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Parlez en à un de nos conseillers pour en savoir plus. And guests rent homes, not hotel rooms, because they want to stay in unique, interesting places: more personality, not less. Secondary market. This shows if the business has opted-in or opted-out of allowing its shares to be bought and sold on the secondary market. This can include check-ins, issues with amenities in properties, or just sharing suggestions for fun activities to do in the local area: restaurants, local attractions, and a few hidden gems. Houst - Our Hosts - Expert Airbnb Management - Hosting. With COVID-19 changing travel trends around the world, we believe that there's never been a better time to join us. We looked and sounded like someone else. Nous créerons ensuite un guide d'accés pour vos voyageurs. Airsorted rebrands as Houst. their investment and certain other tax reliefs. Juan studied International Business Management at Glasgow Caledonian University and is enjoying the hands-on experience of growing an international operation from scratch. Seedrs is unable to provide tax advice. In June 2019 we closed our last Seedrs campaign. Professionally managed lettings on multiple platforms. Le taux varie selon l'emplacement, la taille et la qualité de votre propriété. We caught up with three team members – Karl from Guest Experience, Jenn from Supplier Management and Sophie from Client Success – to find out more about them and what their working day looks like in the world’s largest host management business. We look after peoples’ property, something that’s both very valuable and very personal, every single day – and we really do have your best interests at heart. Houst rebrand: Five years on from launching Airsorted, we revealed our new name and visual re brand. De Airbnb à Booking, nous savons comment mettre en avant votre logement pour maximiser sa visibilité avec des photos professionnelles et une description détaillée. Airsorted is a young, dynamic prop-tech start-up with a vision to turn the short-term letting industry on its head. Engaging with the housekeepers. You can pay for your We’ll communicate like humans, speaking with simplicity and transparency. Just like our hosts, and just like the homes they let. Seedrs is a registered European Community trademark Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in Send us an email on. The pandemic inevitably reduced our revenues in the short-term. Sad to see in person, but interesting too. I’m just really good at drawing naked bodies. Houst makes hosting hassle-free on platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway & Expedia. New identity, same trusted hosting partner. The Future Fund will “match” the funding raised via Seedrs or other eligible sources, subject to a minimum investment of £125,000 and a maximum investment of £5m. On the 20th of January, we announced to our hosts in a blog post that we have a new name and a new look. or any other medium, should be construed as an investment recommendation. My role is to ensure that guests have a safe, easy experience when they stay at one of our hosts’ properties. Seedrs.com is a website owned and operated by Seedrs Limited. Please see the term sheet for how conversion is priced and payments on redemption in this scenario. Please note that the company has a £2.5m bank loan where it has been agreed that no capital repayments will be made this year. Des locations gérées par des professionnels avec Houst (anciennement Airsorted) sur plusieurs plateformes. Just like our hosts, and just like the homes they let. But more importantly, we recognised that ‘Airsorted’ wasn’t reflecting the people we exist for. As noted above, the convertible loan instrument is not compatible with EIS requirements, so no EIS applications will be made with respect to investments in the convertible loan. We believe that here lies our opportunity. Fortunately, this ties in well with the end of the typical University calendar,” explains Anna Roe, Head of People at Airsorted, “Internships offer a great opportunity to get some much-needed experience on your CV.”, “Airsorted Operations Department is basically split into two main areas. The government has not clarified the position on this and has said it is a matter for HM Treasury and HMRC. Nous avons construit une plateforme puissante et placé votre logement au cœur de celle-ci. In order for a company to be eligible to seek matched funding from the Future Fund, this investment round must be on the convertible loan terms that have been prescribed by the Future Fund for this purpose. Employee Discounts. We always have the interests of our hosts in mind. Ensemble, nous maximiserons les profits de votre logement. Investments should only be made by investors There is a possibility that the convertible loan will convert in some scenarios without the consent of Seedrs (if we do not make up a majority of investors). Houst countries. See the term sheet for more details. Our own hosts weren’t afraid to try something new and bold, leveraging their homes to finance a whole range of interests. Where a vote of investors is required, Seedrs will vote on behalf of any investors it represents as nominee. The convertible loan agreement prescribed by the Future Fund is equity focused and favours conversion of the loan to equity as the default position. This is to give investors an indication of the potential total size of the funding round (and potential dilution on conversion), but to also distinguish it from regular investment through