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East Ohio remained a subsidiary of Standard Oil until federal regulations forced the oil company to divest itself of East Ohio and other public utilities in 1943. 44106, 10900 Euclid Ave. Finding aid for the East Ohio Gas Explosion and Fire Photographs, WRHS. Legal Notice | Privacy Policy, Mather House, Room 308 As of 2004, the Cleveland-based gas company was Dominion's largest gas distribution subsidiary with more than 1.2 million customers in 400 Northwestern and Southeastern Ohio Communities. The East Ohio Gas Company Explosion and Fire occurred in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 20, 1944. Cleveland, 11201 Euclid Ave. The fire spread through 20 blocks, engulfing rows of houses while missing others. On 24 Feb. 1910, the company was reorganized to include the Cleveland Gas Light & Coke Co., and the People's Gas Light Co. In 1943 East Ohio began to expand its supply of natural gas by supplementing gas from Appalachian fields with gas from Texas. 10825 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Martin B. Daly, general manager of the firm's Cleveland operations and later East Ohio president (1906-26), established an office at 437 the ARCADE. The vaporizing gas also flowed along the curbs and gutters and into catch basins, through which it entered the underground sewers, exploding from time to time, ripping up pavement, damaging underground utility installations, and blowing out manhole covers. Not to be reproduced without written permission of the Western Reserve Historical Society, 10825 East Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44106. The gas in the tank, located at the northern end of E. 61st St., became combustible when mixed with air and exploded at 2:40 P.M., followed by the explosion of a second tank about 20 minutes later. Incorporated on 8 Sept. 1898, by 1900 it had 3,874 customers. Ph: (216) 721-5722 The new East Ohio Gas Co., located at 1447 E. 6th St., had capital of $20 million. This material may be protected by Copyright Law, Title 17, U.S. Code. Northeast Ohio Natural Gas serves over 30,000 customers in Ohio. OH Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives. Ohio Gas Company, as it is known today, was incorporated in 1914. Property destruction, while devastating, pales in comparison to the lives lost in the fire. The People's Gas Light Co., organized in Dec. 1866, provided service for the west side. To enroll with NOPEC, call 855-667-3201. Western Reserve Historical Society County Engineering employees search through the wreckage of the East Ohio Gas Co. explosion, 1944. Homes and businesses in the largely Slovenian-American neighborhood were set ablaze through an area of more than one square mile of Cleveland's east side. Homes and businesses were engulfed by a tidal wave of fire in more than 1 sq. As a result of the fire and the analysis of its causes, new and safer alternatives to storing natural gas were developed. Cleveland, This change is effective beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. Although rates were regulated by the city council, customers complained regularly about artificial-gas prices and service. STANDARD OIL CO. established the East Ohio Gas Co. to pipe natural gas from its wells in West Virginia to Akron for use in lighting and heating homes and businesses there and along the pipeline route. YOU HAVE A LOWER COST ALTERNATIVE: Please call 48 hours before you dig. Please … Ohio Gas Company is always striving to expand our services to new customers whether they reside in newly constructed homes or existing homes not having natural gas appliances. The Consolidated Natural Gas Co. was formed to receive these companies. Legal Notice | Privacy Policy, Mather House, Room 308 Consumers were attracted to natural gas because it was less expensive and more efficient. Email: info@wrhs.org, third section of panorama showing damage of East Ohio Gas Explosion and Fire, Body, 10 feet W of east wall, 20 ft N of south wall of meter room, Body 50 ft from SW corner of stock and boiler toom, Body along east wall of meter house, 25 ft from NE corner, James Smith, Body east end meter repair building, gold band ring left hand, 8 small and 1 large diamonds, Body from between stairs and door of meter room, Body from east end wall outside meter house, Natural gas -- Accidents -- Ohio -- Cleveland, second third of panorama showing damage of East Ohio Gas Explosion and Fire, first third of panorama showing damage of East Ohio Gas Explosion and Fire, panorama woven together showing damage of East Ohio Gas Explosion and Fire. A wall of fire engulfed the area, destroying some homes while leaving others untouched. 2:30 P.M., white vapor began leaking out of Storage Tank No. East Ohio is the largest gas distributor among Consolidated's subsidiaries. 11201 Euclid Ave. A second tank exploded about twenty minutes after the first. The EAST OHIO GAS CO. has supplied natural gas to the Cleveland area since receiving a controversial franchise from the city in 1902. In 1995 EOG employed 2,200 people who served more than 1.1 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in 270 northwest and southeast Ohio communities. To see if an aggregation program is available in your area, please visit the PUCO’s natural gas aggregation map. It served 167 communities in 1958 with 750,000 customers. mi. The explosion and fire killed 130 people. Ohio Gas Company is a privately owned utility company regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, known as PUCO. By late afternoon Saturday much of the fire had burned itself out, electricity was restored in some areas, and the next day a few residents began returning to their homes. On 20 Oct. 1944, an explosion and fire destroyed the company's storage facilities and offices on E. 62nd St. between St. Clair and the lakefront (see EAST OHIO GAS CO. EXPLOSION AND FIRE). The fire and subsequent analysis of its cause led to new and safer methods for the low-temperature storage of natural gas.

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