seagate blackarmor nas 440 custom firmware

Norton 360 Deluxe für kurze Zeit nur 29,99 Euro. But they won't initialize (as described in my OP). My problem is that I have no idea how long access (as public) will last, and I have a lot of reservations about having them fully accessible on the domain. I've seen a lot of forums with people having the same issue, but no solutions seem to have been found. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Im Microsoft Store gibt es starke Angebote. But I'm guessing a short interruption in power or signal (as you suggested) caused the one that did work to stop.. and no amount of unjoining, rebooting, re-joining ever got an AD connection to work again, so at that point, both units identically didn't work with AD. I bought two 440's with the 1TB drives in them, raid-5, and updated the firmware to get the iSCSI features. ask a new question. Die Kapazität der Netzwerkspeicher BlackArmor NAS 440 und BlackArmor NAS 220 von Seagate erlauben die Skalierung von 1 Terabyte auf bis zu 12 TB. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. He was clearly not happy about having to hand-key all the groups, users, and PWD's; and I would be equally as unhappy about that, but it does seem like a good fallback solution. I did try that at least 5 times per device.

Im PC-WELT Preisvergleich finden Sie viele Versionen des aktuellen Microsoft Betriebssystems zu super günstigen Preisen! Die speziell für kleine und mittelgroße Unternehmen konzipierten Netzwerkspeicher unterstützen jetzt das iSCSI-Verfahren zur Datenübertragung und sind nun auch für die Virtualisierungsplattform VMware zertifiziert. You have nothing to lose. $(function() { Seagate hat seine BlackArmor NAS-Systeme NAS 440 sowie NAS 220 erweitert.

I also had the AD issues with that device.

Das BlackArmor NAS 440 beherrscht RAID 0,1,10, 5 sowie JBOD und wird mit zehn Backup-Lizenzen ausgeliefert.

Which drives/firmware are installed? Windows 10 Home für 35,99€. In a final attempt I formatted and partitioned the 3TB GPT drives to 2TB MBR in hopes that the NAS would see it. Instead of replicating issues and turning issues over to a dev team for a fix, they just blame the hardware. Aug 8, 2014 at 14:17 UTC. Try joining to Workgroup, reboot and then rejoin.

Das bringen iOS12 und Android P für Smartphones und Co. iPhone X und iOS 11 in der Praxis und im Business richtig nutzen, Kontakte in Apple iOS verwalten und synchronisieren, Virtuelle Desktops effektiv verwalten und bedienen, Virtualisierungsprojekte und Cloud Migration richtig planen, Hyper-V aus Windows Server 2016 kostenlos nutzen, Update-Einstellungen in Windows Server 2019 ändern, Microsoft Server und Office 365 effizient nutzen, Produktivität, Sicherheit und Virtualisierung, Vertrauensanker für DNSSEC in Server 2016 trotz Bug nutzen, Microsoft Server 2016 und Office 365 ausreizen. Hier geben wir Beispiel-Konfigurationen in Preisbereichen zwischen 300 und 1000 Euro. I really wish I could go back to using them as iSCSI devices.. VBA-Makrofunktionen im Menüband einblenden, Excel-Tabelle in ein Word-Dokument einbinden, So revolutionieren iOS und Android den Mobile-Markt. Flexibles Fernsehen mit Save.TV jetzt testen. It is resizing all the drives now to form the new volume.

The 2TB limit you were running into was probably caused by you partitioning it as the default MBR instead of GPT. Just read the Seagate forums, it's filled with stuff that doesn't work on the BA series.

Hoping for the magical solution still. Wishful thinking :), seagate black armor tested with 4x5tb hard drives and works so tested with 20tb storage and functioning so so far no hard drive limit on this device. I will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your unit. This happens to the two devices I have (and the last two). It seems to be a fallback position in support departments these days..

I get prompted for u/p and it won't take anything.. even it's own local admin user. Das Firmware-Update bringt Kompatibilität mit Time Machine und iTunes, FTP über SSL/TLS sowie ein WiDMS 2.0 Media Server Upgrade. One device I was able to access at first via AD permissions, and when I first called into support, it was focused on the one that wouldn't.

I tried several different configurations and reviewed the forums without finding a solid solution. I would get the exact symptoms you're describing. I do have them working as "public" folders, which was never my first choice, but working beats not working. Hardware BA NAS 440 with 4, 2TB drives. Ein Modell der NAS BlackArmor 400er-Serie kann so als virtueller interner Speicher für bestehende Server im Netzwerk fungieren. Support had me convinced that the unit is simply defective and needs to be replaced, until the backup NAS started having issues (as noted in the last paragraph), I ended up resetting all the permissions, and still cannot access it either now.. same pop-up dialogue, same denied access.
I don't know what to do at this point, so I'm here asking for suggestions. With support, I even did a factory reset on the one that never worked with AD, and nothing changed. Set it to public and now backup exec can access it again (for now). To continue this discussion, please Same problem. Software für Unternehmen - das neue TecChannel Compact ist da! While the web interface on the device isn’t too bad, I wanted a little more control over it, as well as the ability to monitor the device's health with some custom munin graphs. Must be defective hardware"; and that's the end of that. And yes, I do have the latest firmware update and have gone as far as doing factory resets on both (which takes 2+ days with striping raid-5 on 3TB drives). But now that it's upgraded with 3TB drives, I can't initialize it at all- I knew I would need to go with GPT, but nothing will get past that error. When initially setup, everything was fine. I've exhausted google and seagate support, and have made no progress. Jetzt Usenext mit 80GB Downloadvolumen 30 Tage kostenlos testen. I was kind of hoping someone from Seagate would pop in, ask me the right questions, and tell me something key that I didn't know. IIRC I have seen more than a few threads on the Blackarmor / AD problems. One worked, for a little while, I was able to run backups to it and had a cool 8.05TB of usable space. © IDG Tech Media GmbH - Content Management by InterRed, Wählen Sie eine der beiden Login-Möglichkeiten aus, Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH (BGE), Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions Company(TM), Projektingenieure Betriebliches Regelwerk (m/w/d), Solution Expert SAP MM/PP - SAP-MM-Berater, SAP-PP-Berater, SAP Inhouse Consultant, SAP Application Consultant (Wirtschaftsinformatiker, Betriebswirtschaftler), Business Process Analyst (w/m/d). authorsPlugin.initOpenClick(); Dadurch kann die Anzahl der benötigten Server im Unternehmen reduziert werden, was die anfallenden Wartungskosten für Speicherlösungen deutlich senkt. For what it's worth, they are very nice, and generally helpful at Seagate support, but limited in their scope at times. Replacing 2TB Seagate drives with Seagate 3TB GPT drives and running into the "Foreign Harware" issue. Das System kann in den Zustand eines früheren Sicherungspunkts wiederhergestellt werden. Das Firmware-Update bringt Kompatibilität mit Time Machine und iTunes, FTP … Even setting it to "public" only allows some computers access, and while it works today, it may not work tomorrow. Would be able to access np via the GUI, but nothing via Windows Explorer. HotHardware takes a detailed look at the Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 (4TB) NAS device in this review, complete with performance data.

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