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Your email address will not be published. Thus the movement of our muscles re-charges our muscle batteries. In US homes, the standard voltage is rated at 120 volts, while a majority of European countries are rated at 240 volts. The delivery of voltage to residential receptacles (wall outlets) is the main difference between the two. Now take it outside. The traditional means of treatment (drugs, medications etc.) Understanding voltage rating and how it affects electronic devices can be a matter of life and death; for your cell phone that is! Each time this pump activates, it sends a surge of electrons through the body. If you take a voltmeter that measures in millivolts and hold it in the air inside your home, you will measure a small amount of voltage.

I have worked with advanced microcurrent modalities for many years and have experienced firsthand how remarkable this subtle energy helps to accelerate the healing process. Still water is an electron stealer.

But how voltage is created? The old SI definition for volt used p…

AFCI/GFCI Outlets protect against shock and electrical fires. On the other hand, if the supply voltage is 6% above the rated value, the life of the lamp may be reduced by 50% due to rapid deterioration of the filament. Your device may not work at all or may not work at optimal levels. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. i 6% of the declared voltage).

The volts a lighting fixture needs usually correlates with the output of the fixture. TENS Stimulation for chronic post-herpetic neuralgia, X-Ray paper with the Tennant Biomodulator. plus many of the things that we eat and drink can rob us of voltage. Once again, I will be taking some excerpts out of a book entitled Healing is Voltage™ the handbook, authored by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD. This energy comes through our water, food, nutrition, exercise and energy medicine. When the load on the system increases, the voltage at the consumer’s terminals falls due to the increased voltage drop in. Why is voltage so important for us to live a pain free healthy lifestyle? All rights reserved. Welcome to my blog. If the voltmeter shows a minus voltage the water is an electron donor. There are many ways the body is intended to get electrons. To safeguard the interest of the consumers, the government in each country has enacted a law in this regard. Do you prefer one voltage over the other? Thus taking a shower will energize me whereas taking a bath will make me tired. When my wife and I hug each other, there is obviously an emotional element. There is also the possibility of a short-circuit. However our modern culture has tended to eliminate most of these sources. In a modern power system, electrical energy from the generating station is delivered to the ultimate consumers through a network of transmission and distribution. Where to buy cheap cable for my welding plant? You will find there is much more voltage out in the sun. If I lead against a tree the tree will donate voltage to me. As we continue to hug, soon we will be the same voltage. They worked out in the sun, drank water from the well, ate unprocessed foods, weren’t afraid to touch the earth with their hands or feet, hugged their family, leaned against a tree or stood in moving water while they were fishing, and weren’t afraid to stand in the rain. With no worldwide standardized voltage, the risk of frying your smart phone or lighting is not out of the question. Then when we exercise, our muscles create electrons. Thus people often feel tired if they sleep under a fan. With the trend towards larger and larger interconnected system, it has become necessary to employ appropriate methods of voltage control. We tackled a more in depth explanation of this in our article about line voltage and low voltage. So logically wouldn’t you be able to use a 240 volt rated device in Europe? US appliances such as air conditioners, dryers, furnaces, or even electric cars to name a few operate more effectively on higher voltages. Swimming in the ocean will give you electrons, but swimming in a chlorinated pool will steal voltage from you. The reverse would happen should the load on the system decrease. Required fields are marked *. Not providing the proper voltage input to lighting controls like a photo sensor, can leave you with a premature failure or burn out the sensor resulting in the possibility of future electrical shorts. Adapters do not change the voltage, if your device requires a different voltage than what a wall receptacle provides, a transformer is required to either “step-up” or “step-down” the voltage to translate the proper input for your device. The water we should be drinking should contain electrons and be clean and free of toxins.

Once we process the food, most of the voltage disappears. Voltage, electric potential difference, electric pressure or electric tension is the difference in electric potential between two points, which (in a static electric field) is defined as the work needed per unit of charge to move a test charge between the two points.

For satisfactory operation of motors, lamps and other loads, it is desirable that consumers are supplied with substantially constant voltage. However when we add chlorine and fluoride into the water in turns into an electron stealer. We are designed to eat unprocessed food so that it brings its own electrons with it. What is Shunt Capacitor Bank? When talking about pain management and disease, I often refer to energy medicine as a modality to aid in the healing process. Learn more. Common ways electrons are taken from the human body. If we become ill or are in chronic pain, a lot of our body’s energy is directed toward our natural healing systems.

Moving water is always an electron donor. Moving air is an electron stealer. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. The following are excerpts from his book.

This current rise causes the voltage to drop.

Today in the “digital-age” most devices are manufactured with the ability to operate on a range of 100-240 volts, which covers most of the voltages that are currently in use around the world. It is clear from the above discussion that voltage variations in a power system must be kept to minimum level in order to deliver good service to the consumers. I believe it is important for everyone to understand that our body is a battery and uses microcurrent energy in order to function.

Types, Properties, and Application, Type B Miniature Circuit Breaker ( Type B MCB), Electrical Engineering Basics: The Ultimate Guide, Substation Bus Configuration / Scheme: The Definitive Guide. Understanding voltage rating and how it affects electronic devices can be a matter of life and death; for your cell phone that is! As electric usage rises, such as on a hot day when everybody’s air conditioner is running, the current draw on the system rises. Thus you can see that the human was designed to get voltage primarily the way our grandparents got it.

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