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The username still exists, since it knows that it's associated with a deleted journal. If you can't find what you're looking for, open a support request and we'll get back to you.

If I do want something removed, I log in, scramble every bit of data I can, and. People quite often edit or delete their data accidentally, or temporarily — for example it is quite common to disable social media accounts temporarily to enforce a social media break — and it’s also common to be hacked and have your data deleted by the hacker. After digging through my email, I found a 10-year-old message from LiveJournal with a username wishing me a happy birthday.

Nor can you delete the memory of Stormy Daniels describing Donald Trump’s penis, though there is likely a support group you can join for that. To protect your privacy and prevent others from reading your emotional outpourings from ten years ago, delete your LiveJournal account.

While this is technically possible with hard drives and similar, in a way that it isn’t with literal paper, here’s what more likely actually happens: You update the entry, replacing it a Shakespearean play.

So what you’ve ended up with is a situation where floor 12, shelf 16 contains a Shakespearean play, floor 6, shelf 216 likely contains your original entry, and there are several backups around that almost certainly contain your original entry and are designed in such a way as to be found and restored relatively quickly.

Proceed to and log in to view your home screen. Here’s a loose analogy for the way that data on a site like Livejournal may be stored: There’s a journalling website. This post does not describe Google’s data deletion practices, in which I’m not an expert in any case; it’s a general description of easy, sometimes harmful, defaults that systems designers could fall into.

Delete your account. After a bit of stumbling, I found the lost info page and put in the email address that was in the HIBP alert. The participants in the study were aged 18 to 68, and that perception seemed consistent despite the age gaps. This was because the site suffered a massive data breach where all the passwords were stolen, so its management decided the best way to fix that was to remove all passwords and make people claim their accounts. Now I have a username, one that I know did exist. Social media is the gift that keeps on giving. It is important to keep a current email address on your account so you can always get these emails. Moving to Canada won’t save you from Trump. Perhaps they’re marked as available to be overwritten, to be reused whenever it seems sensible, but you won’t know when that is. However, there's been numerous times people have expressed concerns that they're effectively generating passwords on,, news broke of an alleged LiveJournal data breach, multiple reports of credential abuse against Dreamwith beginning in 2018, Data is not actually being removed, just marked deleted. The new version is written on entirely random empty paper (maybe blank, maybe where someone else’s deleted entry once was), and an index in a different part of the library is also updated.

Germany says Thai king cannot rule from there | Reuters, This is a moment of truth for rightwing populists – but don't celebrate yet | Boris Johnson | The Guardian, The People Who Prioritize a Friendship Over Romance - The Atlantic, We’re endlessly told why populism works. Update at the bottom, the password was retained.

The email linked to it was different, but given the age, it likely reused the same password.

The same goes for social media. Plus there are cats.

It's changed hands a few times since then and the (huge) userbase has been pretty upset about how the new owners in Russia, SUP, are running the show. Click the “Status” drop-down menu and select “Deleted.”. * Automatic Payments: If you delete a journal signed up for automatic payments, your payments are stopped. For online services you actively use and where you do trust the management enough to keep your account, ask for written descriptions of their data scrubbing practices to be developed for deleted data and deleted accounts, including deletion from backups and handling of disused hard drives. This may or may not be visible to you. All that said, it’s important to know that there are trade-offs in adding secure, permanent deletion.

LiveJournal moved their servers to Russia, Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, If you’re still maintaining a LiveJournal, your journal’s now in Russia, larch: migrating mail between IMAP accounts, Apple picking, Mayfarm Flowers, April 22 2019. Click to check the “Delete my comments in other journals and communities” and “Delete all community entries I have made” boxes. Enthusiastic data scubbing will actively harm you in all these cases. Unfortunately, this creates a huge stockpile of "toxic waste" that, when inevitably leaked, creates a virtual Superfund site.

What if there was an accident with fire or water or whiteout?

The new terms of service had to be agreed to before you were allowed to resume using the site, and included banning political writing, posts about “political convictions” and “any other actions contradictory to the laws of the Russian Federation”. There's a lot of talk about the LiveJournal breach going on right now.

The “overwrite with nonsense” strategy assumes that any journal entry you make is at a fixed location on a fixed bit of paper for all time. Too many organizations want to ingest everything they can, collect all the bits, and hold onto them forever. In January 2017, as people considered the implications of the server move to Russia, I saw a number of people hesitant to delete their accounts as they were hoping to overwrite their data on Livejournal before deleting, by, eg, replacing their entries with Shakespeare’s plays, or with random nonsense, so that Livejournal didn’t have the entry any more. Must contain at least 4 different characters.

Your LiveJournal account is canceled. This version adds some advanced options that allow you to add / delete / edit the metadata stored in Livejournal entries directly. If you choose to delete your Paid LiveJournal, you cannot transfer your paid time to another account or receive a refund. (And searching unindexed digital storage is a lot faster and cheaper than searching paper, so not one thousandth as determined or empowered as you need to be to search a library full of unindexed paper.).

If you want to delete comments and/or entries you left in other journals and communities, activate the corresponding checkboxes.

When it comes to your personal data, Facebook has everything.

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