roc marciano marci beaucoup review

The beats really focus on one or two samples and ride throughout the whole song. Marciano’s new album, Marci Beaucoup, picks up where “Pimpire” left off as a collection of raw rhymes that reference the drug game and street survival. As a piece of hip hop, this is a good, if not great example of that cold, dirty brand of New York hip hop. As a proper third album, Marci Beaucoup doesn't stack up to its precursors, but as an advertisement for Marciano's services as a beatsmith, it's much more successful. On Reloaded, Marciano didn’t knock you out, but he won with subtle lyrical jabs and quiet confidence. Like its predecessor, Marci Beaucoup follows a standard formula of dope beats and dope rhymes, which works fine for an emcee of Marciano’s caliber. It’s disappointing as a Roc Marciano record, purely because he’s not rapping enough and for those that buy his albums to hear his emceeing rather than his production, you’ll likely feel underwhelmed. Yet for all the flaws that can be found with this album, they are eclipsed by the solid production and great verses that he drops when he finally does rap. All in all, Marci Beaucoup serves more as an opportunity for Roc to flaunt his producing chops than as a proper album. It may be the simplicity of Syl’s “Any way…” on “Ruff Town,” the steady heartbeat break and twanged guitar riff of “Higher Learning” or the lovely bounce of soul drenched pattern on “Doesn’t Last.”  Yet Roc’s statement of musicality is his free beat work on Marci Beaucoup that samples with no limitation. And the artistic creativity of immaculate lyric style and dynamically free beat experimentation by Roc Marciano is the epitome of it all. A Marci needed to thank it with the aural cinema of frenchly worded slaps. @shack_house83 @grantjones86 @ryan_feyre @pstaylor @AdamsWorldBlog @JesalTV @foodieinheels @MannyWallace @WHOISCONWAY #hiphop, At 8 PM ET the #RetroHuntingAdventures returns with Shakedown Hawaii... and some other stuff. Additionally, the production that Roc does strangely doesn’t always suit his voice well, with the loud vocal samples that dot his production often drowning out his quiet voice. To listen to the sold words of great Hip Hop is already to engage in pimping. Instead, he went a completely different direction, approaching the album as a producer first, and an MC second. If we don’t pimp and pump works as these on our corner then we’re the trick. Pete T., @RapReviews, #BlackLivesMatter Retweeted. Roc Marciano's "Marci Beaucoup" shines as a solid but scattered collection of raw rhymes that reference the drug game and street survival. Sunez, God of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths via Boricua (Afro-Arawak) roots, a Lo Life presenting, preserving and promoting this powerful street organization's Hip Hop cultural diversity and community outreach and helping pioneer the Hip Hop element as a Hip Hop Writer (A creative author/principled journalist/honoring historian) creating and displaying the concepts of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. He brims with gritty bravado, and is one of Rap’s most technically sound emcees, even if he’s largely unheralded in mainstream circles. As a result, Marci Beaucoup is a relay race: Marciano spits a verse and hands the baton to Simpson.

