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Copy your submission to a CD and send it to DHSEM or send it as an email attachment to We do not require E-Plan submissions.

These lists should be used as a reference tool, not as a definitive source of compliance information.

Facilities must provide payment with the submittal determined by the following table. The filing deadline is on or before March 1st of each year for the reporting period of the previous calendar year as established by both Federal and State laws [74-4E-5A.(3)]. For Curry County businesses and facilities, this means you must respond to the Tier II request letter NLT March 1st, by either filing the required Tier II reports, or by filing a negative report using the form provided with the letter. NM Statute, Chapter 74, Article 4E, Section 74-4E-9 provides for penalties for failure to file or pay fees. Box 2711Santa Fe, NM 87502, Powered by Real Time Solutions - Website Design & Document Management, Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management. EPA’s Substance Registry Services (SRS) database can be used to search for a specific chemical name or Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) registry number.

Toxic chemical release reporting under EPCRA section 313 (40 CFR Part 372) Hazardous substances release notification under CERCLA sections 102-103 (40 CFR Part 302) Accidental release prevention requirements under CAA 112(r) (40 CFR Part 68) Formats. The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) establishes requirements for Federal, State and local governments, Indian Tribes and industry regarding emergency planning and "Community Right-to Know" reporting … New Mexico through the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has instituted a single-point submission process for Tier II reporting. …

If the total amount exceeds $250, then your payment will be exactly $250. Even if the facility closed in the past year, Tier II information must still be completed for that part of the year it was active.

Facilities are not required to provide the same report to the local emergency planning committee (LEPC) or the local fire department unless those agencies maintain local reporting requirements. Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act (CAA).

Santa Fe, NM 87508 (Phone) 505-476-9600, Mailing Address: P.O.

Toxic Release Inventory / Tier I & II Reporting. A list of EHSs and their TPQs can be found at 40 CFR 355, Appendix A. This tutorial provides a primer on how to fill out your Tier II form using EPA's Tier2 Submit™ software. The state office may be reached at 505-476-9681. If you have additional questions on the Tier2 Submit software, please contact the RMP Reporting Center at: or at (703) 227-7650. READ CAREFULLY. Step 3. Please check with your LEPC and fire department to determine if they require direct Tier II reporting to their agency. Instructions for how to fill out the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Tier II form. If we cannot match your check to the Facility Name on the Tier II Report, your payment will not be processed and your submittal will be considered late. The State of New Mexico will start accepting Tier II Reports January 1, 2019. Santa Fe, NM 87508 (Phone) 505-476-9600.

Facilities are encouraged to use the Online NDEQ Tier II System to submit the information. NOTE: Do not send a .zip file, I will only except the .t2s file generated by the TierIISubmit program. New Mexico Tier II Reporting Requirements.

The EPA has compiled a “List of Lists” which provides a consolidated list of chemicals that are subject to EPCRA Tier II reporting along with their Threshold Planning Quantities (TPQ). There are four types of Tier II reports that can be created through the Tier II Online Reporting System: Annual Report-Every owner/operator is required by statute to submit an annual Tier II Account Report for all their Facilities that store Tier II reportable chemicals.These Annual Reports are currently submitted between January 1st and March 1st. Facilities must submit their Tier II Report by creating an electronic submission using the EPA program Tier 2 Submit. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. Appendix F: CERCLA hazardous substance chemical categories. If you need to check the amount of your fee, please call the Hazmat Coordinator.

Facility owners/operators are required to submit their Tier II report(s) to the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Emergency planning notification under EPCRA section 302 (40 CFR Part 355), Emergency release notification under EPCRA section 304 (40 CFR Part 355), Toxic chemical release reporting under EPCRA section 313 (40 CFR Part 372), Hazardous substances release notification under CERCLA sections 102-103 (40 CFR Part 302), Accidental release prevention requirements under CAA 112(r) (40 CFR Part 68).

The State of New Mexico will start accepting Tier II Reports January 1, 2019.

Government agencies (local, state, and federal) are exempt from fees. Contractors who file Tier II Report on behalf of governmental entity site are also exempt.

Tier II Report must be submitted in electronic format (.t2s), we do not accept paper copies of the Tier II Form. The …

Do not overpay! All appendices appear in the PDF version of the List of Lists. Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management 13 Bataan Blvd. Mississippi requires the use of E-Plan for all Tier II related reporting, The State of Mississippi does not accept Tier II reports via email or postal mail.

See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more. Enter your facility inventory in the database or import your facility inventory from last year. MISSOURI EMERGENCY RESPONSE COMMISSION 2302 Militia Drive PO Box 3133 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Phone: 800-780-1014 Fax: (573) 526-9261 The cover letter is mandatory. Box 2711 Santa Fe, NM 87502

Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem.

It provides the regulations and statutes applicable to the chemical. The payment must be in the form of check or money order. Make checks payable to NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. New to North Dakota Online Services? Please refer to the following requirements in the appropriate part of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR): The List of Lists is available in the following formats: Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), Microsoft Excel version of EPCRA/CERCLA/CAA §112(r) Consolidated List of Lists - August 2020.

Those who cannot find or did not receive this information can contact the NDEQ Tier II representative at (402) 471-2186. Read through the FAQ. Instructions for the EPCRA Tier II Form (PDF) (12 pp, 206 K, June 2017)

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), and. Step 1. Tier II Administration: New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management State Emergency Response Commission Hazardous Materials Program P.O.

All Tier II related reports must be uploaded electronically to the E-Plan website at the link below:

Fines may apply ($5,000) if you do not provide timely payment.

Benefits of North Dakota Login. For feedback on our website, please e-mail DHSEM-Webmaster.

Use only 2018 Tier 2 Submit Software

NOTICE: PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO FILE Quote: “After July 1, 1990, any facility owner or operator who knowingly, willfully, and intentionally fails to file any notice, form or report or to pay any fee required by the Hazardous Chemicals Information Act [74-4E-1 to 74-4E-9 NMSA 1978] shall pay a civil penalty no greater than five thousand dollars ($5,000) for each violation…” Unquote. Step 2.

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The Department will not issue a refund of your overpayment. Overpayments will not be returned or refunded.

Your submission must be in .t2s format. To avoid penalty, if you are going to be late in filing, contact both this LEPC and the State OEM. TIER II INFORMATION: Tier II reports are due annually.

You need to calculate your fee and make the payment on time before March 1, 2019. “Create Submission” (from the “File” menu), and save it for your records. After we receive your submission, the administrator will validate your data, and if needed will contact you to revise your submission if it doesn’t meet our requirements or the intent of Tier II Reporting. SRS can also be searched by a specific regulatory list and shows all the chemicals on that particular list.

The TPQ is the amount of chemical kept on-site above which you must file a Tier II. OUR PROCEDURE HAS CHANGED. Mailing Address: P.O. This is interpreted by the NM Office of Emergency Management to mean per agency (LEPC, Fire Department, and the State). The deadline for the annual 2018 TIER II Reporting is March 1, 2019..

Step 4. This site is intended to provide users with information and resource links to understand the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), Federal Tier II reporting and provide helpful links in connection with hazardous material data. Regulatory lists include those managed by EPA and other federal agencies and states.

The List of Lists is a consolidated list of chemicals subject to: It was prepared to help facilities handling chemicals determine, for a specific chemical, whether they may be subject to certain reporting requirements. The Department will not give credits for E-Plan submission or payment. Box 27111 (Mail) 13 Bataan Blvd.

Your assistance is critical to aiding law enforcement and public safety officials who are working to keep New Mexico, your local community and our country safe. The State of New Mexico does not send invoices. United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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