scottish fold color chart

That’s why I’m going to do that with the most popular ones from this breed. Do you have a good photo of a Scottish fold of specific Scottish Fold cats colors? We do not use this data. The belly and the eyes color remain the same. For instance, white and bicolor cats can have blue eyes or odd eyes (where each eye is a different color). To conclude, Scottish Fold cats can come in a lot of colors and patterns, but if you are planning to get one, the single color that you should consider is the color you like the most. The cat has a blue coat with cream patches.

Usually, the eye color will correspond with coat color.

That is the color that most people look for in a kitty from this breed as well. The ear tufts, chin, tummy and chest of a chinchilla Fold are of pure white color. A shaded cameo is much darker than the shell cameo, because there is more tipping. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. What color of Scottish Fold do you own and why did you choose it? There is a color that every person sees in front of his eyes when we talk about these cats. Exactly, never. Blue-eyed and odd-eyed are the rarest cases, but can appear in white, bi-color and van patters.

They also can have different patterns like a solid color, tortoiseshell, tricolor/calico, bicolor, tabby, ticking, smoke, shaded and spots.

What breeds? Also, if you have not put your copyright info on the page, I will do that for you. This is quite a beautiful sight and makes you understand why this kind of coat is called “smoke”. That is why, in this article, I’m going to present all the colors of this breed, and even explain them. When it starts moving, the undercoat is revealed. A chinchilla-colored Fold has white undercoat. All Scottish Folds can trace their pedigrees back to a cat named Susie found in 1961 on the McRae farm near Coupar Angus, a town in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.
Almost all colors are accepted, with the exception of pointed colors. Your email address will not be published.

All tabby colors are accepted in Scottish Fold cats. can collect Google Analytics information but we will not share them with any third party. I know I did. There are no tabby markings or bars on legs.

As a thank you I shall link back to your cattery website right next to the photo. This makes the shaded silver Fold much darker than the chinchilla.
Also, blue eyes are common with bi-color cats. These are solid whites, blacks, blues, reds and creams. Again, a similar color must be the shaded cameo, which is much darker than the previous one. Pairing this with a green or blue eye color will result in a very beautiful cat. A picture you yourself have taken and have the copyrights to? Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left.

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