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Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP is a federally-funded program that helps low-income households with their energy bills. Do not reuse text or graphics without written permission. You may cancel Auto Pay at any time at no charge, simply by clicking the "Cancel" link found on the top of this page on the website or by contacting Customer Service. Pearl River Valley Opportunity, © 2019 Southern Company. You will have the opportunity to pay your outstanding balance as part of the Auto Pay enrollment process. Office. Products & Services. © 2019 Southern Company. Here are some of the agencies in the Mississippi Power area: Pay in a Mississippi Power office or more than 1,500 authorized payment locations close to where you live, work and shop. View billing & payment options. The federal government administers the SSI program through the Social Security Administration and even though the Social Security Administration runs the program, SSI is a separate program from Social Security. Jackson County Civic Action You will continue to receive your bill as you normally do, but instead of "Please Pay By" being displayed on the bill, we will print the date when your bank account will be drafted for the amount of your bill. All rights reserved.

Do not reuse text or graphics without written permission. You can now pay your power bill at Walmart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walgreens and more. Terms and Conditions Accepted forms of currency: Last Logged In: {{impersonate.ImpersonatedDatean}} {{impersonate.ImpersonatedDateandTime}} Status: {{impersonate.ImpersonatedAccountStatus}} Mississippi Power's Bill Extender program is designed for the primary residence of residential customers. Applicable fees may apply if you do not meet the five business day minimum for stopping a payment. Visit our Storm Center to prepare for storm season. Browse our options and find information about what might be causing high bills, as well … Find out how Electronic Data Interchange can streamline your business transaction process. TANF has replaced the former Aid For Dependent Children (AFDC) program. We are attuned to our customers and we care about each of them — especially those who have the greatest challenges. Payment Locations. Watch this video to see how we have worked diligently to strengthen and enhance our grid to improve our ability to restore power safely and more efficiently. Phone. Please read the message on your bill or the website for the exact date your bill amount will be deducted from your bank account. The customer will be directed to a representative, who will set an appointment for the customer to provide documentation to determine the level of need. Any Mississippi Power customer with a demonstrated financial need may be eligible to apply for Project SHARE by simply calling toll-free number 855-847-0555 to speak with a representative from Catholic Charities.

| Privacy Statement We provide a number of bill payment options for our business customers. Pay your bill by using BillMatrix, an automated payment service not associated with Mississippi Power. To find out if you qualify, complete the online pre-application found at virtualroma.mdhs.ms.gov. LIHEAP is a federally-funded program that helps low-income households with their energy bills. Pay in a Mississippi Power office or more than 1,500 authorized payment locations close to where you live, work and shop. Electric Vehicles. In addition, for as little as a dollar a month, you can help a neighbor in need. Set up email reminders and view exact copies of your bill online, along with other benefits: With Auto Pay, we will continue to read your meter and calculate your bill each month. Local Community Action Agencies Authorized payment locations are a convenient way to pay your bill at a time and place fits your schedule.

The program is most beneficial for customers who receive a paycheck once a month, typically on the 1st or the 3rd. Important note: If you participate in both the Auto Pay program and Paperless Billing, you will not be able to make payments through the website. Eligible customers may receive up to $300 annually in assistance. Bill Extender allows an extended due date, being the 5th of each month.

See how we can help make your home more energy efficient. A low transaction fee of $1.50 will be required. Yes. Power Outages & Storm Center. Terms and Conditions Call any of EMEPA's offices to make a payment by phone using a credit or debit card. Your account number and a valid debit or credit card are required. Yes, customers enrolled in Paperless Billing or Budget Billing may also enroll in Auto Pay. You can enroll in Project SHARE and have your designated contribution be added to your electric bill. All rights reserved. | Contact Us.

Smart savings and solutions for every home. Checks and credit cards are not accepted at any authorized payment locations. All of your donated dollars go to work in your communities. If you are currently a recipient of SSI or TANF, you may be eligible for a daily discount on your electric service bill. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal income maintenance program that provides monthly payments to aged, blind and/or disabled persons who have little or no income and/or resources. | Contact Us. Once the pre-application is submitted, information on services you may qualify for will appear on the screen.

For more information, inquire at your local Mississippi Power customer service office or call our Customer Care Center at 800-532-1502. For more information, call our Customer Care Center at 800-532-1502. Some locations require you to provide a bar code, while others require you to provide your account number.

Email Address (Optional) This email address is used to send you notifications about the processing of your payment(s).

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