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Like the TS, the TC comes with a removable battery for easy charging when not in use. It focuses on providing new energy-powered smart transportation solutions.With the devotion to entertain the players,it provides the global users with new “Cool & Fun” high tech products, making more people can enjoy the fun of travel.”. Indian Motorcycle Company ReVolt Reveals new 150cc…, Gas2 Week in Review, November 12: Electric Trucks,…, Bentley Celebrates 100 Years With an Electric Super Coupe, Tesla to India! What you can’t do is legally operate one on any street in the United States. SOCO is the global leader machinery in CNC Tube + Pipe Benders, Tube Laser Cutting Machines, circular sawing machine, tube cutting machines, Tube End Finishing machine, tube end Forming Machines. ABOUT US . Super SOCO combines sophisticated Chinese manufacturing capabilities with European design and offers high performance and competitive products to international markets.”. What Is the Fastest Electric Motorcycle in the World 2020? The DOT sets the rules and standard for any vehicle that can be legally operated in the United States. That’s quite an improvement over the TS! What do our readers think about the various Super SOCO electric motorcycles? The TC is the second offering from Super SOCO in the electric motorcycle game…and it is a beauty! Priced at a little over $3,000, you may save 25 or 26 k by going with the TS however. CUx. Oh to be a player with new cool and fun high tech products! The TC is powered by a 72V, 3.2 kWh battery that gets around 68 miles on a single charge. Isn’t that what all of us are looking for in life dear readers? While this is certainly more than what you would pay if you opted for the TS, it is still far from oppressive. Jiangsu Super soco Intelligent Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Super soco Intelligent (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., running a 30,000 sqm state of the art manufacturing facility locates in Nanjing, China, manufacturing capability, 300,000 units annually, focuses on … Its 5 kW motor is capable of achieving a top speed of 62 miles per hour and producing 170 NM (125 ft-lbs) of torque. The CBS allows the rider to apply both front and rear brakes by pulling a single lever. If you’re looking for a long-range ride, you may be a bit disappointed. The bike comes with a 2.4 kW motor and is capable of producing 120 NM (or 88 lb-ft) of torque. Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll catch me zooming around the city on my very own Super SOCO! With the price of an entry-level Zero electric motorcycle approaching $10,000, a 60 mph motorcycle for half the price is quite appealing. Would you ever consider buying one for your commute? That’s quite an improvement over the TS! CONTACT. When he's not busy blogging about the latest on electric technology he enjoys grilling, rock climbing, and taking naps in his hammock. Now that’s clever! It’s definitely not a superbike like the 155 mph SuperNEX, but the TC MAX has its own place. With Super SOCO rushing to complete DOT homologation for all of their electric motorcycle models, we’ll hopefully get to play with these toys stateside soon.”. In a little over five years, these young entrepreneurs from Shanghai, China have turned Super SOCO into a highly-desired global brand. The TS is more of a scooter packaged to look like a motorcycle…and that’s perfectly okay! I’m not sure that I would take that risk but hey, you do you! Neil Brooks is an electric vehicle owner and lover currently based in the greater Washington D.C. area. Let me re-word that: you can certainly purchase one from Alibaba or a similar website and it is conceivable that you could actually have it delivered as promised. OD 180mm , 5 Axis , Automatic Cutting + Manual Loading, 1D Booster Benders + Wall Thinning Control ( PT series ), Roll + 1D Bending + Multi Radius Tube Benders ( V series ), Hybrid 3 - 4 Electric Axis Tube Bender ( A series ), 2 Axis and Hydraulic Pipe Bending ( 2B series ), NC series _ Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine, IB - Interference Zone Booster for short pieces, Automatic Tube Cutting _ High Tensile Steel, NC Servo Feeding + Touch Screen ( NC Lines ), Air Lifting for Angle Cutting ( AC Lines ), Manually Operated Mitre Tube Cutting ( F series ), Air Clamping Vise Mitre Tube Cutting ( PV Type ), Auto Cut + Air Clamping Vise Mitre Tube Cutting ( AC series ), SA-77NC ( OD 80mm , Cutting length capacity 200mm ), SA-115NC ( OD 115mm , Cutting length capacity 350mm ).

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