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But on rare occasions you’ll find street sellers posting prices only in Thai, or hotels with room numbers only in Thai. Do you long for romance and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that specia... Like in English, both adverbs and adjectives in Thai are quite important. arranging transportation or making purchases at many markets. You just read the number followed by บาท (Bàat). For prices with a decimal, the number after the point is read normally, not reading each number without name of digit.

Ordinal numbers are formed by placing thi (ที่, place) in front of the number. Bartering is common when It is usually used for trade. เบอร์โทรศัพท์ (booe thoo-rá-sàp) is “phone number” in Thai. For normal house numbers with no sign, there are two ways of reading it.

Names of the lak sip for 30 to 90, and for the lak of 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and million, are almost identical to those of the like Khmer numerals.

In antiquity, a seventh daughter was called luk ek (ลูกเอก), though a seventh son was luk chet (ลูกเจ็ด).[8].

Colloquially, decimal numbers are formed by saying chut (จุด, dot) where the decimal separator is located. But if you can’t write them, don’t worry as Thai people don’t use them much in daily life. Yip may have a long vowel (ยีบ) or be elided further into a short vowel (ยิบ). They pause instead of saying ขีด (khìit). There are five digits in Thai postcodes. Thai numerals follow the Hindu-Arabic numeral system commonly used in the rest of the world. [9] Tho is used for two and for the second-level rank in tone marks, education degrees and military ranks. Fractional numbers are formed by placing nai (ใน, in, of) between the numerator and denominator or using [set] x suan y ([เศษ] x ส่วน y, x parts of the whole y) to clearly indicate. 100 สตางค์ (Sà-dtang) is 1 บาท (Bàat). punching in your offer). tone marks, education degrees and military ranks. To resolve this problem, if the number 101 (or 1001, 10001, etc.) It is usually used for trade. Basically, you can read the number in each digit followed by the name of that digit from left to right, except for the last digit for which you read only the number. Even Thai people don’t get to write these much. [17] See also crore. The way you read it is very easy: you read each number without the name of the digits. In Thai, counting is kannap (การนับ; nap is "to count", kan is a prefix that forms a noun from a verb); the classifier, laksananam (ลักษณนาม from laksana characteristic, form, attribute, quality, pattern, style; and nam name, designation, appellation. 128 is บ้านเลขที่ 128 (bâan lêek-thîi nùeng ráauy yîi sìp bpàaet). The Thai language lacks grammatical number.

Thai numerals (Thai: เลขไทย, RTGS: lek thai, pronounced [lêːk tʰāj]) are a set of numerals traditionally used in Thailand, although the Arabic numerals are more common due to pervasive westernization of Thailand in the modern Rattanakosin Era. Nueng never precedes sip, so song roi nueng sip is incorrect. Native speakers will sometimes use roi nueng (or phan nueng, etc.) บ้านเลขที่ (bâan lêek-thîi) is “house number” in Thai. So you may not see them much. Test, The Best Guide to Learn Thai Numbers for Daily Usage, How to Say I Love You in Thai – Romantic Word List, Making Merit: End of Buddhist Lent Day in Thailand, How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day in Thai, For one-hundred-something numbers (1XX), sometimes Thai people say it shortly by skipping the word หนึ่ง (.

Shown above is a comparison between three languages using Cantonese and Minnan characters and pronunciations. Et (Thai: เอ็ด, Cantonese: 一, yat1; Minnan: 一, it4), meaning "one", is used as last member in a compound number (see the main numbers section above). It precedes the measure word if used alone, but it follows the measure word when used with another number. A count is usually expressed in the form of an uninflected noun followed by a number and a classifier. Shown below is a comparison between three languages using Khmer numerals. As Thais typically use the Arabic numeral system, as a beginner you do not need to learn how to write Thai numbers. However, such distinction is often not made, and ambiguity may follow. You use numbers in communication. It is a loanword from gross.[16]. Still, after reading it a few times and trying to use these numbers yourself, you should be okay. The alternate set of numerals used to name tonal marks (ไม้, mai), educational degrees (ปริญญา, parinya), and military rankings derive from names of Sanskrit numerals. This one is easy. ji7sip8). [11], Tri (ตรี) and trai (ไตร) are from Sanskrit trāyaḥ, "three".

It’s important that you try to master this part as it’s the foundation for other number-related topics. For example, two hundred and thirty-two is song roi sam sip song. 128 is บ้านเลขที่ 128 (bâan lêek-thîi nùeng sǎawng bpàaet). Most of the time, Thai people use Arabic numerals in writing. [5] The number one following any multiple of sip becomes et (Cantonese: 一, yat1; Minnan: 一, it4). Sanskrit lakh designates the place value of a digit (tamnaeng khong tua lek, ตําแหน่งของตัวเลข), which are named for the powers of ten: the unit's place is lak nuai (หลักหน่วย); ten's place, lak sip (หลักสิบ); hundred's place, lak roi (หลักร้อย), and so forth. 21 and 700,098 — you divide the number into parts for every six digits from right to left first, so you get 21 and 700,098. For example, 10.25 is บาท is สิบบาท ยี่สิบห้าสตางค์ (sìp bàat yîi sìp hâa sà-dtang). You may notice that Thai people sometimes put a “-” sign which is called ขีด (khìit) in Thai to make it easier to read. Portions copyright © by original authors, rights reserved, used by permission; Portions. In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. For example, 02-717-0203 is ศูนย์สอง เจ็ดหนึ่งเจ็ด ศูนย์สองศูนย์สาม (sǔun sǎawng jèt nùeng jèt sǔun sǎawng sǔun sǎam). They are considered "ten-two," "ten-three," etc. You use numbers to count things. This is especially important if you ever want to contact the Thai government. The Thai transliteration uses the Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS).

Ordinals are formed by prefixing a number with the word. รหัสไปรษณีย์ (rá-hàt bprai-sà-nii) is “post code” in Thai. The hundreds are formed by combining roi with the tens and ones values. ราคา (raa-kha) is “price” in Thai. The word khrueng (ครึ่ง) is used for "half". To learn numbers higher than 9, you have to understand about digits in the Thai language first. Numbers above a million are constructed by prefixing lan with a multiplier.

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