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The area between the curve and the line of equality is then used to calculate the Gini coefficient. Let us take the example of two countries (Country X and Country Y) and check which country exhibits higher income inequality. b) The coefficient of Country A has (0.57) is more than that of Country B (0.29). [ U Gini Coefficient is also known as the Gini index is the statistical measure which is used in order to measure the distribution of the income among the population of the country i.e., it helps in measuring the inequality of income of the country’s population. [77] In education, it has been used as a measure of the inequality of universities. The formula for calculating GNI is often represented as: GNI = C + I + G + X + NFFI

[6] For OECD countries, in the late 20th century, considering the effect of taxes and transfer payments, the income Gini coefficient ranged between 0.24 and 0.49, with Slovenia being the lowest and Mexico the highest. When different populations are not measured with consistent definitions, comparison is not meaningful. In 2003, Roemer[40][44] reported Italy and Spain exhibited the largest opportunity inequality Gini index amongst advanced economies. y The theoretical model of Gini coefficient is limited to accepting correct or incorrect subjective assumptions.

For five people, where four have no income and the fifth has all the income, the Gini coefficient is 0.8. If F(x) is the cumulative distribution function for f(x), then the Lorenz curve L(F) may then be represented as a function parametric in L(x) and F(x) and the value of B can be found by integration: The Gini coefficient can also be calculated directly from the cumulative distribution function of the distribution F(y). x Then, drag the formula to subsequent rows. There was a steady increase in the global income inequality Gini score from 1820 to 2002, with a significant increase between 1980 and 2002. DataBank. Based on these observations the inequality indices have this common form:[26]. The demographic structure should be taken into account. are zero except one. The Gini coefficient is calculated using the Lorenz Curve. the Atkinson index or the Theil Index and Mean log deviation as special cases of the generalized entropy index). ¯ i

U.S. Income Distribution: Just How Unequal? Many old people are living separately from their children in Hong Kong.

Compensation of employees receivable from abroad are those that are earned by residents who essentially live inside the economic territory but work abroad (this happens in border areas on a regular basis), or for people who live and work abroad for short periods (seasonal workers) and whose centre of economic interest remains in their home country. The Gini coefficient is a single number aimed at measuring the degree of inequality in a distribution.

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