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The directories that the .NET examples are installed to depend on the version of the driver, the version of Visual Studio or the .NET Framework supported by the example, the version of Measurement Studio installed, and the operating system. St. Louis, MO 63102,, Fixed-Weighted Price Indexes for Gross National Product, 1982 Weights, Changes in Gross National Product, Personal Consumption Expenditures, and Related Price Measures, Gross National Product by Major Type of Product, Gross National Product by Major Type of Product in 1982 Dollars, Gross National Product by Sector in 1982 Dollars, Gross National Product by Industry in 1982 Dollars, Gross Domestic Product of Nonfinancial Corporate Business, Output, Cost, and Profits of Nonfinanacial Corporate Business, Personal Consumption Expenditures in 1982 Dollars, Gross and Net Private Domestic Investment, Gross and Net Private Domestic Investment in 1982 Dollars, Inventories and Final Sales of Business in 1982 Dollars, Foreign Transactions in the National Income and Product Accounts, Exports and Imports of Goods and Services in 1982 Dollars, Relation of Gross National Product, Net National Product, and National Income, Relation of National Income and Personal Income, Total and Per Capita Disposable Personal Income and Personal Consumption Expenditures, in Current and 1982 Dollars, Number and Median Income (in 1988 Dollars) of Families and Persons, and Poverty Status, by Race, Civilian Employment and Unemployment by Sex and Age, Civilian Employment by Demographic Characteristic, Unemployment, by Demographic Characteristic, Labor Force Participation Rate and Employment / Population Ratio, Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate by Demographic Characteristics, Civilian Employment/Population Ratio by Demographic Characteristics, Civilian Unemployment Rate by Demographic Characteristic, Employees on Nonagricultural Payrolls, by Major Industry, Average Weekly Hours and Hourly and Weekly Earnings in Private Nonagricultural Industries, Productivity and Related Data, Business Sector, Changes in Productivity and Related Data, Business Sector, Industrial Production Indexes, Major Industry Divisions, Industrial Production Indexes, Market Groupings, Industrial Production Indexes, Selected Manufactures, Business Expenditures on New Plant and Equipment, Manufacturing and Trade Sales and Inventories, Consumer Price Indexes, Major Expenditure Classes, Consumer Price Indexes, Selected Expenditure Classes, Consumer Price Indexes for Commodities, Services, and Special Groups, Changes in Special Consumer Price Indexes, Changes in Consumer Price Indexes, Commodities and Services, Producer Price Indexes, by Stage of Processing, Producer Price Indexes, by Stage of Processing, Special Groups, Producer Price Indexes for Major Commodity Groups, Changes in Producer Price Indexes for Finished Goods, Money Stock, Liquid Assets, and Debt Measures, Components of Money Stock Measures and Liquid Assets, Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institutions and Monetary Base, Total Funds Raised in Credit Markets by Nonfinancial Sectors, Mortgage Debt Outstanding, by Type of Property and of Financing, Federal Receipts, Outlays, Surplus or Deficit, and Debt, Relation of Federal Government Receipts and Expenditures in the National Income and Product Accounts to the Budget, Federal and State and Local Government Receipts and Expenditures, National Income and Product Accounts, Federal and State and Local Government Receipts and Expenditures, National Income and Product Accounts, by Major Type, Federal Government Receipts and Expenditures, National Income, and Product Accounts, State and Local Government Receipts and Expenditures, National Income and Product Accounts, State and Local Government Revenues and Expenditures, Interest-Bearing Public Debt Securities by Kind of Obligation, Maturity Distribution and Average Length of Marketable Interest-Bearing Debt Securities Held, by Private Investors, Estimated Ownership of Public Debt Securities, by Private Investors, Corporate Profits With Inventory Valuation Adjustment and Capital Consumption Adjustments, Corporate Profits of Manufacturing Industries, Sales, Profits, and Stockholders' Equity, all Manufacturing Corporations, Relation of Profits After Taxes to Stockholders' Equity and to Sales, All Manufacturing Corporations, Sources and Uses of Funds, Nonfarm Nonfinancial Corporate Business, Indexes of Prices Received and Prices Paid by Farmers, U.S. Exports and Imports of Agricultural Commodities, International Investment Position of the United States at Year-End, U.S. National Income Accounting Identities! Home in Once international trade is introduced, there may also occur saving in the foreign trade sector. Welcome to! We refer to national income and national output interchangeably. In this imaginary economy, we symbolize GNP by Y. GNP has two elements in this simplified two-sector economy: (since G = O, and net export [X – M] = 0). Refer to your Windows operating system for the navigation path. Gross Domestic Product, Gross Domestic Income, and Other Major NIPA Aggregates: Quarterly Further, the government, like individuals, can also save. > Browse by Title > Economic Report of the President, Download (pdf) Now, we can combine identities (8.1) and (8.2).

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