line current and phase current

With the above circuit, the line voltage is roughly 208 volts. Other countries use different colours. In this example, note that the line and phase power and current are the same, since each line conductor from a wye transformer is connected to a different transformer winding. With a database of over 10000 questions the library will remain available for an extended period. Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! The voltage appearing across any phase is termed a ‘phase voltage‘, and the current passing through any phase is termed a ‘phase current‘. Y-connected sources and loads always have line voltages greater than phase voltages, and line currents equal to phase currents. 2 on page C20). At this point, you can efficiently work with a transformer supplier to develop a good solution. Required fields are marked *, Often, for example, we will hear someone referring the three conductors which hang from a distribution line as ‘, It’s important to understand that these colours or letters are used to identify, It makes no sense whatsoever to refer to, for example, the. why and how? Keep in mind that this is one of the many ways to mix and match transformers to solve power quality problems. Having established that a Δ-connected three-phase voltage source will not burn itself to a crisp due to circulating currents, we turn to its practical use as a source of power in three-phase circuits. If the Y-connected source or load is balanced, the line voltage will be equal to the phase voltage times the square root of 3: However, the "Y" configuration is not the only valid one for connecting three-phase voltage source or load elements together.

The terminals of a three-phase source (generator or transformer) or of a three-phase load, to which line conductors are connected are termed ‘line terminals‘. Like!! magnitude of the voltage between neutral point (N) and red phase terminal (R) is VR. The voltage can be described as the line voltage (phase to neutral) or the phase voltage (phase to phase) which is larger by a factor of sqrt(3). of 3. in star system line current will equal to phase current and The phasor diagram is shown below: Hence, If we look at figure A, it is seen that the current is divided at every junction 1, 2 and 3. does not provide engineering advice. IN THE SYSTEM OF 3 PHASE STAR CONNECTIONS THERE IS A Im grateful for the blog. google_ad_slot = "5988909517"; Enter your email below to receive FREE informative articles on Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SCADA System: What is it? However, Y-connected sources can deliver the same amount of power with less line current than Δ-connected sources. All Rights Reserved. 3.

What is line current: The measure of current in one phase before the star or delta arrangement of the component is called line current (typically input current in motor or output current in the alternator). Note the four-fold increase in phase current when working with a delta/wye transformer. ‘Phases‘, on the other hand, are connected between any pair of line terminals. IN DELTA CONNECTIONS THERE IS NO NEUTRAL SO THE LINE Wye current and voltage calculations. The clipped peaks typical of saturated transformers cause excess heating in the loads. The current is simply the kVA divided by the voltage. Steven says: 9/1/2011 2:11 PM. Privacy Policy. 30 20 6. phase and neutral line.

Star or Delta are types of winding connections for 3 phase 1 above). Again, if you apply a load to that phase, then phase current results. This configuration of voltage sources is characterized by a common connection point joining one side of each source: If we draw a circuit showing each voltage source to be a coil of wire (alternator or transformer winding) and do some slight rearranging, the "Y" configuration becomes more obvious: The three conductors leading away from the voltage sources (windings) toward a load are typically called lines, while the windings themselves are typically called phases. Again, phase current, Iph of each phase is same as line current IL in star connected system. Line current is the current that is flowing from an AC supply and Phase current is the current that is flowing through each phase in the system.

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