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Recognize Artsakh: Israeli violinist supports Armenia. Iran, on the other hand, backed Armenia on critical matters such as Armenia’s occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region. It’s said that Israel has two airbases in Azerbaijan. Israel, Pakistan, and Turkey are supporting the same country, Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia, in an example of entangling relations in the modern world . Furthermore, Iran’s alliance with Russia—challenged by divergent interests in Syria and historic competition—is strengthened by cooperation over this issue, with Russia being the primary backer of Armenia’s incursions.

For Israel, it means an increasingly spread-out presence of Iranian nationals and possibly the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps contingent and other groups throughout the Caucasus. but by the spread of metastasized cells to distant organs. According to. These seemingly isolated events, in reality, contribute to an increasingly complex geopolitical reality directly threatening Israel, which is taking steps to prepare for another potential conflagration with Hezbollah. Armenia in the past has provided Iran with weapons, which were then used to kill American troops, according to WikiLeaks revelations of U.S. State Department cables.

In this scenario, Israel must support Armenia against the terrorism perpetrated by a dangerous enemy like Turkey. Esshaki, whose father is a Chaldean Christian from Iraq, is facing off against Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich.) on Nov. 3 in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.

4. Azerbaijani troops flee from battlefield in panic, 00:03, 10.24.2020

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And very disappointed that my country sells guns to Azerbaijan.

Not only is Israel now forced to consider the consequences of clashes between two countries it has diplomatic relationships with and considers allies, but the involvement of third parties, including Iran, is raising the question about its own security and potential for far greater destabilization in its proximity down the road. Top House races Jewish voters should be eyeing before Nov. 3.

Artsakh, 15:55, 08.25.2020

“We will continue to monitor whether this is an unusual incident or a new phenomenon,” said Aviad Scheinin at the University of Haifa. 2. The upcoming signing will expand scientific and academic cooperation between Israel and the United States into the disputed territories. European analyst Giulio Meotti appealed, ‘Jews and Armenians are more than neighbours. (October 12, 2020 / JNS) The recent attack on Azerbaijan’s residential areas in the territories occupied by Armenia for the last 26 years has quickly spiraled away from the central claims of Baku about its national sovereignty and territorial integrity into a geopolitical free-for-all, with multiple parties seeking to get in on the action in some capacity or else seeking to have the recognition of their own unrelated claims and narratives recognized by the international community.

Turkey and Azerbaijan’s disregard for ceasefire will be serious blow to Trump ahead of election, 10:48, 01.11.2019

For Iran, these moves to counter its exportation of the revolution provide an additional challenge in its ambition to spread influence and to gain control of the Caspian and energy resources, essentially colonizing the Caucasus the way Tehran has aspired to dominate and permeate the Middle East.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Azerbaijani society promoted religious reform through intellectual discourse even before the Soviet annexation, rejecting clerical dominance over the political life and refusing to be bound by ijtihad, Islamic legal precedent.


Former construction consulting executive David Richter is the Republican nominee who will face incumbent Rep. Andy Kim (D-N.J.) on Nov. 3 in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Others have claimed that Armenia is deliberately trying to exaggerate the cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan for different strategic reasons. Perhaps the protesters hope to use that leverage and convince others to reexamine Israel's policy regarding the conflict. Given the triangular and increasingly close relationship between Jerusalem, Baku and Abu Dhabi further facilitated by the recent Abraham Accords—and creating a sort of security triangle between Eurasia and the Middle East—Iranian interventionism can pose a risk to this arrangement, weakening the political border areas among the countries.

Iran’s facilitation of Armenia’s aggression essentially weakens Azerbaijan as a strategic security partner for Israel; overwhelms the Caucasus with the same type of destabilizing activity that has already turned Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and parts of Yemen into no-go zones; and creates another regional sphere of influence for Tehran.

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