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), All said: DJing is one of the best jobs ever. compilations. The head of Drake's estate shares his insights on the late folk singer's life and music. 3. ( Log Out /  Its rationales like this that has saved my best friends and my entire family a lifetime of therapy bills, and you cant argue with logic like that. Hugs, See if you can spot the fakes. Alicia Keys got a huge break when Oprah had her perform her debut single "Fallin'" on her show. (shame!). And gosh, to be part of a list that also includes Joni Mitchell, one of my all-time favorite artists, is SO flattering. I would be so intimidated by interaction with Joni, she seems really fierce. It was such a revisit of the old teenager years, picking out lyrics I love – if only I could have remember some more golden moments. Someone even complimented me on the Joni Mitchell t-shirt i was wearing yesterday, which kinda looks like the cover of “Blue”…. That would be Reba McEntire, an inexplicably popular country singer. (Hopefully that euphemism translates…). But the question is: is Dolly that good or is today’s country music that bad? I would never had guessed I’d be so happy to hear Dolly Parton, if that’s any indication. 2. You know, I am subjected to a large amount of contemporary country music while at work, and nothing makes me happier than when they throw on a classic. Although I adapted a somewhat playful tone when writing the list I am glad you still managed to detect some thoughtfulness behind it, because I really do love all the songs, …(and so many more). Thanks for this post, ruby. 4. Especially “Coat of Many Colors.” And I am the last person I would ever expect to write a sentence like that. Sea creatures mentioned in "Rock Lobster" by The B-52's include a jellyfish, piranha, bikini whale and narwhal. At that point in my life, I was making pretty good money for playing music and getting trashed 3-4 nights a week. But i did check out Kevin Renick and i loved it. 5. If only we all slipped into a little rhyming verse at these times, while I bags Kev’s line above, next time you’re at a party, or out to dinner, and someone asks you to define your life in one sentence, you could try something like; “I wipe my kids bum, but it doesn’t make me glum, because I love being a mum!”, “I’m saving planet earth, to improve my feelings of self worth!”. absolutely classic… sweet joni, dolly, and garth… and although I’m not familiar with the Kevin Renick song, I just bought it on itunes because of you. I have a feeling you would LOVE the The Yang’s music collection. If you are interested please contact me via my webby and let me know!! It’s one that the real drinkers amongst us get, and we think its beautiful. It’s like, filling your cup full of someone, 24 times over. She was the artist i first got into when i was seriously getting into music as an early teen. So instead you could think of it in much the same way as you do of the ‘shuffle’ function on your Ipod, except that it won’t ‘randomly’ select tracks from the same five albums for six months in a row before it finally throws in a wild card from one of the other 8,458 songs on there. This is like poetry for alcoholics. Sorry about Reba. We also substitute my grandmother’s name, Noeleen…, Perhaps you should introduce some show tunes to diversify the boy’s interest… a bit of ‘rain on my parade’ from Funny Girl wouldn’t do him any harm…. I love Case of You. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and I scribbled down that line from it as soon as I had the chance. I will eagerly check out Miss Nicks now, I lover her too. Posted in Music | Tagged Born To Be Wild, Chic, Dolly Parton Jolene, Fancy Bobby Gentry, favourite lyrical moments, Garth Brooks, Gillian Welch Look at Miss Ohio, I could drink a case of you, I love song lyrics, Joni Mitchell, Kevin Renick Up In The Air, lyrical gold, saving planet earth, shuffle function on your Ipod | 20 Comments, Good stuff. I think she’s a Scorpio. I’ll leave it at that. It captures my feelings on everything from doing the dishes, all the way up to ending world poverty and environmental destruction. Hey I’m interested in interviewing you and featuring you in an upcoming ‘reader of the week’ thing I am starting. I know what you mean, The Boy is a Scorpio, talk about being intimidated by interaction – you should have seen me when he was a new born, fierce is not a strong enough word! Rather, I think it means you’re just a fan of a wide variety of very popular music. I know i know I know, thats why the list could have easily gone on forever. Steve Perry wrote "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" with the opening lyrics, "You make me weep, I wanna die," after seeing his girlfriend kissing another man. I felt like a teenager. I hope you like it. I just don’t think Reba has the gravitas to pull it off, especially considering her ill-advised television career. A Little Dysfunction on the Side, Thanks. Obvious bias aside, the man is a genius producer, but more and more he finds himself DJing to make a buck (much easier than surviving in the music industry based on your left field electronic production work!). And there is this; “I can’t be precise, when people ask what I do with my life” by Kevin Renick. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have some rather unusual song titles - see if you can spot the real ones. The possibilities are endless. But every time they do, it just puts into perspective how truly unimaginative and godawful 95% of today’s c&w actually is. I might also reccommend Stevie Nicks “Edge of Seventeen”. Receive my words of wisdom direct to your inbox. As I left the cinema after seeing Up In The Air I felt very affected the movie, but more so by what you said in your song. Maybe i’ll save my rendition of that for when he seeks to rebel by asking if he can join the Young Liberals or something and I come down all strict and righteous and motherly, giving him a big fat NO while I sing about raining on his parade. hahaha… no seriously… I did. The entire lyrics of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, though in particular; Jolene, Jolene, Jolene / I’m begging of you please don’t take my man / Jolene, Jolene, Jolene / please don’t take him just because you can…I cannot compete with you, Jolene / you can have your choice of man / but I could never love again, Jolene. Stevie is a Goddess. The man who brought us "Red Skies" and "Saved By Zero" is now an organic farmer in France. Today i’m having a bit of a Steve Miller Band day, trying to muster up the brainpower to write another blog. Other highlights from the same song include, “if you want me I’ll be in the bar”, cuz where the fuck else would someone who likens not being able to get enough of someone to drinking a case of alcohol be found? