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He has about 25 endorsements in all, with only a handful outside the Lewis-Johnson nexus—and that’s being charitable. Required fields are marked *. Former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson has announced a string of endorsements, including former U.N. Ossoff, a 33-year-old Democratic media executive who’s never held public office but has proved to be a prolific fundraiser, is hoping to oust Perdue, 70, from the U.S. Senate seat he’s held in the reliably Republican state since 2015. I think holding elected office also separates the ‘talk’ from the ‘walk’. His endorsement by the Communist Party.” THE FACTS: This is flatly false. Perdue’s campaign, insistent on misinterpreting a posted news story as an endorsement, said it was standing by the ad. Earlier this year, Jon joined JDCA for a candidate forum where he spoke on his strong commitment to fighting anti-Semitism and white nationalism, and reaffiremd his strong support of Israel. Tomlinson has 56, as well as these: The National Organization of Women’s PAC, Democracy for America—which flipped from supporting Ossoff in 2017—and the Asian-American Advocacy Fund. ATLANTA -- A pair of new high-profile endorsements are adding fuel to an already contentious special election for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia. See them all here. Tomlinson, Ossoff, and Amico have all earned the designation of “Gun Sense Candidate” by Moms Demand Action. She’s attracting national attention, too, gaining the support of Eric Swalwell and Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, a Morehouse College graduate. “Posting a story doesn’t constitute an endorsement.” Wood is a senior editor at People’s World as well as a member of Communist Party USA’s board. Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia is running a new ad that tries to paint Democratic rival Jon Ossoff as an extreme liberal by lobbing a fictitious claim that he was endorsed by the Communist Party USA. State of the race to replace: Takeaways from Georgia’s Senate debate, Early voting: Stonecrest, South DeKalb have more locations, hours than ever, Early voting is upon us: useful info for DeKalb County voters, Upcoming: Georgia PSC candidate debate, town hall with Karenna Gore on energy equity, sustainability, In Georgia Senate race, Ossoff ad draws quick response from Teresa Tomlinson. Since releasing a batch of 20 endorsements last fall, there haven’t been much. Legislative Black Caucus Chair, State Rep. Karen Bennett (HD-94), State Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett (SD-33), Dekalb County Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson, Atlanta City Councilwoman Marci Collier Overstreet, Dekalb County School Board Member Vickie B. Turner, Gwinnett County School Board Member Everton Blair. Endorsements tell a different tale. She has governed with a proven track record of success. There are seven Democratic candidates in the race. (Bob Andres/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, File), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. In a head-to-head matchup with Democrat Jon Ossoff, Perdue leads 45%-39%, with 12% of voters undecided. That effort gives him a huge mailing list and a fundraising edge outside Georgia. Among elected officials, civil rights, and community leaders across the state, Tomlinson is the clear favorite in the race, by a country mile. And Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry has tried to energize his party’s liberal base with a slate of policies that includes decriminalizing marijuana and being more welcome to immigrants and refugees. The only one out shows Ossoff leading with 29% of likely Democratic voters followed by Tomlinson at 15% and Sarah Riggs Amico at 14%. Ossoff, a young Georgia media executive known for breaking fundraising records during a 2017 special election loss for a U.S. House seat, beat back a field of Democratic primary opponents to win a spot taking on Republican Sen. David Perdue in November, according to votes tallied as of late Wednesday, June 10, 2020. People’s World responded to Perdue’s claims in an article Tuesday. That Facebook post was made in 2017, before Ossoff was even running against Perdue. Perdue’s ad flashes a screen capture of a 2017 Facebook post from the Communist Party USA’s page, suggesting the post was evidence of an endorsement. The senator has repeated the false claim about the Communist Party’s endorsement multiple times in the campaign, including in Dallas, Georgia, on Saturday. Narrator in DAVID PERDUE ad: “Jon Ossoff is caught lying again. She added that the party would not endorse Ossoff because he’s a Democrat, and the organization does not endorse candidates from other parties. Disclosure: I endorse Teresa Tomlinson for U.S. Senate, too. ... One thing he can’t lie about? Ossoff’s lead is a direct result of name recognition, which comes from the nationwide attention he gained during his historic and unsuccessful $30 million-plus campaign in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District in 2017. (National unions will wait for a nominee before announcing their support.). With no prominent black candidate in the race, the four Democrats are racing to tailor their appeals to a diverse electorate. A Democrat can’t win statewide just by carrying Atlanta by a big margin, and politicians know that. Update: Watch Sunday night’s Democratic candidate debate. Tomlinson has earned more endorsements than the other six combined. Ossoff never received or sought an endorsement from the Communist Party USA, his campaign said. Amico has received several labor endorsements from union locals. Is Jon Ossoff the Democratic front-runner in Georgia? And they keep coming, maybe creating endorsement envy. “Neither the Communist Party, according to a party spokesperson, nor People’s World, for that matter, have endorsed Ossoff — either now or in any previous election,” the outlet said. The poll pointed to “troubling signs” for Georgia Republicans, especially Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign for U.S. Senate was endorsed Tuesday by 20 black elected officials. Ossoff wants people to see him as the Democratic front-runner and inevitable standard-bearer. In pre-pandemic days, his campaign sent a tracker to her campaign events.). Tomlinson has attracted major, widespread African-American support: Our campaign is honored to have the support of so many that have dedicated their lives to the service of others. Ossoff wasn't endorsed by the Communist Party USA, Roberta Wood, a board member at the organization, confirmed … “That’s not the objective in this election. He shared the ad on his Twitter account Tuesday, and the Georgia Republican Party promoted it on social media. He has about 25 endorsements in all, with only a handful outside the Lewis-Johnson nexus—and that’s being charitable. Your email address will not be published. Ossoff’s supporters include a dozen state legislators and several city and county politicians who touted his background as an investigative journalist and his unsuccessful campaign for Georgia’s 6th District in 2017. He rolled out his endorsements as candidates faced a Tuesday deadline to report their fundraising figures. Amico’s fundraising has lagged seriously, and she’s talked about putting in more of her own funds, although she’s already dropped $750,000 of her personal wealth into the campaign. Ossoff wasn’t endorsed by the Communist Party USA, Roberta Wood, a board member at the organization, confirmed to The Associated Press. I will make government work for all the people it serves. Those numbers aren’t good for Ossoff, and fit with the grim narrative that he can’t beat the incumbent. Ossoff’s supporters include a dozen state legislators and several city and county politicians who touted his background as an investigative journalist and his unsuccessful campaign for Georgia’s 6th District in 2017. Interestingly, there was no polling of a matchup between Perdue and other Democrats, most notably former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. Teresa is the only candidate in the field who has won elections in Georgia. Ossoff, however, ultimately lost that contest. Ossoff was a high-school intern for Lewis and a staffer for Johnson. It grows increasingly likely that, given the fact that there are seven candidates in the race, Ossoff and Tomlinson will face each other in a runoff. Most telling is the support she’s drawn from across Georgia. Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won the endorsement Thursday of NARAL Pro-Choice, the influential abortion rights group, in their bids to unseat Republican Sens.

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