greatest mcs of all time

Is that why the Roots don't get their respect. Big Daddy Kane had a video where he was in a boxing ring (mmm hmmm, L.L? ", ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Rakim is the start of lyricsm hands down. But I never thought it would grow and I would have a career to continue on and get acknowledged for the new stuff I was doing. in Run-DMC, but who cares. WTF!!!!!!! For all of you fake Slim Shady's out there, and fanboys alike, here is your number one M.C..  Yeah he's at #13 for me, what!?!?! Young Jeezy31. Future33. My stomach hurt for days from laughing at "Your a Big Girl", WTF!!! ", "That's everything. Master the language. With a brand new album, and a brand new look, he brought the Big Bang back to New York amongst the Southern onslaught which is currently present in rap, and has managed to successfully re-invent himseld time after time despite the LONS breakup, and the ever changing members of his Flipmode Squad. Anyway if you haven't ever heard them, you need to check: Check The Rhyme, Bonita Applebaum, Hot Sex (I think it was called somethibng else though), Keep It Moving, The Scenario, Everything is Fair, The Jazz, El Segundo, and the list goes on and on. How many cats can say that? And not to mention countless guest spots (Kick Em' In the Grill, Live at the Barbecue, etc...). SOURCE quit playing and give him his 5 mics, you know he diserves it, I'm tired of seeing those four and a half's. He has sold out many a concert including Madison Square Garden (before then hip-hop acts had barely graced it's stage), which hadn't been sold out since the Beastie Boys and Run DMC in the 80's.

Slick Rick28. LL has had many hits, but for every hit, there were several duds, and those duds add up. Not exactly. Tip is still on point making a few guest appearances on Busta's Big Bang, and Rhymfest's Blue Collar, but has yet to drop another solo album.

Bun B40. I always liked to bend my brain. J Cole35. Other than that he was a magnificent storyteller (check Story to Tell, Back in the Day, etc. This is what I ask myself everytime I pop in his first CD. But I just knew only a certain amount of people would get it — people who could relate to the stories I was telling. He has battled with plenty of MC's including my number one pick (and no he didn't beat Can-I-Bus, but he slaughtered Kool Moe Dee). Slick Rick is still dropping dimes, and his swagger is timeless. The self proclaimed King of slanguistics is still keeping the Bay Area going and is currently leading the West's new Hyphy/Going Dumb movement and has yet to fall off after all of these years. Some people write rhymes and they're easy; I never liked to write easy rhymes. 12. "That's one of my first dreams: Out of all this, I wanted to be a respected MC.
Ice Cube13. Eminem8. Nas 9. You can see Nas' influence in many New York, Down South, and West Coast rappers. Scarface24. Nas is still one of the most lyrical M.C's in an era when everybody is attempting to dumb down the flow. I wanted everything to cut through the heart. Eminem. No disrespect, but in my opinion he just didn't pack enough creativity into his music to put him above the #4 spot. Big Pun38.

In the words of Jay-z: "One was nahhh, the other was Ilmatic" (P.S. With a frantic flow and amazing storytelling, Twista stayed in my box for that whole summer, and then, once again he was gone. As a matter of fact, you Stans better check that ish he did with Skam, cause you missed out on such gems as "I'll take it back to the first night at lovers lane, before you were born just to ----block your father's game". Answers range from 'wild flattering' to 'a great thing' to 'that's everything.'. Especially the road I took. Tip was abstract, and phife was......the phifer! And Paper Thin's first line "When you say you love me, it doesn't matter, it goes into my ear as just chit-chatter", over that echoey boom-stick, priceless. Why is MC Lyte never on anyone's greatest list. Damn this cat is so under-rated! And if you haven't seen a live show, I don't care if you are a thug or a wankster, go check that out. His sporatic style, and fevered pitch was and still is original to him and him only. The video was wack but the song was ok.  Just when I thought he had fallen off because of it, he comes out with (in my opinion) one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time (although it was quite some time in betwen those), Adrenaline Rush. Jay-Z is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, and that's why he is number one. It makes it all worth the battle. Uncle Ricky could sure tell a bedtime story amongst other things.

LL Cool J (#10) "It's wild flattering. Most of my career, that's been my thing, [to be] Mr. You can tell that the Black Panther in him was searching for freedom. 15 years!!!! On life after death, tell me you weren't in the club talking about "Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see?". Another great story-teller, Rakim is the true leader of the new-school. E-4026. Too $hort is still in the game all these years later. Gucci Mane30. A force to be reckoned with who can still flow till this day (recent examples are The Roots' Boom, and don't forget to check "Count Macula" on the "A Prince Amongst Thieves" album by Prince Paul, as a matter or fact if you haven't you should just check "A Prince Amongst Thieves" anyway, it's like a movie that you listen to, and has a great story.

They said that he would never make it without party-rocking. Nipsey Hussle49. KRS is one of those MC's who stays very involved in the hip-hop culture, and uses his influence for positive change. Big up to Spliff too for being the industry's greatest hype-man. I remember going from "Death Around the Corner" to "Dear Mama" to "I Get Around" many a time. Try to stay true to my roots and for them to bless me with that title. Twista48. Tell me you didn't like Parents Just Don't Understand. Can you believe they actually laughed at this man when he first started what is officially know as flowing. Besides how do you battle a whole borough full of rappers, 'nuff said! ), and he appealed to the ladies (One More Chance, I'm ******* You Tonight). Knowledge Reigns Supreme! And it is true, listen to his first album "and you can tell where a lotta cats got they whole style from". If rap is a game know the rest. Redman, funk doc, reggie noble, whatever you call him needs no introduction. Nelly36. Pink Cookies In a Plastic Bag!!!!!!!! Drake7. Kanye West6.

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