happy cat month

Check out the facts below to learn more about cats in honor of Happy Healthy Cat Month (September). They love the security a box offers so bring one out to play every so often so they can practice their skills in hide-and-seek. HSPPR is Declared Exempt Under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code Federal Tax ID: 84-0410111 • Copyright ©2020 Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region •, 610 Abbot Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, 630 Abbot Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, Crafted by Design Rangers at 38.8321° N, 104.8233° W. Cat and humans have been together for over 10,000 years. Give your furball the op-purr-tunity to run, stretch, and climb just like their ancestors used to do. You can grow it yourself, purchase it from the pet store or it can be found inside cat toys that you purchase. 10. Veterinarian visits are important: Keep illnesses and problems like pesky parasites away by ensuring vet visits are regular and timely. Cats can jump up to five times their own height. We are one of each. I would love to know what will you be doing this month? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy to proceed. I know Flynn must have been lonely to lose his brother, but he would go totally ballistic if another cat dared to come on his property. Some people may argue that your cat cannot understand, but I like to tell them anyway! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Summer, you are one of the smartest kitties we know! Setting time aside each day to spend time with your cat will stop them feeling lonely and it will become something that both of you will look forward to. Shee was told at Sheltur mee hated other catss an mee lived inn a room alone fore 2 yeerss (mye-nuss mee 2 failed ‘doptionss where there were other catss an mee did not do well.) I can ignore her or bother her til she starts getting grabby and giving me kisses. Train and entertain:  Cats are just as trainable as dogs. Your pets pick up on your tone of voice and this daily expression of love is sure to be appreciated. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'catloverhere_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_0',124,'0','0'])); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Consider adopting a second cat from a shelter, effectively giving another kitty a second lease on life. Health. The world’s first major cat show was held at London’s Crystal Palace in July 1871. Kitties have different personalities and different needs. We have to help the humans understand us in order to try and create harmony. It’s safer for both you and your feline friend if they are confined in a secure space. I'm here to give you the latest updates and low downs on anything and everything pet related, whether they miaow, woof, or neigh. Cur-tail fleas and ticks by seeing the vet for preventative medicines and anti-parasite products. Your cat will feel much better as a result of a weekly groom and your furniture will have less cat hair on it! Best Way To Stop a Cat From Spraying – For Quick & FAST Results! My human worked very hard to socialize Boodie. Success! ***purrsss*** BellaDharma. But what can you do with your cat to show them some extra love this time of year (or any time of year!). Keeping Your Cat Healthy. You just got one, let her come and go as she pleased and that was it. There are lots of things that you can buy for your cat from the Pet Shop that they will love. We all love extra treats from time to time and your cat is no different. Friends are furever: Cats are very social animals, just like dogs. Cats that are used to the company of other cats may miss that. Cats like small. Cats certainly don’t appear happy when they go to the vet. This will build a connection with your Cat and will also keep your Cat happy and fit. I like to think that Binga and I helped too, by example. Not only do games keep your cat fit and healthy but they also develop the bond that you have with your cat. Excellent advice, Summer! For more information please read our privacy policy. Dental health is key: Don’t forget your purr-fect partner has dental health needs. The world’s oldest living cat is 31 years old. That’s right, September is the month to celebrate all things feline, and how to make sure your cat is happy and healthy. She handled her frequently, in a non-threatening way, for many years. Don’t put the Litter Box near their food bowl because I don’t think your Cat would appreciate relieving himself close to where he eats! In our recent Podcast, we talked about how you can exercise your cat by playing different games with them. Your kitty probably eats out of a bowl, but that doesn’t really let them use … Kate has 2 Pointers, Joey and Coco, and a cat named Smug. These days, people want to forge a much closer relationship with their cats… and the cats benefit from that too. Angel will not tolerate other cats, since her brother left for The Rainbow Bridge. You may have to create levels in your house to give territorial cats more space. When she left, I was still a happy cat. Cats are not black and white creatures. Good post. Your cat will be much more interested in a cat toy that is filled with cat nip than one that is not. Learn how your comment data is processed. And it makes me even sadder because so many people don’t care…because “it’s just a cat”. Nearly 60% of American housecats don’t get regular veterinary care, and that needs to change. Please Select:Internet SearchFacebookPoster/FlyerNewspaper/MagazinePodcastReferral. People need to understand their cat’s behaviour it is so important. So now she hangs around when people come over. All 4 cats in our house are different. Great advice. Cat Treats. Loner cats need to be able to spend time away from other cats. When Puck was around, I tried to sweep as much of the house as I could before pulling out the vacuum. Around 200 cats live in Disneyland’s park and help keep control of the rodent population. And of course, it’s fun too! TW has decided that I like men and not women. Happy Cat Month is brought to us by the CATalyst Council to help spread education and awareness about the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats. A cat’s brain has twice the amount of neurons in the cerebral cortex as dogs. There are lots of different options, with some great cardboard scratch pads on offer. Give Your Cat Plenty Of Love And Affection, Being a Cat lover since a young age I really don’t like that misconception that Cats are self reliant and don’t need love, They are very social animals and seek attention from their human “Slaves”, Give your Cat all the attention he/she deserves, Spend some quality time with them, snuggle with them and let them take a Cat nap on your Lap (my Cat loves doing this!). If you cat needs to be professionally groomed, maybe it’s long haired, then talk to your vet. Many years ago, people assumed that cats were low-maintenance pets.

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