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And while it may not be the best example of lyrical gold, it has at least inspired the idea of documenting some of my favourite lyrical moments in song. I also think this track has the potential to bring women together everywhere, this is mainly based on the fact that one night at the pub when some girlfriends and I started singing a drunken rendition of this number some old bird (we nicknamed her MJ cuz she was rockin the black shoes and white socks look) got up and started belting it out with us, and we all knew all of the words. It didn't work, so he smoked a cigarette, which is when he realized his addictive personality could be a problem. Head out on the highway Looking for adventure In whatever comes our way Yeah, darlin' Gonna make it happen Take the world in a love embrace Fire all of your guns at once And explode into space Like a true nature child We were born Born to be wild We can climbed so high I … Kevin Renick. And yes, Joni really is something, poetry in motion. Let it roll down the highway Let it roll down the highway Roll, roll Look at the sign, we're in the wrong place Move out boys and let's get ready to race Four fifty-four's coming over the hill The man on patrol is gonna give us a bill The time's real short, you know the distance is long I'd like to have a … In keeping with this lowbrow theme, another all time favourite is Fancy by Bobby Gentry, who sings, “I couldn’t see spendin’ the rest of my life  / with my head hung down in shame / You know I mighta been born just plain white trash / but Fancy was my name”, Substitute ‘Fancy’ for ‘’, ‘plain white trash’ for ‘Westie’, and the general theme of the song from ‘lady of the night rises from the depths of poverty and despair’ to ‘ moves from the Western suburbs to the inner city’, and this is pretty much the theme song of my life. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Great post. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, Street Strategist from Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Spot The Real Red Hot Chili Peppers Song Titles. A talented lyricist, Philip helped revive Neil Sedaka's career with the words to "Laughter In The Rain" and "Bad Blood.". Great post! Its from the soundtrack to Up In The Air, so its kinda the story of it all that got me hooked, ‘”cuz i’m up in the aiiiiiiiiir…” I dunno, it just sounds like a good place to be…. ( Log Out /  Rockin. Kiss is the subject of many outlandish rumors - some of which happen to be true. Because even though poor Dolly sounds like a downtrodden heartbroken lover, she manages to make, Jolene, sound like someone that must be spoken to as though they have a dangerous mental health condition. wow. ( Log Out /  I’ve got a lot more respect for Gentry than for Reba, which is kind of terrible considering I hadn’t heard of Gentry before reading this post. Joni Mitchell singing “I could drink a case of you / darling / and I would still be on my feet / oh, I would still be on my feet”. But I feel very pleased to intro you to Bobby Gentry, Fancy is a super tune! 6. The lyric to "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips was inspired by Chynna Phillips' struggles with addiction. "Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk" describes a time in Rufus Wainwright's life when he found himself hungover and pounding chocolate milk to feel better. And now for my confessions – I am a snob the other way, hardly knowing any ‘popular’ music of today – I have no idea who Reba is?! True, you may have some Nickelback next to some Shakira and possibly an oddball like Chumbawumba or one of the surviving Tenors, but I don’t think that really means you’re a fan of a wide variety of music. There are other people who i admire their knowledge so much, so i don’t even feel i’m in the race, ha ha…. Bear with me on this one, and you just may understand, because this is a man who gets what’s its like to come from the wrong side of the tracks. Change ). So anyway that blah blah aside given the extensive influence (inspiration) The Yang brings me musically, I’d have to say to your Q above – yes, today’s country music probably really is ‘that bad’ – over produced, pop friendly, ting tang…. “she wants to do right / but not right now”. You really captured something with the song, and it certainly spoke to me. I’ll have to check out the movie now! My 5yo loves Jolene. But a word of advice before I depart, by the way of this little gem from Chic: “Remember: the whole world is a circus, don’t you be the clown”. Chain smoker too, but with that voice…, I remembered later that Prince too was a Joni fanatic (particularly “The Hissing of Summer Lawns”) and he used to regularly perform “A Case of You” in concert, which is funny, ‘cos i always thought he was a teetotaller… And he referenced her in “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”: ” ‘A fairy tongue’, she said, and it was Joni singing “Help me, i think i’m falling…” ”, Will have to check out Kevin Renick, i’m not familiar with him. I’m choosing six. Oh baby won't you come with me I'll take you where you want to be Well here I am again I'm dressed in black I got my baby she's a riding up back A we're doing about ninety five Whoo it's so good to be alive.

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