marshall origin 20 vs vox ac15

If I’m wanting to use the “Clean” mode in Channel 1, I use an MXR Il Torino Overdrive (in boost mode) between the muff and the amp. It’s definitely on the Fender side of the scale but with enough compression and mids to place it somehwere between a Twin and modern Marshall. I dare you to try a fuzz face into a Deluxe Reverb or a Blues Deluxe that is being pushed into overdrive territory… into a Yamaha THR10X amp (A fantastic sounding “bedroom”amp!) Which VERSATILE amplifier would you combine with the list pedals? Only new Marshall’s break up early. The Shine Boost is bascially a transparent clean booster but you can flick a switch for adding a slight hump in the upper mids, much like a treble booster or, more accurately, how the Echo Plex pre-amp coloured your signal. You may end up either being happy or finding alternative useful expressions anyway. I’d like to buy a stratocaster and a wampler euphoria overdrive, to play on my marshall. The TS really needs a bit of dirt from the amp. I read that I need a transparent overdrive (like the euphoria) The tones that i’m after are Gdansk lead tones.

I have a Red Muck, Afro Fuzz, Disnortion and Wampler Dual Fusion.

I”ve always have a VOX 125 Climax which is a dark sounding amp that has onboard EQ and never really had a problem with Muff and the ultra- high gain Roland AD-50 Double beat.. The first pedals that emerged in the mid 60s and further into the 70s, like the Colorsound Powerboost, Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and EHX Big Muff, all had a typically mids scooped and uncompressed tone. Also, I am looking for the best Fuzz to use with my Twin and Tele.

I just bought the Laney CUB12r combo because of your recommendation. So for single coil pickups the pickup booster pedal shifts the resonance frequency from high frequency more to the middle to get a thicker tone. You might also want to check out stuff like the Buffalo FX Carrera or the Vick Audio Tree of Life.

that weren’t instant hits with me. It’s also about experience and being able to tell what you hear. Thanks! Your right on Keith, With the MXR and Tone Job can’t I compensate for any pairing issue with the Big Muff and the Fender? No worries,thanks! Different than your Bluesbreaker but I often set it up for a Plexi kind of tone and add a Distortion + or TS9 in front of it. Hi Bjorn! Hi Stefan, looks like you got a nice little setup there! I might have asked you this before;if I have,please accept my apology. Luca. What i would like to do is drive boosting Ram’s Head with it as shown in your article about Live in Gdansk settings. It sounds like a classic Marshall but a little more anaemic. I have to recommend the Bassbreaker series vs older designs - versatility and AMAZING sound tuning in their design. Very good points, Jesse. I’m a huge Pink Floyd/David Gilmour fan (obviously). Reading all this makes me realise that with them being all scooped mids which is probably why I have never been exactly happy with the end result. My latest failure was a Blackstar HT-Dual Overdrive. Where do you put the peavy classic 30? Still dreaming of a creamy smooth overdrive but with sparkly clear attacks.

I’d start with setting the amp up for a clean tone with a bit of bite. Im currently gigging with a mic’ed up 2006 Dr Z Maz 18. It was a unique opportunity. Would a deluxe Big Muff be useful for gilmourish tone used with the X3? How well these gain pedals[Vick pedals and Crayon] work with my amp-Blues Jr III- considering David’s Gdansk lead tones?

Depends on what sort of platform you need. I don’t have any experience with that amp, so I can’t really tell. – EHX Electric Mistress

Probably… depends on the model but yes, they have a bit of twang but the warmth of a PAF style humbucker. Contrary to popular opinion you can get a great singing type of clean sound out of a deluxe at band levels if you know how to set it up. I play a PRS Custom 24, through a Laney Lionheat Head and matcing Lionheat cabinet w/ Celestian G12H 70th. Just wanted to say I have both your Grey Granith Booster and the Persian Green Screamer in my pedal collection. Nice post! First, I play a mesa rectoverb. If the amp also uses the tweed-era split-load (aka cathodyne) phase inverter, you know you're really in tweed Deluxe territory. Vil gjerne ha delay og overdrive/distortion pedaler, evt er reverben Keeley Nocturner ogsÃ¥ aktuell. the Patriot and the Buffalo Power Booster which now really shine), both the Buffalo Evolution and the Wampler Plexi Drive did not. It’s not wrong but different. The amp can handle most pedals but mid rangy pedals seems to work best. Still, there’s one thing that comes a bit in contradiction: what do you think about zakk wylde putting a SD-1 (almost like Ts 9, has a lot of mids) in front of his JCM 800 amp heads at the beginning of the 90’s!!!!???? Which category would you place it? I have had more luck with an OCD style pedal for overdrive, but best of all has been a clean boost pedal into the front end. Thanks! I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for aesthetics, I don't care if it's shallow. I believe it has a Schecter super rock bridge pickup ( humbucker ) and schecter monster tone pickups for the middle and bridge. According to you, which model would be the most appropriate with my gear.

