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And don't miss our own podcast, Martinis & Murder! In the film, Lucy heads to the airport (in San Diego instead of Orlando) to confront Mark, not Erin. Lucy does not seem threatened by Erin until an awkward encounter reveals she and Mark are a romantic item. Lucy becomes obsessed with returning to space and becomes entangled in an affair with a handsome co-worker played by Jon Hamm. Mais c'est surtout la contemplation via une réalisation stylée, inventive avec des variations visuelles et des vues aériennes qui se démarque. Along the way, she experiences hallucinations of her grandmother and leaves emotionally erratic messages for NASA. Le film n'est sortie que dans une combinaison de 37 salles et n'a rapporté que 55 000$. inspiré de faits réels, le drame dune astronaute prete a tout pour retourner dans la navette.un film inoubliable ? It is honestly baffling to me. il serait scandaleux qu'il ne sorte pas en France!

Lucy follows Mark into the parking lot and is spotted by Erin, but instead of turning her anger towards Erin, she pepper-sprays Mark. The film is loosely inspired by the life of NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who was widely reported to have worn a diaper on a 14-hour cross country drive to confront the new flame of her former lover, becoming the first astronaut ever to be arrested. But even within that Hawley is careful to always make sure that this is a thoughtful character study where you might not understand exactly what she is going through, but you can empathize with her since you are so attuned to her perspective. CGU | Ms Portman's swagger, cougar gait and neurotic episodes were performed perfectly.

Upon returning to earth, we get to know her husband who also works at NASA. “But actually it’s part of an astronaut’s life. A month following the arrest, NASA dismissed Nowak and Oefelein. As the movie opens, Lucy is doing a space walk near the International Space Station, where the Shuttle has brought the astronauts. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. Tellement d’accord !

Not much is known about the exact nature of the real relationship between Nowak and William Oefelein. “It’s devastating for everybody, and when it’s friends, people that you know, it’s even harder,” Nowak told NASA in a pre-mission interview in 2006. ". When you do takeoff, and you have all that pressure pressing against your body, it presses against your bladder, too — and boom, everything goes out.

Nowak's attack sparked conversations about mental health in NASA. The real story of this was about a famale Navy captain who commited assault and battery,, attempted kidnapping as well as dozens of UCMJ violations, but STILL got to keep her retirement and received NO jail ttime.

C'est bien filmé, bien joué, l'ensemble est de très bonne facture. While it’s only loosely based on the events surrounding Nowak’s arrest, according to The Verge, there are many strong parallels. You’re gonna wet your pants, so it’s good to have a diaper on.”. Elle est restée célèbre, d'une part à cause de ses initiales, et d'autre part pour … The climax of Lucy in the Sky also involves the protagonist heading on an ill-fated interstate drive but with key differences from Nowak’s—mainly the exclusion of the headline-grabbing diapers. Movies ‘Lucy in the Sky’ review: Despite Natalie Portman, astronaut drama falls flat . Dressing up in a wig and wearing an adult diaper, she drove over 900 miles to confront the woman whom her ex-lover was seeing, a move that led to her dismissal from NASA shortly after her successful space mission.

Mouais.. sans Nathalie Portman et la vraie personnalité de la narration, ça ne vaudrait pas grand chose. Shipman drove away from the scene and alerted police, who found Nowak throwing her wig and BB–gun into a garbage can. Quand j’entends que le film a carrément été déprogrammé en France, ça me fout les jetons. Natalie Portman is able to so believably inhibit the role of the high achieving character who you believe she can seemingly do anything. Well, that wasn't the case for real life astronaut Lisa Nowak. There is always that fire behind her eyes and you can constantly see the gears moving behind the eyes. Skip this one in spite of good photography and acting.

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