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So we sat in the only restaurant in the airport, and I ate the most delicious borscht of my life as an airport cat curled himself around my legs hoping to shame me into sharing. Trip (50.4 km) Route Directions: Nakhchivan » Iran-Nakhijevan Border. One is available which provides satellite imagery on the road map from Nakhchivan to Iran-Nakhijevan Border. City buses do have numbers written on them and stop relatively frequent. Later that afternoon, we hired a taxi to take us out to Alinja, wait for us, and drive us back for 45 manat (a bit more than 20 euro). There aren’t a lot of places to stay in Nakhchivan, which made the choice exceedingly easy! There are hourly minibuses from Nakhchivan to Culfa which will also drop you near the border control post near the Iranian border. And so we did just that, forking over 10 manat to cover the minimum of 10 people who need to sign up in order to have the sightseeing train run around the city for about an hour and a half. She’s happiest when climbing things, snuggling any animal who will let her, and eating improbably large amounts of food. 23dollars for 2 for lunch is reasonable price in America maybe. Copyright 2019 - Eternal Arrival. They do let in people with Nakhichevan stamps, contrary to what you might here. But one thing is certain: Nakhchivan is worth a visit in the here and now, in its complications and in its beauty. The following day we arrived at the airport and were told we had to stop by the security desk for them to check our passports – a fun little extra step for foreigners, it seems. Read my privacy policy and disclaimer here. The national language is Azeri; Turkish and Russian are also widely understood. Luckily, my disappointment in the “castle ruins” themselves was outweighed by the sumptuousness of the Nakhchivani landscape around me. I snapped a few photos of the Khan’s house and walked to the other end of the park in search of something to eat. I just showed up. Needless to say, TripAdvisor has no Nakhchivan top 10. Minibuses depart from the tiny bus station in front of the airport, just across the parking lot. Apparently, you can stay at the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center with a note from your doctor, and it can even cure asthma and other bronchial diseases. The lunch buffets were good, but our a la carte dinner was less impressive (though not quite bad  per se – just thoroughly mediocre). Yes, that is one theory – you could well be right on that. The mausoleum of Momina Khatun is tall and rather impressive, a monument to honor a 12th-century noblewoman who passed. I felt that even more acutely when our credit cards were declined (a common occurrence when using an American card in Azerbaijan) and we had to go back through the metal detectors to withdraw some manat from the ATM. We will be arriving in Baku on different days but we decided to discuss about going to Nakhchivan once we meet in person in Baku. The power plugs don’t appear to work anywhere but the bathroom, nor is there WiFi. Just follow basic etiquette rules (take off your shoes, don’t speak loudly, etc.) Amazing to find such detailed travel advice for this part of the world. Well, I hate to burst Bulgaria’s petal-scented bubble, but Azerbaijan — and Nakhchivan in particular — could wrestle it for the title. so I guess you better disregard everything I wrote and try to figure it out on your own, since I’m apparently not a traveler, simply because I’m an American who is not a stingy asshole? In Nakchivan it's about US $0.75/liter. This travel guide page was last edited at 19:49, on 26 June 2020 by Wikivoyage user. Besides the mosque, we visited the Qeyyseriye, a historic building (I never quite understood the purpose of it) dating back to the 1600s, which is now an ethnography museum. You can book a flight on the AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines) website in English,, by using your credit card. I live in Bulgaria, a country that proudly calls itself the Land of Roses. If you are arriving from Baku there is a passport check for foreigners. Beware of officials when taking photographs. Great to hear! Hi, thanks for writing about your trip to Nakhchivan! It’s located across the street from the Cuma Mosque and is worth a brief visit, if only to please the women who work there who will insist you sign their guestbook. We purchased our tickets back to Baku at a small ticket sales office in town, the same 70 manat it cost to get there. And frankly, if you can afford to travel and eat out at restaurants, you can afford to pay a little more rather than constantly expecting people to give you a discount. Coz I