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It was a policy which led to the Bangladesh cause in the times after liberation being looked upon with a huge degree of support and empathy. The message is patent and unmistakable: Bangladesh is in sore need of reclaiming the goodwill and respect of the international community, sentiments which once came its way through the nobility of its cause and the sagacity of its leadership. Foreign Policy is usually viewed as an extension of domestic policy. Foreign Policy of Bangladesh consists of self-interest strategies chosen by the Constitution of the country to safeguard its national interests and to achieve goals within its international relations milieu.

Islamabad's negative feedback was thus instrumental in a hardening of Moscow's stance toward Pakistan and the subsequent role it played in the creation of Bangladesh. And that said volumes about the era of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The change came in February 1974, when Bangladesh's entry into the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) threw up a new dimension to its diplomacy. Bangladesh’s foreign policy has been deeply informed by the dire need to achieve socio-economic progress through the optimum use of its abundant human and other resources, which, in turn, could be instrumental in maintaining national cohesion, as well as international prestige and influence. Foreign Policy’s latest podcast recommends shows from around the world. The Asian Age no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. "Ah", said he, "Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's country.". Tragically, that reciprocity never came, and the rest is history. All the more reason for Modi to focus on the right reforms. Self … The generosity of spirit with which Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her government came to the support of Bangladesh's people in 1971, especially in accommodating ten million Bengali refugees, providing space for the Mujibnagar government to operate in and waging a diplomatic campaign in Bangladesh's support, were naturally acknowledged with gratitude by the people and government of Bangladesh. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of The Daily Star content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement liable to legal action. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was flown secretly to London in the morning of 8 January after he was released from Pakistan’s jail in the night of 7 January 1972. Our response to this was polite but firm: the Constitution reflected the will of the entire nation and it could only be changed by the people, not by any government or leaders.

We expect that, in the overriding interest of the welfare of the peoples of the subcontinent, Pakistan will reciprocate by coming forward to solve these outstanding problems in a spirit of fair play and mutual accommodation so that the process of normalisation can be carried to a successful conclusion." Bangladesh's efforts to obtain a place in the United Nations were decisively blocked through an exercise of the veto by China in 1972. The lengths to which the US administration was prepared to go toward promoting a settlement within the Pakistani federal structure were soon revealed through reports of Khondokar Moshtaque, the Mujibnagar government's foreign minister, being ready to make a departure from the position of the government and lend his support to the American plan during his projected trip to New York. As a country with the then second-largest Muslim population globally, after Indonesia, and also considering how initially many, if not most, of these countries, taken in by the Pakistani propaganda of a Hindu-India having deliberately split a Muslim Pakistan apart, were initially hostile to Bangladesh, he recognised the necessity of reaching out to those countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formulates and executes the policies according to the guidance from the relevant section of the Constitution of Bangladesh. New Delhi has continued to milk the issue of citizenship for political gain, leaving 1.9 million people stateless and virtually unable to prove otherwise. According to Prof. Tailor, “Foreign policy of a sort which will go on so long as are sovereign states” For an operational definition of foreign policy, we can say that it consists of the action which a state undertakes to achieve its national interest in the global environment. Indeed, the OIC summit, held in the Pakistani city of Lahore, was instrumental in burnishing Bangladesh's image on the global scene. As a very young director (personnel) in 1973 in the fledgling foreign ministry, I was also the ex-officio 'rapporteur' at the senior officers' meetings that the Bangladesh foreign secretary held once every week with his senior-most officers (additional and joint secretaries only), at which Bangladesh's foreign policy options and actions were discussed, formulated and planned, and actions evaluated. As the U.N. warns of a continuing risk of genocide, Myanmar should seriously consider the last 30 years and ask if its security policies are helping anyone at all. Bangabandhu: the architect of Bangladesh's foreign policy His vision of Independent Bangladesh’s place and role in the region and the world. A parsing of his speeches since his return to Bangladesh in January 1972 following his long incarceration by the brutalising military authority in Pakistan during 1971, and indeed his first actions immediately on his release even before he left the soil of his incarceration, all are very clear reflections of this. The Foreign Policy of Bangladesh emanates from the following provisions of the Bangladesh Constitution. But for us in the emerging world, ultimately, we must have faith in ourselves and in our capacity, through the united and concerted efforts of our peoples, to fulfill our destiny and to build for ourselves a better future.". Foreign Policy’s latest podcast recommends shows from around the world. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman personified that cause and that sagacity. We would not sacrifice our national interest an iota.

It would be very moot to revisit the foundations of our policy that were laid down by the Father of the Nation during his  lifetime and to reflect on whether we have followed or deviated from them. Shahriar Alam, MP, Hon’ble State Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Virtual Conference on “Sustaining Support for the Rohingya Refugee Response” Statement by Hon’ble Foreign Minister H.E. The Father of the Nation believed, out of conviction and moral belief, that Bangladesh could be the Switzerland of the East. Objectives of Bangladesh Foreign policy.

In the years in which Bangabandhu was in office, till his assassination in August 1975, a sense of dynamism coupled with a huge dose of idealism was what constituted Bengali diplomacy soon after liberation in December 1971.

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