R), Majority Floor Leader

Thank you. These old Fords have really piled up into a tall time machine of Ford history. and even though there was ample evidence of multiple frauds, (some of it on videotape) committed against him by the dems,
greenhouse gasses,

Turn on javascript (or enable it for Fark) for a better user experience. There is no prize for holding on to some backwards thinking. they are LOWER than a bacteria, No problem.

They ARE afraid of a BIG BLUE WAVE! There are certain things that should not be decided upon by the States and drug laws are one of them. Neither was mandated at the time, despite the fact that the previous season saw Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin, and Tony Roper all die from basilar skull fractures, just like Earnhardt did. Okies will take it up the butt and give the lawmakers what THEY want and then turn around and vote them in for another term in office, then repeat the cycle. Dumb-Ass-Monkey: Simpson is responsible for saving countless lives around the world. It is horrifying. The bill now awaits action in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Soooo… did you click on the take action link? I’m not sure that is totally legal. Yen. barry oh-bummer was supposed to legalize. Neither was mandated at the time, despite the fact that the previous season saw Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin, and Tony Roper all die from basilar skull fractures, just like Earnhardt did. Silk (R) Pick one, you can’t have both. to Dain Bramage; of course, getting kicked in the nuts by the dems, is WAY better than getting shot dead by a reppie, but… the dems get $$$$ from the same donors as the reppies; pharma, fossil fuel, alcohol and tobacco, private prisons, police unions, drug test co’s, ect.

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Sen. Greg Treat (R), http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf/2017-18%20SUPPORT%20DOCUMENTS/votes/Senate/SB1120_VOTES.HTM. The Styrofoam on the inside had a flat spot about 3 inches across where my head bounced off the road. Better join with The Resistance, if you know what’s good for you! Trying to pass legislation that would cut out people looking for an alternative to opioid and benzodiazepine addiction in the middle of an opioid crisis is reckless and irresponsible. Yen (R) But those three deaths were just "racing tragedies." "Awesome! It should be unlawful to pre-empt a vote and make regulations on laws that are not even in existence yet. Of course legalizing recreational or medical won’t fix all of our budget problems.

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