will be traveling on a budget since I will be doing Azerbaijan-Georgia-Armenia in one trip. I had a much better time going during the co-ed hours, so if you don’t mind sharing rooms with people of other genders, I suggest going then. 2 days is enough to see Nakchivan & Alinja on one day and then Batabat, Qarabaglar, and Duzdag OR Ordubad on another day. We had spent the day of our flight driving through the outskirts of Baku, through oil fields which had torn up a landscape, leaving it pockmarked and brutalized. If you don't find the bus with your destination, you can ask around . However, I mostly wanted to go for bragging rights – to say that I visited a strange, little-known exclave that sees tourism as an oddity, not a reality. See the flight distance from Nakhchivan to Iran-Nakhijevan Border. The Tourist information Centre, in the brown domed building (historically a madrasa) opposite the Tabriz Hotel, can offer advice on what to see and gives free guides and maps. Nakhchivan’s population has stagnated due to its geographic and economic isolation, much of its population moving to Turkey. Additionally areas of Iran-Nakhijevan Border might be highly elevated which can make it more difficult to drive there... How elevated? Did you need to book ahead of time to visit, or is it just possible to show up? I consider 25 euros for an hour massage in a 4* hotel a good price for me. Whereas the mausoleums are tiled and calligraphy-ed to ornate levels, the mosques are almost nondescript on the outside. 70 manat and 20 minutes later, we each brandished a ticket voucher for a flight to Nakhchivan in four days’ time. Need more details on the distances between these two locations? The road to Ordubad is one of the most spectacular in Nakhchivan – the drive alone warrants the trip. It’s only about 20 minutes from the border into the city. The exclave has a short border with Turkey in Sədərək which allows an easy link to the city of Iğdır. I respect people’s time. I would say that it is safe for solo travelers, it just may get a bit expensive as it’s hard to just join a group tour or something; we ended up having to hire taxis to take us around the whole time. I really hope to be able to go there next year and reading this definitely has me wanting to go even more! Drivers as well as other passengers are extremely helpful and will go out of their way to help you find the right minibus for you, sometimes by calling an English speaking friend who will translate for you. We dropped off our bags (after our tiny paper was examined) and then made our way to baggage control. Speaking little Russian and virtually no Azeri, traveling in a region that sees so few tourists, I was surprised by how easy it actually ended up being to see Nakhchivan. The streets were often so empty that I almost felt like I was walking around jet-lagged abnormally early, despite being the sun directly overhead in the sky. Need more details on the distances between these two locations? Airfare prices are different for foreigners than for Azeris. Turns out that Duzdag is not some relic of the past but an active part of today’s Nakhchivan. He wasn’t wrong: it was actually quite pleasant to walk down without shoes. – I find that behavior disgusting and entitled. I’m so glad you found this post helpful. The Bus driver will ask the passengers when he drives into Culfa, where they want to be dropped off. I tried searching for flight online from Baku to Nakhchivan but can’t find one. If you are foreign you will be asked for the purpose of your visit. Nakhchivan sees huge potential for itself in the areas of religious tourism and health/wellness tourism, and Duzdag is the jewel in the crown of that vision. Fast forward to departure day, after our legs had clocked several miles around Baku and our cameras had logged thousands of photos, we got to the airport early – we had been told to arrive two hours and 20 minutes before our flight. So I was almost disappointed when boarding for the plane led me to a giant jet bridge (a foreign concept to me after so many times being bussed to the airplane when flying budget airlines, one of my biggest travel annoyances), which led in turn to a giant jet plane. Even in 30 minutes, I was breathing better for days to come. Speaking in English to my friend Stephanie, we garnered a few glances, and my curious seatmate tried to ask me a few questions. While the mausoleums and its tenuous connection to Noah are what Nakhchivan is most known for, another important Islamic pilgrimage site is the Ashabi-Kahf caves, which were mentioned in the Qu’ran and are now a popular tourist destination in Nakhchivan.

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