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Your conveyancer or solicitor will provide you with questionnaires that you’ll be required to complete. To go forward with the sale, you’ll need a brand new appraisal (unless you’re working with a cash buyer who doesn’t need financing, and we’ll dive into that below). I will take the missed one into my account. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing! • Inspect the roof for any visibly broken tiles As we mentioned earlier, hiring a staging company can push your home above the competition. A transfer disclosure statement includes information pertaining to the following items: Please also note that you, the seller must complete the transfer disclosure statement in your own handwriting. After all, you want to be more memorable than their local cashier, don’t you? It’s surprisingly easy to get started. Homeowners Insurance Records The sales contract notes the price at which the house was sold, and elaborates on any disclosures about the property that were made before the sale. You can choose from the following options: The condition of your home’s interior and exterior is extremely important when it comes to buyer appeal. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you’re selling an older home, a pre-listing inspection can save you from any big surprises down the line. For nearby solicitors, try The Law Society’s website at It can also serve as an easy way to gather together links to our Pre-Listing Cleaning, Home Staging, Listing and House Viewing checklists, with further help in securing the deal and finalizing all of the paperwork. The best of the best Check out our free tools. Some of these might not be required but could be useful when navigating paperwork or preparing for the sale.) This is the final to-do on your home seller checklist and the last step in transferring ownership of your home over to the new owners. Just as you did with the paint selection, keep your home as appealing to the masses as possible. The deeds – or ‘title deeds’ to give them their full name – are essentially the paperwork that proves ownership of a house or piece of land (or both, in the case of freehold properties). This is one of the largest sales of your life. These decrease your home’s value. These costs can fluctuate depending on your location and title company. Mortgage payoff fee - This is a percentage of about 1-2% charged when you pay off your mortgage before it’s due. With our home staging guide, however, you can easily break into the market with a bang. They include a comprehensive guide to the property sales process in addition to everything from a home inspection, cleaning, staging, and listing. This will also give the buyer an idea of how much their homeowners insurance will cost when they move in. Whilst this shows the real estate market in a surprisingly negative light, it can also be seized as an opportunity to stand out from other agents. There are pros and cons to private home sales, and some buyers are wary of making such a large investment without the guidance of a real estate agent. A “prelim” shows you what taxes are owed on the property, what kinds of conditions and restrictions are recorded on your property, etc. Her work can be found in Southern Rhode Island Newspapers, Brown University's Next Generation, and Awkward & Out. Even more annoyingly, the “professionals” a buyer can hire in order to inspect the property they wish to purchase may not even be required to have any qualifications in the field! While the seller is only required to make the repairs listed in the purchase contract after an offer is made, you should be prepared to fix any structural defects, building code violations, and safety issues. The contract lays out the terms of how the real estate agent can promote your home. Are there any other processes you’d like us to tackle? You only get one chance to make a great impression! Private sellers who want a quick and hassle-free sale at or above the asking price should promote their property for sale as widely as possible. A deed (not to be confused with the title, which isn’t a physical document but a legal concept that grants someone ownership of the home) is a physical legal document that officially transfers ownership (title) of a house from the seller to the buyer. the buyer requested are in the home and in good condition. Private home sale - further homework. This Pre-Listing Cleaning checklist covers every nook and cranny a buyer could use to find fault with a property. Sometimes they ask for two years, just to get a really good idea of what utilities are going to cost them.”. You will also grant the agent the rights to use the listing content which includes photos, graphics, videos, drawings, virtual tours, written descriptions, and any other copyrightable elements relation to the property, according to the National Association of Realtors. So, if your home is currently valued at $300,000 and you owe $100,000 on your mortgage, your estimated home equity is $200,000. That’s just a taste of what’s possible if a home inspection is not carried out correctly. But first, another flashback! It can be overwhelming to think about all the tasks that need to be done and when they need to be carried out. If you are looking to sell your home privately then we have put together a guide on how to value your own property here. Anxious to close the book on your home sale already? Why not integrate these checklists with the tools you already use? -Wooden or tiled floors A solicitor’s experience in buying and selling a property can also help to take away the stress and pressure associated with the selling process – especially if you have never sold a property before. These are the final pieces of your home seller checklist that bring you to closing. Depending on the state you live in, you’ll have local inspections to pass. Broker commission/fee - Brokers and agents charge a fee for selling your home. To deal with the legal paperwork involved with selling your home, you’ll need to hire a conveyancer or solicitor. A seller’s net sheet is an organizational worksheet that your agent will fill out to show you how much you’ll pocket from your home sale after factoring in expenses like taxes, your real estate agent’s commission, your remaining mortgage, and escrow fees. This is the last opportunity buyers have to check the condition of the home. The report, which is typically about 10 pages or less (though some can stretch to 100 pages), will contain local comparable properties with photos and details of each property including the home being appraised, the appraised value, how the appraiser determined the value, and what factors the appraiser took into consideration. What does this have to do with real estate agents? Otherwise, working with your agent and doing a little research will give you the information you need to price your home appropriately. This is especially true for open house viewings, which both serve as fantastic advertising and can form impromptu bidding wars between interested buyers. Whether it’s repairing squeaky floors or replacing them entirely, preparing to sell a home requires initial investments. You can use one recommended by your estate agent but this may involve added fees, as the estate agent usually takes a commission. It’s time to start marketing your home with newspaper and online ads, virtual tours, and open houses. Can you ensure I will be able to review all documents prior to signing? Plus, reducing the listing price is never a good look. Once signed, the purchase offer becomes a purchase agreement (or contract) that is subject to amendments once the transaction moves into the latter stages. You need to provide the buyer with the appraisal report from the time you purchased your home as well as any documented updates since the original appraisal (such as in the case of a refinance). based on your unqiue move, The best of our tips, tricks Thanks Jeff, great to hear that these checklists are helping out. Not sure how much your house could go for on the current real estate market? Here they are: A thorough weekly clean pays dividends when it’s time to sell a property, and with the correct process in place, you can arrange a house for sale with minimal effort. As the seller, you won’t automatically get a copy of the appraisal report, but you can request one and the lender will have to provide it to you in 30 days time. Any back and forth negotiations on the purchase offer will be documented in writing with counteroffers. While your buyers sign (and sign, and sign) their life away to their lender, you’ve got your own mounds of documentation to round up and face head on. Quick, How Can You Prepare? Why? You can get a title report using the one of the four biggest title companies for a couple hundred dollars: Mandatory Disclosures Want to dive in and go straight to the checklists? 8 Free Real Estate Checklists to Maximize Your Profits, 89% of homeowners sell their property through an estate agent, 9 Property Management Checklists to Keep Your Rental Processes on Track, 9 Checklists to Drive Your Sales Processes, 4 Checklists to Perfect Your Client Onboarding Process, HR Templates: The Perfect Pack for Company Success, 6 Checklists to Perfect Your New Employee Onboarding Processes, Create a new client in your CRM once you’ve signed a listing agreement, Create and assign a sales process checklist when a new client is registered in your CRM, Schedule an inspection date once you have signed a listing agreement, Create and assign a house viewing checklist upon completion of the staging checklist, Email a client with details of their listing as soon as their property has been listed publicly, Pass a client data between Process Street and your CRM as you move through the sales process, Why you should be using it in your business.

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