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So strengthen me that the power of my example will far exceed the authority of my rank.”, “If you lead a team, start asking questions and really listening. Listening may be the most distinctive practice of servant leadership. The value of the two questions is that they both buy you time to make a wiser decision. Do you like any of these quotes in particular? Covey”, “Never tell people how to do things. OK, how about this: “My best attribute is knowing when not to answer stupid questions.” – Gina Gershon. Someone who manages gives orders and expects others to follow. Listening may be the most distinctive practice of servant leadership. 36 Quotes From Successful People About The Wisdom In Asking Questions. It is getting people to work hard together. I will determine and act upon important priorities. Or maybe you have had opportunity to hear a great leader speak who then opened it up to Q & A and didn’t know what to ask. We’d love your help. Let me share some of my favorites. What qualities do you think makes a great leader? I will embrace and practice good values. This means that they usually have good and strong values and they act congruently with what they say they believe in. As a leader, the most important job you have is to set the example. Otherwise, you will always find ourselves under pressure. You need to give your teams the comfort to be able to tell you what adds no value, otherwise institutionalized bureaucracy will limit your effectiveness. How you react is yours.” —Wayne W. Dyer”, “Leadership is getting people to work for you when they are not obligated.” —Fred W. Smith”, “The beauty of trust is that it erases worry and frees you to get on with other matters. God – What role does God play in your life & leadership? At one company where I worked, we had a regular monthly meeting where the senior leadership team spent two days locked in a room with the boss listening to presentations. But you need to be open to the answers that you get, and you should create an environment where people feel comfortable saying what they truly believe. I often incorporate quotes about questioning into my servant leadership presentations. Description Project Manager (Contract Education): Class Specification (Job description)MSC Range 5; Full-time/Exempt 40 hours per week; 12 months... © 2017 Careers in Government. Only the inquiring mind solves problems. If they can't explain it, then they don't fully understand the solution, and if they don't understand it, who does. Position: Titles are their ego food. One of the interesting things with important things is that eventually, they will become urgent, but if you can deal with them before they become urgent, you have more time to come up with a better solution. It’s not two choices; it’s one.”, “Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualities he does not possess.”, “When values, thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and his character is strengthened. Leadership is not about micro managing other people or treating others like chess pawns. – Don’t be surprised if after they answer your question that they return the favor by asking you the very same question. These opportunities can happen spontaneously – like during a refreshment break at a … Get some outside perspective on your situation. May I ask, do you have a favorite quote about questioning? What are the keys to developing the next generation of leaders in your world? A great leader has an abundance mentality and celebrates the successes of others. The true dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” – Peter Drucker, “Only the one who does not question is safe from making a mistake.” – Albert Einstein, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” – Indira Gandhi, “What are you trying to do – one of the easiest to ask and most difficult to answer of questions.” – Robert K. Greenleaf. Copyright © 2020 Cairnway, LLC | Thanks to, 1162 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30306, Servant Leadership Principles & Practices, 5 Reasons Admitting Mistakes Might Show You Are a Servant-Leader, Free Ebook: Quotations for Servant-Leaders, Silence is Not a Servant Leadership Option, “The master key of knowledge is, indeed, a persistent and frequent questioning.” – Peter Abelard, “A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” – Francis Bacon, “The one who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.” – Confucius, “The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. Every single person who attended told me that these meetings were useless, meaningless and an utter waste of time. When you connect with other leaders what do you ask them? A boss simply gets others to fulfill tasks and may treat others as inferior to them. I will practice and develop good thinking. (Did you know that every speaker I know is always very grateful for the person who instantly raises their hand to ask the first question?). So it's good for you to ask this question because if the team are not confident, then it will give you an opportunity to be able to explain the approach, the solution, again and look to give the team the belief that they need. In today's highly pressurized world you are bombarded with urgent things which constantly demand your attention, but quite often these are just urgent but not important. Or maybe you are scheduled for a one on one breakfast/lunch/coffee time. Bosses usually instruct and manage their team and can usually create fear on others. Having been on both ends of the situation in my career, I can definitely relate to this scenario. What is your “Secret Sauce?”  i.e. For example, “I am honored that you thought of me. Have you ever had opportunity to spend time with another leader that you would love to learn from and felt tongue-tied?

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