You can very well use a Tube Screamer or Rat with a Marshall. Tubes are 3 12 ax7 (preamp) end 2x EL84 for 15 watts. Any recommendations along those lines?

on Google+. Again, sorry for my late reply. I have a 1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard with “The Original” circuit board (Bill Lawrence) pickups still fitted. So I’m a bit lost….. once fitted with JJ electronics tubes, in which catergory will the Laney Cub head belong?

Having a TD, or quality clone, in the chain is absolutely key. Beautiful city/old town :)

Yes, given the right amp that’s a killer combo :). Does the Laney Lionheart need the upper mid ranges? If a Marshall, the Goodsell shuld sound much smoother and pop out more compared to the Princeton. The new amp is a recent Marshall 2245THW and I had a custom made Mather 2X12 open back cab made that is loaded with cream back Celestions with an M & H for a crossover flavor and the combo is killer for a luscious sounding base tone overall but even at 30 watts this amp is pretty damn clean overall and the only pedals I’ve found that it loves is a JH-1 silicon fuzz face and an older wampler plexidrive that works moderately well. Depends on what tones you need. So, you can roll off the mids on a Marshall and pair that with a Rat but you’ll have a hard time getting smooth tones with a Muff and Twin. I’m sure it’s worth checking out. Based on a lot of what I have read on your site and some youtube reviews etc I am now the proud owner of a Laney L5T and LT112 CAB ( as of yesterday! )

It is pretty dynamic but it is smooth too. I know that my response will not please those who are more purist about hardware … But … After years of pedals of all kinds and switchers (that need to be adjusted for every song or style that we want to play every moment) I would not fail to consider a Line 6’s Helix pedalboard with its embedded Yamaha-based amps and pedal emulations (and 04 extra “send-returns” to our favorite pedals). I run a fender bassbreaker 15 dry with a modded peavy classic 30 wet (the mod has made the amp way more clear and crisp but still with a fairly pronounced mid range which I believe is reminiscent of older tweed amps). Will a Rat go well with that amp? Thank you Bjorn.

The Soothsayer though with a boost on the end sounds really good. What I can say is that Orange, like Marshall, although they’re not identical, are great pedal platforms. I’m using a bugera v22 head what overdrive an distortion pedals would you recommend.

Or my particular Marshall (VS100). mostly because of the plexi picture .

I figured a few things out after using an OCD klone and a tubescreamer klone.

Amps and pedals have different voicings and the manufacturer often state whether it’s scooped or if it has a mids hump. I’m planning to run the amp just before the point of breakup, which is unfortunately still too loud for home (but perfect for gigs). the thing with most Marshalls, they distort at lower volume so it’s easier to drive it.

Maybe they do now. Thank you. When I read your post I immediately recognized my own experience at various times in it.

Nothing is out of bounds. I’m not familiar with the Goodsell so I can’t really comment on that. Given that you are pretty familiar with most of the gear I am using, do you think that the kind of tone you have on the 73 Ram’s Head should be achievable with what I have?

The vintage modern has really awesome les paul crunch and lead sounds but I dont feel like it sounds "vintage" but rather quite modern.

Do you mean that the Clean channel is midscooped (Like Vox / fender bassman ), and the overdriven channel mids-boosted? Lots of people do. Lots of mids and very easy with pedals.

Or a good transparent drive like an Fairfield circuit barbershop? Can ya help?

I don’t have the budget for a Cali 76 unfortunately ? The MojoMojo is kind of a beefed up Tube Screamer. These should be able to cover most of the tones and fit your amp. One of the 3 knob ones. The Marshall can handle pretty much anything but you need to be careful with the headroom. Yes but it wont’ sound as smooth and compressed as with a Hiwatt. The Hiwatt has lots of mid range and moderate compression, while the Twin has little mids and compression.


I have a large 100 watt Peavey 6505 tube amp with Orange 4×12 cab but cannot use it on loud setting due to living in an apartment. It’s got a bit of mid range, but considerably less than a Tube Screamer. Hi Bjorn !

I think it would best with the Marshall. Thanks Bjorn, For the purpose of understanding the basics, this article is excellent. The fact that he also plays insanely loud, will create tube and speaker compression. Hi I’ve got an epiphone les Paul and a Vox ac30. Hi Dave! Can do get these two types of sounds? Would it be better to place it last pre-amp or 1st post-amp or is where I have it where the best spot for most effective use? There are different sounding Mesa amps but they’re mostly scooped… or more scooped than Marshall anyway. So having in mind the way that you categorized the pedals ), I know that the musician makes the music, not the gear, and for sure I have a big learning curve not just with amps and pedals in general but also with solo/lead as my mostly entirely acoustic experience to this point has taught me decent rhythms/chords/finger picking but lead is a different kettle of fish I’m finding…, Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge and love of music with us all. I recently read on your site that on his “Animals” pedal board Gilmour eventually had both a MXR Phase 90 and a Electro Harmonix Small Stone. And yes, spedning time learning the potential of the gear you have, is crucial for achieving the tones you want. I run a dod 250 as a boost. Both I would say.

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