These sorts of little touches can be found everywhere: horns lazily snake into the corners of "Squeeze"; shouts from what sound like children on a playground litter "Dollar Bitch"; elsewhere, a single bleat from an ill-timed chop signals the end of each loop on the loping "War Scars". Like a bitch, the beauty of the product is allowed to overshadow the work. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Unfortunately, too many appearances from third-stringers like Knowledge the Pirate and Maffew Ragazino just made me wish Marciano was rapping instead, and a few more solo cuts would've helped alleviate the frequent soggy stretches. Patreon exclusive poll to choose Kosha Dillz, Dej Loaf or Ty Dolla Sign for next week's update! Any album released in December is susceptible to being overlooked during a month where many hip hop listeners tend to look back on the year’s best albums, almost as if December somehow falls in to 2014. Something’s Wrong. Learn how your comment data is processed. Jump to Comments. The Pimpire Strikes Back and Marci Beaucoup are specialty records in the early solo career of a great Hip Hop musician, Roc Marciano. The hypocrisies of holiness don’t exist in the contradictory hells of our Art. Roc Marciano’s production way is the epitome of Hip Hop—pimping every and any particular moment of musical bliss that hoed out of the land of wax bodies. 1' Is A Collection Of Sure-Shot R&B Gems, Review: Sonny Digital & Black Boe Are Mostly Empty On 'Black Goat 2', Review: Ty Farris Gives Fans A Worthy Follow-Up With 'No CoSign Just Cocaine 3', Review: Jerreau Hits An Artistic Stride On 'KEEP EVERYTHING YOUR SELF', Review: Boldy James & Alchemist’s ’The Price Of Tea In China’ Is Headphone Caviar. Largely minimalist, Roc supplied himself with a barebones backdrop with which he could weave his sleepy flow over, but most importantly it allowed his extensive vocabulary to take precedence. It is also apparent when you look at the production credits and realize that the only producer on the album is Roc himself. Perhaps ‘Year in Review’ lists should be submitted in January to truly give us all a chance to catch these albums fully, yet regardless of that option, Roc Marciano’s latest effort would have struggled to crack my Top Ten of 2013. No more machetes on cane, the spics can cut words for big puns and niggas can stay out of their cotton picking minds with a rhyme hot on licking dimes. Long Island rapper Roc Marciano’s style is fairly distinctive. Marci Beaucoup: MARCIANO, ROC: Music. Like fellow New York MC Ka, Marciano's voice rarely rises above a conversational purr—you need to really lean in close to get the full effect. Roc’s bars rewind philosophizer lines as “my life stereotype/Why ice took rap through heights/That entice a thick woman in tights…” and contemplates his dominance ingeniously (“That shit’ll open up my pimp chakras/Push the plush after with the character/They thought I had to have the flux capacitor/I’m back from the future, my aura is future…). While the beats are good, the looping soul samples grow tedious after a while. Course and Executive Editor of PremiereHipHop.COM with over 200 article works published on the said site this decade alone in a career that is over 20 years long spanning Vibe, XXL, The Source,, Stress and countless others as a writer and/or editor. #Halloween2020 #SegaGenesis #GenesisDoes @StarmanNJ @SirKrunch @Pixel66 @ACR_Collection, The thick, delicious grooves are arranged by "Death Certificate" architects @DJPooh and the Boogiemen as well as Del and Cube, keeping the funk in steady supply over the course of "Brother George"'s fourteen tracks. MCing on an album as Marci Beaucoup for Roc is further proof of his stylistic gifts having perfect adaption. With Pimpire, Roc narrows his content to this pimping persona savaging bitches and civilizing Hip Hop. EP, Review: Wale Shreds Police Brutality & Racism With Forceful Bars On ‘The Imperfect Storm’, Review: Pop Smoke's No. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Marci Beaucoup - Roc Marciano on AllMusic - 2013 Like every track on the album, a few friends pop by to help out, but only Freeway sounds totally out of his element here, his verse only made worse by the virulent homophobia contained within it. He’s an emcee that captures the imagination, lending eloquence to generic topics (reminiscent of Raekwon and Nas), and although some guests bless their respective tracks (Maffew Ragazino holds his own on “Dollar Bitch” in the presence of a rampant Roc), you can’t help but feel Roc is a rapper that deserves to take precedence. Freeway lacks some of his trademark intensity on “Didn’t Know” which is a big part of what makes him a great listen. (Spoilers -- I saved the best for last!) 1 Album Proves He Was A Star Outside Of 50 Cent & Quavo's Help, Review: 'King's Disease' Is Food For True Nas Fans' Soul, Review: Griselda's "WWCD" Is Harder Than Concrete Wrapped In Iron — Minus The Eminem Feature, Review: Summer Walker Delivers Beautiful Authenticity With Her Sultry Debut "Over It", Review: “HARRIETT” Finds Damani Nkosi & Ill Camille Finding Freedom Through Funky Sermons, Review: Stove God Cook$ Delivers Masterful Lyrics Over Roc Marciano Beats On ’Reasonable Drought’, Review: DJ Premier Raises Gang Starr's Stock With 'One Of The Best Yet', Review: Royce Da 5'9 Consolidates His Styles On 'The Allegory', Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR Offers Decompression Vibes On 'PARTYMOBILE' Album, Review: Lil Baby Proves His Hit-Making Skills Are Legit On 'My Turn' Deluxe Album, Review: Kehlani's 'It Was Good Until It Wasn't' Proves Her Worth But Never Dazzles, Review: Mozzy Scores Another Hard-Edged Victory On 'Beyond Bulletproof', Review: 'IDK & Friends 2 (Basketball County Soundtrack)' Delivers Fun Shootaround Bops Galore, Review: Radamiz Bleeds Honesty On Payday Debut "Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes", Review: Kembe X Successfully Grapples With His Demons On 'I Was Depressed Until I Made This', Review: Max B’s 'House Money' Is Good As Jailhouse Album Can Get, Review: Wifisfuneral Sounds Bored On Middling 'Ev3rything Sucks' EP, Review: Tiffany Red’s 'Call Me Red, Vol.
