hotone vow press vs soul press

I want to get a mini wah: Crybaby Mini or Hotone Soul Press? I have the Soul Press. I much prefer the Dunlop cry baby mini, that one rocks! Hotone Soul Press Volume/Expression/Wah-Wah Pedal The Hotone Soul Press is a 3-in-1 pedal in a smart compact size. I got it to put on a Mono small board to use both wah and volume interchangeably (just click down hard on the pedal to engage volume or wah in the wah/vol mode). Secondly I feel that the sweep and the control are far superior to the mini crybaby. If I use anything but a one-spot adapter, I get noise. It's also a bit too stiff in the movement for those quick whacka-whacka shenanigans. If you only need a volume pedal, there is a passive option by Valeton, called the Surge EP2. I do not used the Soul Press as an expression pedal yet but the volume function is smooth and very effective. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hotone Soul Press 3 in 1 Mini Volume/Wah/Expression Effects Pedal at I have a cry baby that I never use, so this could potentially fill that void too should I ever need to start a … The wah is a nice option to have, but I rarely use it. I never considered buying a wah pedal before because it doesn't meet my musical style but this product is usable even when not used as a wah: volume is far more useful to me! Has a nice sturdy feel. The volume swells worked as well for me as any other volume pedals and the wah actually sounded pretty good. Doesn't particularly thrill me in terms of tone, but is fine for basic wah fun. Mainly for rock lead kinda stuff, more Adam Jones than Slash though. Hotone Vow Press Features: 3-in-one volume/wah pedal (volume, wah, and volume/wah) V/W mode allows you to switch between volume and wah effects with a simple press of your foot; Inspired by the crying wah tones found on countless classic recordings; Dial in the volume mode's operating range with the Bottom Value control Yeah it’s like most other small treadle pedals. The unit features Wah, Volume, and Expression modes. JavaScript is disabled. Read honest … I'm leaning towards the Soul Press because it can also be used as a volume and an expression pedal which would be really useful. I bought a Hotone Soul Press Wah/Volume back in May 2015. Why exactly does Reverb not let you cancel an offer you made. One of my boards is all (10) hotone, mooer, donner minis. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. One-spot (no power brick, just the wart/cable) = no noise. Become a Rob C Patron Donate via Paypal. I daisy chain them straight to a 9v. Once you get used to the size they feel as normal as the bigger ones. Anyone use the Hotone Soul Press Micro Volume/Expression/Wah Pedal? There seems plenty of positive reviews on the Cry Baby but I cant find many reviews on the Soul Press. I was really into the idea of a mini wah and I already had an AMT Japanese Girl Wah, which was superb. Now that I have a small pedalboard, I need to also have smaller pedals. Just browsing in AliExpress and saw another cheapie! The thing was a little brick too a lot heavier than it looks it’s pretty sturdy. And the wah is quite good too, Sonicake Guiter Effects Pedal 2 in 1 Vexpress Mini Active Wah. Does its job, it's just not super smooth in the first 25% of the volume. Also the soul press crackled a bit when I got it from emp … I have the Hotone Soul Press. I like it, smooth taper. Wah sounds good both clean and dirty. I use it mostly as a volume pedal. Hotone Soul Press: Not For Me Posted by By RobC March 30, 2016 6 Comments.,, Also doing some filtery stuff into delays or whatever. Have the Vow Press. I had the soul press and liked it very much. Didn't like it as a wha because of its limited throw and frequency range. The only reason I sold it was because I wasn’t sure if the expression function worked with the HX effects I bought. Tested the volume side and it sounds identical to the pedal bypassed (has true bypass). Old thread...but I just got the Hotone Vow Press and it sounds great. Wah is not the best, doesn't cut through like an xotic wah or anything but gets the job done, for it's footprint and price it's a darn good investment. You must log in or register to reply here. I have found no significant difference between straight into the amp vs the soul press bypassed. Currently leaning towards the Soulpress as it's about 30% cheaper and has vol/exp modes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I am wanting to slim my board down further, and my morley mini volume is feeling less and less mini these days. Consider Supporting an Original Music Creator. But it's quite cheap and small so I got used to it! Secondly I feel that the sweep and the control are far superior to the mini crybaby. I used it as an expression pedal with a Pitchfork which worked really well. (Gonna get that one soon) I'm torn between the Hotone Soul Press and a Cry Baby mini (I've ruled out the AMT mini wah). I have found no significant difference between straight into the amp vs the soul press bypassed. WAH: Wah mode is for all the cry babies out there—we’re talking about the legit vocal sweep and … I have the purple hot spice, can't remember what made it different just remember that it was the better one of them all.

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