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Just reflect back on that time because that was crazy. The Atlanta group is back with their 10th studio album and they are already hard at work on the 11th. The younger generation likes that sound, so for us to ignore that and still want to garner new fans, it would be dumb on our part. Wingo: For the past nine albums, we did 12, 13 or 14 songs on the project. Jagged Edge has released their long awaited 10th studio album, entitled “A Jagged Love Story.”. Calling their music trash isn’t something we’re willing to do and we wanted to incorporate it.

We would be almost throwing away what the younger generation is doing like it’s trash if you look at the autotune thing. This will be the groups’ second independent release since releasing their last album “Layover” in 2017. Pleasure asked Brandon about this and my brother’s answer was like “We can do whatever we want to do”.

We like to be able to go back and forth as far as maybe an old school feel and also something that’s fresh, but we always want to give you that Jagged Edge sound. When we back to listen to it, we felt it was cohesive and we felt we had a lot of great records. I believe they can be better guided with the message in their music, but I like what they do. At 24 years of age, the group sang lyrics such as “And baby I know that I did my share of things to deceive you” on “He Can’t Love U.” Twenty years later on, “Genie,” the lyrics are, “Girl I’ll be your genie and I will give you everything.” Talk about mundane and repetitive.

It’s not like one way on the first album and different on the second. Lastly we talk about the group’s brotherhood and why they’ve been able to release music consistently for over 20 years now. ATLANTA, Ga. - Atlanta-based R&B quartet Jagged Edge is back with its tenth studio album, a 31-song opus titled "A Jagged Love Story." This group couldn’t have made it without those guys being the best team players. Each member of the group has posted both the album’s cover art and track-listing on their respective IG feeds, noting that the album has been submitted to all platforms and will formally release, presumably, in the coming days. Serving as the group’s tenth album in a twenty-three-year career, A Jagged Love Story could’ve elevated the group’s legacy. YouKnowIGotSoul: How did you approach this album creatively and when did you decide it would be a double album? This new album won’t be 31 songs, but we’ll still be giving you this work. If you come see us live, we’ll sing those songs without anything. official jagged edge | new single "closest thing to perfect" #jecttp . Most recently Musiq Soulchild released “Feel the Real” as a double album back in 2017.

When I look at other groups and they come out in the beginning and tell you that they’re brothers but then you find out later on that they’re not. On “A Jagged Love Story”, there’s a record called “Can’t Help It” so it’ll be similar to that. release of their milestone 10th studio album. They’re the most humble guys we could ever ask for. We’ve been able to be consistent. It’s just part of the record industry. May 26, 2020. love you guy I her yell song it is great and I wish you the best I always listen to yell song I want to know can I meet you guy because I never see yell but I going to come one day to the concert to see you guy, New Video: Jagged Edge – Closest Thing to Perfect, New Music: Shawn Stockman (of Boyz II Men) – Left Right.

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