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5 Sleeps, And wherever you go: we wish you an unforgettable houseboat holiday! Cruising up and down Australia's greatest river on your own fully self contained houseboat holiday is a great way really disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. Fully equipped, good beds, top view. Thanks for your trust in us. Do something unique, better than a hotel experience. Paying for your holiday is simple and safe, and customer care is of paramount importance to us. Rent a houseboat and make your holiday unforgettable! 2 Sleeps, In many of the most popular houseboat rental destinations in the USA, you can tag a jet ski onto your rental agreement. Rotterdam Over the hundreds of kilometres of river to explore, you'll discover the natural beauty of the different Riverscapes. Now, in the winter of 2019 the couple are the guests of honor of ‘Woodstock The Story – 50th Anniversary Tour’.

When you think of Amsterdam, colorful tulips, people sitting along the sunny canals, bikers everywhere, are just some thing that can come to mind. Muiden If you've never been on a houseboat before, then check out our houseboating FAQ. When you hear 'Amsterdam and festivals', you'll probably think of the hundreds of food and music festivals the city hosts every year. .houseboat-photos { (1), the Netherlands, The starting point is that the accommodation is offered at cost price (cleaning costs). The corona crisis hits the holiday rental market very hard, resulting in many vacant B&B's. Everything was clearly discussed in advance, you knew exactly where you stood. Amsterdam Each and every one of those floating homes is unique and will surely contribute to an unforgettable vacation. 4 Sleeps, Think of employees in healthcare, but also logistics managers and civil servants. (1), the Netherlands, 26 Sleeps, background-color: #F6F2DE; Cruising up and down Australia's greatest river on your own fully self contained houseboat holiday is a great way really disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. Rent personal watercraft or speed boats to experience even more of our lakes. } As we see an opportunity to give something back. General info contact the houseboat businesses for availability and information! Worldwide houseboat rentals - Unique stays, Ibiza Style Water View Loft (build above water on poles), First Class Studio with a view - luxurious with sauna, The Morning Star - with private garden - sleeps 5, Eco friendly sailling ship Tranquillum - Sleeps 14, Traditional Clipper 'Adventure' - sleeps 24, The Loyal Brother - sails from Enkhuizen or Hoorn, Castle Roux - IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea Sailing Charters, 'Driven by Sails' - Sailing Cruises from Enkhuizen, Frisian sail charter 'The First One' - Sleeps 20, Brand new Houseboat Prinsengracht - Rembrandt Suite, B&Bs on houseboats available for Corona helpers / volunteers, The Amsterdam light festival - Hand in hand with our houseboat rentals, Woodstock love, peace and happiness on an Amsterdam houseboat. The options are endless. This year at its 8th edition, new artists and amazing installations are now waiting for you to visit!

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London * Really great support before, during and after your stay. Contact Houseboat businesses for availability! We are proud to share the largest selection of boats, ships, barges and yachts around the world. During the months December and January, the cozy Dutch wintertime, The Light Festival is something unique you should visit. We had a cosy honeymoon. Harlingen We look forward to find you the best houseboat possible for your next trip! Dale Hollow Lake is known for many things; houseboating, clear water and its unaffected beauty. 14 Sleeps, Experiencing your holiday from a houseboat is nothing like anything you've ever done before.

Beautiful location very happy.

We would love to come back! .Boxed-text { } If you still have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to contact us or contact the houseboat businesses for availability and information! On some parts of the Murray you may not see anyone which means it's your piece of wilderness, outback and serenity. 5 Sleeps, Isle Of Wight If you're after the faster life, bring the tinny, ski boat and have yourself some fun on the river. Back then they had not even planned on going, but there was some magic bu. -webkit-box-shadow: #999 3px 3px 5px; (1). With a great choice of houseboats from budget to 5 star you'll find a relaxing houseboat holiday will revitalise you body and mind. Amsterdam

2 Sleeps, There are different riverscapes you'll discover including beautiful Redgum forests, abundant wildlife, ancient fossilised limestone cliffs. Our plan is to not leave these B&B's unused, but to make them available to those who need it most.

There is seating outside but it was mostly too cold - it would be perfect in summer. Get our newsletter and stay up to date on houseboat rental deals and specials. 4 Sleeps, Time for a trip down memory lane.

What a contrary this trip to Amsterdam was compared with their visit to the festival of peace, love and great music 50 years ago. This festival is different, the Amsterdam Light Festival is doesn't have any music or DJs nor does it offer food. PAY SAFELY ONLINE. Great service, easy to book, excellent hosts!

It does host about 25 incredible works of art that light the city's canals in the evening and night. Amsterdam (4), England, Be the first to receive our latest specials, helpful articles, and other great information directly to your email inbox for FREE! Bobbi and Nick Ercoline fell in love all over again both with each other and the hippie lifestyle on a houseboat (photo: Juul Steyn / And why not rent an authentic spice boat in India, a luxury cruiser on one of the great lakes in America or a narrow boat in England? (1), the Netherlands, } (3), England,

  The condition for you as owner is that the B&B has a separate entrance so that physical contact, and therefore the chance of contamination, is as small as possible. We are specialized in houseboats and we offer the widest selection of amazing houseboat rentals around the world.