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Bento lunch boxes can be reserved at Tsuzuki's Atelier and Oku-Iya Hotel, or just get some fixings from Tani-shoten and cater yourself. - Brand Outlet Magazine, Oku Karaage, Truffle Gyu Don, Mizu (Water Mochi), OKUKASE Wagyu Ichibo, Mastermind's CocktailsOKU Bar Masterminds have released their latest cocktail list which is The Drama Queen, The Trickster, The Villain only for Rp 150,000++/glass.OKU Bento for Lunch Make a reservation at [restaurant name] for a meal anytime between [dates] and earn 1000 Chope Dollars - that's the equivalent of a ¥150 dining voucher! There is only one main road into Oku-Iya, as well as a few roads via mountain passes. Some places close for the season. In winter, Oku-Iya gets the most snow of not just Miyoshi but for all of Shikoku. Well, many have spent decades in pursuit of these legends, with suprising results. The whole area is ringed by high mountains, and a few drivable mountain passes head to the north and south. ? Get your restaurant listed on our platforms and connect to more diners.

Try out OKU, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski’s premium restaurant helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa in Thamrin. You are making a reservation for2 people at OKU - Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. Mastermind's CocktailsOKU Bar Masterminds have released their latest cocktail list which is The Drama Queen, The Trickster, The Villain only for Rp 150,000++/glass.OKU Bento for Lunch are probably the most well known, but it's said that Iya is also where the young, fled to and later died, and it's also where the, is supposedly buried.
Enjoy 20% off for dining at OKU with every room booking.

(in the center of Oku-Iya, between Ochiai and Scarecrow Village). Unlike the rest of Japan, people here settled on the mountainsides, high above the valley floor (hardly anywhere else in the country do people live like this, opting to live on the flat valley floors instead). Jalan M. H. Thamrin No. Oku is a high-end japanese restaurant located inside Hotel Indonesia Kempinski.

Available for lunch only. Cari produk Pastry & Olahan Tepung lainnya di Tokopedia. with its ever changing spectacle that's reminicient of ancient Chinese ink paintings, watching the. Such buses coming from outside Miyoshi City mainly service only the. Bite-sized portions perfect for parties and people on the go. We know for sure that OKU is definitely worth a try. can provide lodging as well as a chance to see awesome sunrises and sunsets. As time progressed, civil engineering projects including roads, dams, bridges, and tunnels not only began providing much needed jobs other than basic susistance farming, but also offered much welcomed access to this remote place.

Tsurugi, which is kind of a shame, because even though it is very pretty, the other mountains and ridges of Oku-Iya are arugably more stunning and certainly offer more of a feeling of solitude. With fresh seafood imported right from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, OKU offers the freshest and top-notch-quality sashimi, sushi and other seafood-based items. . The people of Iya are known as being tough and independent, and understandably so.

Chef Kaz personally picked the combinations based on favorites from OKU’s existing menu, which combine appetizer and main course in one box to satisfy the cravings of time-pressed people, and are also ideal for any sort of event. Tired of traditional Japanese food and looking for a modern twist? The original road into the Iya Valley spans the length of, The main access to Oku-Iya is via Prefectural Rt 32 from Nishi-Iya. Want to have a glimpse of Japan? A customer favourite would definitely be the Oku Karaage, made from squid ink and black charcoal, it’s so crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside!

Tsurugi is one of them), there's the, (which includes the spring on Mt. Jakarta 10310 Map, Business Meetings, Fine Dining, Kid Friendly, Private Functions, Romantic Dates, Want to have a glimpse of Japan? Another difference is how the mountains can sometimes trap clouds, such that it may be clear in other parts of Shikoku or Miyoshi, but rainy in Iya (though this offers a great chance to observe.

I will definitely return when I can, especially for the Japanese style variety of small ‘tapas-style’ plates." At its core, Oku-Iya displays a still living testiment to the roots of Japan. The Truffle Gyudon is a must-have, served with premium beef, onsen egg, truffle and rice, mix it all up and enjoy your mouthgasm. The word "oku" means inner space lying somewhere in the deep end, which really reflect this restaurant vision to provide customer a next level dish.

Min. Want a ¥150 restaurant voucher?

Find out more on our Hiking Page. Many stories and relics of their arrival still remain. Jakarta"If you want to pamper your tastebuds for fine Japanese cuisine, then Oku, which opened since April 1, is the right choice."

Many things in Japan are ranked in lists and the Iya Valley certainly has its fair share. Special requests and seating requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and restaurant discretion.For reservation of party of 11 or above, please contact the restaurant directly. pembelian 1pcs. see below). The main road is usually kept clear of snow but that is not always the case if there is a big storm.

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