His standard fare was put aside, and he told cohesive stories of New York’s seedy criminal underbelly in his distinctive raspy purr, and the album flowed really well from track to track. There's something to be said for both consistency and careful craftsmanship. Bitches lay in your ears and do tricks of sound on you. The often lackluster features, and lack of Roc himself rapping are   both somewhat distracting, but the great production and memorable verses that happen when he does rap somewhat make up for the albums shortcomings. He hands off to Bronson and so on. So when the spiritual successor to Pimpire, Marci Beaucoup dropped, it was expected to carry along the same path as Pimpire, or at least journey back to previously treaded ground, like with Reloaded. The Pimpire Strikes Back and Marci Beaucoup are specialty records in the early solo career of a great Hip Hop musician, Roc Marciano. On these pages, these are thoughts of a square revolutionary, better built, the God holding his square, sitting by the door with guerilla thoughts. Like that album, the beats on Marci Beaucoup are handled entirely by Marciano, and they alternate between minimalist RZA-esque menace and monochromatic soul. The King of YouTube continues to dominate the charts with murderous raps and unfiltered streams of consciousness. "Love Means" is only allowed to unspool during its brief hook—otherwise, it's all creeping dread masquerading as a serenade. #hiphop @SammyEngele @grantjones86 @pstaylor @ryan_feyre @shack_house83, This week's new reviews are live!
Even his beats are designed to shade, rather than color, his songs. He was Michael Corleone and Gustavo Fring—a coolheaded ambassador with sharp business acumen and an understated mean streak. He’s monotone, so it’s a strain to decipher his wordplay beneath the background fodder and noisy vocal clips. Toda... A week on from sharing his new White Bronco album, Action Bronson has now mapped out a tour behind the disc. The albums Roc Marci has released since Marcberg have tweaked the formula: 2012’s Reloaded brought in an expanded cast of producers to cinematic effect; 2013’s Marci Beaucoup … As a producer, Marciano shares the same penchant for bite-sized vocal loops that were J Dilla's bread and butter, and he's able to create a palpable tension by drawing out the hypnotic qualities in them. A pimpire massive for the bitch of a music this Hip Hop has become. Conway the Machine, 03 Greedo x Ron-Ron the Producer, Paris, Northern State, and more! “Marci Beaucoup” is certainly a different animal, seeing Roc take more risks musically which is actually an off-putting listen if only heard once. The production is pretty simple, and centered around a sample-usually a soul or vocal based one-that is looped for most of the track. The production on both projects was handled by Roc too, and although it was often strong on its own, it served a purpose more than anything. Sunez also known as #SkillastratorLO and the #PowerWrite is an educator at Allah school in Mecca of his own designed P.E.A.C.E. All as Roc Marciano exploits and violates this bitch with 2 LPs of vicious lust practice and victoriously layered preparation, The Pimpire Strikes Back & Marci Beaucoup. So in this upgraded matrix the tricks and bitches are merged, Drake from the bottom to the top.

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