the Seedrs platform. Notre équipe de ménage fournit des draps et des serviettes de qualité hôtelière, réapprovisionnent les produits essentiels et nettoient votre maison de manière professionnelle. The business, our service, indeed the whole world of hosting has come a very long way since then. Vous pouvez vous désabonner à tout moment. It was shared internally with the rest of the business on Slack, which was really nice as I got to enjoy a bit of recognition from both the guest and the team! - Events of Default: The convertible loan is to be repaid on the events of default, such as liquidation or winding up. This business is eligible for SEIS relief - providing qualifying investors with income tax relief of 50% of Toute intervention dont le prix dépasse la limite devra être approuvée par vous. Houst est un service de gestion indépendant pour les hôtes Airbnb et n’est pas affilié à Airbnb. - Qualifying Equity Financing. Houst vous facturera alors une commission sur ce montant, et vous débitera également le coût du ménage (afin de le rémunérer notre service de blanchisserie et nos agents de ménage). Don’t worry - it’s just as easy to use. You can contact us as normal, although we’ll introduce ourselves as Houst! The company intends to apply to the Future Fund for matched funding on the total eligible amount invested in this funding round. For example, there are some occasions when a guest will ask about something that would improve their stay, but we’ll always consider whether something could affect a property or a host negatively in future before saying yes. Emerging in a strong position provides a unique opportunity to grow our position as a global leader. Seedrs will not complete the investment and transfer the funds raised until we have confirmation that the Future Fund matched funding application has been approved and that the Future Fund is ready to make the investment. New identity, same trusted hosting partner. Take a look at our jobs page now and see if there’s an Airsorted internship that could be right for you. Houst makes it easy to host on platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway & Expedia. Vous serez payé par Airbnb directement, 24 heures après l'arrivée de vos voyageurs. Propriétaire ou investisseur ? change in future. En créant des stratégies de location qui conviennent à tous les propriétaires, nous aidons à révéler la valeur réelle des logements. So much so, we’ve decided not to leave it to Santa to deliver all the presents this time around. Le montant total est transféré sur votre compte bancaire par Airbnb. Sometimes the housekeepers that I coach will come into the office, or I’ll run into them in London – I love that! From listing management and pricing to cleaning and laundry - Houst (formerly Airsorted) take care of what matters to your guests, you take care of what matters to you. They’ll give me a hug sometimes; it’s like they’re my buddies! Une fois que vous serez prêt à démarrer, nous organiserons un rendez-vous à votre propriété. Please see the term sheet for how this conversion is priced. It's what we do. Ils enverront également un rapport complet avec les tâches et la durée du ménage effectués à votre responsable de compte. I get to email lots of hosts and let them know the good news, that they’ve become Superhosts! One of the hardest parts is communication. Plombiers, techniciens de maintenance, serruriers et plus encore. 11. We hope you like it. Que ce soit Dublin ou Dubaï, Sydney ou San Diego: nos voyageurs sont réveillés quelque part. If redeemed, the company will repay the principal together with the Redemption Premium. I don’t know why. I think my favourite moment is ‘Superhost Day’. Et nous aussi. Monetisation strategy. There is a risk that the Company may not have sufficient funds to repay the loan on the maturity date, pay interest when it becomes due or pay the redemption premium included in the terms. In addition to the usual risk warnings included above, investors should be aware of and accept the following with respect to convertible loans: The convertible loan agreement is intended as bridge funding to a future funding round, but there is no guarantee that a company will be able to secure further funding. The last 12 months have been our biggest yet: Hostmaker acquisition: In February we acquired the assets of our closest competitor, increasing our managed properties in our largest market London by 750 homes. We’re excited to share with you these brand updates and why we made them. Our own hosts weren’t afraid to try something new and bold, leveraging their homes to finance a whole range of interests. We partnered with our first host five years ago this month. Tous les invités doivent avoir un profil vérifié et être en mesure de nous fournir des détails sur leur voyage. Airsorted has evolved. 85423072) of Seedrs Limited, a limited company - Exit: The convertible loan will automatically convert or be redeemed on an Exit, whichever would give investors the higher cash return. Nous pouvons vous offrir un rabais si vous inscrivez plusieurs propriétés ou des locaux commerciaux. There’s a genuine satisfaction in actually helping people. For starters, our name, colours and logo reflected Airbnb. A bit of an aspirational feel too, perhaps! jurisdiction to whom or in which such offer, solicitation or sale is unlawful. I like quirkiness too – interesting books or paintings, something that shows a bit of the host’s personality and makes the property feel more human.

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