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These features allow the boat to paddle backward as easily as forward. The only downside was the price, the only reason I gave it a 9- but I feel confident I'll have this boat for 25 years, and sometimes in life, you get what you pay for. The boat can be turned quickly in any direction. Since 1984, we’ve gone out of our way to continue the tradition so future generations of paddlers can enjoy this icon of Canadian history. Very comfortable portage yoke and the handling of the canoe is excelent. He can still handle the Prospector and the grandkids love to go paddling with Papa! Nova Craft is very responsive and we currently are planning on receiving a shipment about every six weeks. Which is why I have one and why it's on my SUV. Shown in Aramid. After a while longer, I sold the Fisherman - which I had thought I would never do. It has good initial stability, and the secondary stability is great! While the canoe was very stable due to its larger than normal width, the hull shape was optimized for performance resulting in a canoe that was remarkably fast. Our version of this venerable craft is faithful to the original. Our boat was manufactured in 2017 and weighs 61 lbs. I feel that it rides smoother through the choppy waves and more efficiently than my flat bottomed pathfinder, and feels more rigid. This canoe was preceded (in my fleet) by an Old Town Camper, Wenonah Fisherman, and Old Town Penobscot. Instead, we attach bridles to the bow and stern seats as described by Garrett Conover in “Beyond the Paddle”. Nova Craft is probably the best Canadian canoe maker and is upping its profile in the US canoe market, and runs with Mad River and Wenonah. Its shorter length and minimal rocker give this canoe a good balance of tracking and turning characteristics. I'd give up every other criteria in order to be able to turn because it just feels unsafe. Great all around tandem tripping boat. This year, August 2016, I removed all the woodwork for Tung Oiling and repair of the split inwales I also removed the bow and stern wooden carrying handles. These boats have narrower ends, narrower floors and softer bilges than the Nova Craft Prospector line. The Nova-Craft seat drops are more substantial than those that came on my Old Town canoes though, being heavier rectangular stock rather than simple round dowels. Even fully loaded it remains responsive and sideslips with ease. I have also owned the 17 ft Prospector but like the 16 ft better because it is as much fun solo as it is tandem. Extra weight in the Prospector 16 often improves its performance. This boat is probably the closest your going to get to the perfect boat it tracks well even in wind but you have to kneel on the front thwart in big winds unless you have gear in it. Great boat! This boat does not let me down in any aspect. My wife and I love it. My only complaint is it is a bit slow. I purchased my Nova Craft Prospector 16 early this spring, in a new material called Blue Steel, which is a laminate consisting of Spectra cloth (which is stronger and lighter than Kevlar) Carbon Fibre and Kevlar, it is suppose to be about the toughest laminate on the market, (I'm yet to prove this) but has stood up very well. Nova Craft is also very responsive to individual customizations. The extra wide yoke and spine notch make it extremely comfortable to carry, as I found myself needing to carry this boat up hill about 100 yards. It provides descriptions of the full Nova Craft line, including the Prospector, Recreational, Cruiser, Outfitter and Whitewater series. Only downer is the stupid rope pulls in the bow and stern. At 85lbs it is about half my body weight but learning how to pick a canoe up solo properly and building that muscle memory is the important part. It is ideally suited as a tandem day-tripper yet large enough for a weekend canoe trip. We still have a 17' Grumman but it's way to big and heavy to go on the boat. As the years passed and the reputation of our quality designs and workmanship quickly spread, the company naturally began to grow. 16 ft. handles like a dream running the southern mt. The Prospector tuff exp. rivers, Love the weight & material. It is very easy to portage, and the lighter weight really made a difference when loading this boat solo over my head. I consider them both to be among the better, if not the best, all-around Royalex canoes - with each leaning slightly to opposite ends of the spectrum but considerable overlapping in their range of suitability. Nova Craft has designed some good hulls, including the hi-tech Retro Chestnuts, Bob Special and Prospector, and makes a good fit and finish boat. Light weight (52 lbs). I’m enjoying the prospect of using it on tougher water, but mostly, I’m ferrying around family members on short excursions up tributary creeks and around small lakes nearby. Dan, since outfitting a boat properly can really affect it's usefulness, would you mind sharing what you did to outfit your boat with the Mike Yee components? This canoe is tough too, and will take a beating and still work like a million bucks. A whitewater canoe was gonna work me over, big time. The Royalex Lite is a nice compromise for those who want Royalex's durability but not its heavy weight. We have spent more time trying to repair the gel coat than actually canoeing. Slips and ferrys with ease. It was surprisingly easy. While the Camper was a better boat for extremely shallow water (better than anything, probably), the Prospector is much more versatile and shames the Camper with it's secondary stability. We definitely recommend the Prospector and Nova Craft. Nova Craft Canoes are here at Newbury Kayak and Canoe! Description Nova Craft's classic design from the Chestnut Canoe Co. was a favorite of Bill Mason. I also have paddled it solo(Bill Mason stile) and from the bow seat while fishing and it was great.We took it down a nice strech of white water and the boat stayed nice and dry inside.I have owned canoes for the past 30 years and so far I like this one the best. She paddles with grace and ease. The only drawback to this beautiful canoe being its delicate nature. I have done some cl2 water solo with paddle and with pole, and find it well-suited for that. So - if you plan to spend most of your time on moving rivers cl1+ to at least cl2 (and probably a bit higher) the NC Prospector is easily up to the task. The Trapper combines the enjoyment of a stable fishing platform with the benefits of a small and light craft for portaging into small productive lakes. They have a wide variety of materials, colors and trim options in the catalog. It's stable yet responsive. It is much faster and a more stable than the Fisherman, although more effected by the wind - and pretty much makes up for the lack of comparable maneuverability when leaned aggressively for tight turns (which is easy, due to the wonderful secondary stability of the Prospector). My prospector is a royalex, and weighs about 67 pounds. Simply put it is like the Jeep of the canoe world, agile, maneuverable, and able to go anywhere it is pointed. I just purchased my prospector 16' r light a few weeks ago and I absolutely love this boat, I test paddled all different company's prospectors boats and this nova craft was the best it was the closest design to the original chestnut. Not so much for lakes and other big flat water, although competent there as well (especially with a load). It is simply the best all round wilderness tripping canoe available. I have paddled lots of other canoes but fell in love with this one. We can load it up with lots of gear for camping or fishing and it only seems to get more stable. Just purchased the Prospector 16 and we are delighted. Classic Prospector lines done in Kevlar with Ash gunnwales and seats. (A coleman and a Mad River Malicite) I love this boat, and would recommend it as a very good compromise boat. Here’s a link to Nova Craft’s website. What made the initial decision easy was the great, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff, with no pressure to buy, at the factory/showroom here in London Ontario -- Great service. We replaced the yoke with a narrower one that is easier for us to hold onto. I hope you have enjoyed paddling it as much as the other reviewers on this site. In rapids it is wiser to kneel in the center of the boat with the yoke in front of you. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! The 16' has been our favorite. Whats more, it provides a very dry ride in big waves and whitewater. After having the Prospector a while, I sold the OT Camper. I honestly didn't want to canoe shop because I didn't think I could find something I liked as well. And the yoke gets not one, but two bolts on each end into the gunnels. This is a canoe to baby, not to scrape on beaches or load up on a cart. The difference was that the Prospector 16 was easier to handle in the waves and provided a smoother and more comfortable ride overall. Both boats can be poled easily (the Prospector, more easily climbs drops because of it’s rocker), and both can be paddled solo with relative ease. Whether you’re looking for a canoe for a month-long canoe tripping adventure, a speedy boat for winning races or a solo canoe for enjoying nature, Paddling Magazine‘s top picks are sure to please.

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