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Make them laugh with a list of jokes related to your industry. Keep in mind that if you’re not the author, you should always give credit to the original photographer by providing a link. It’s a bit similar to the “Make a list” idea, but sharing the blogs and bloggers you follow is never a bad blog post idea. Or, have them dare you to do something, and then post a video of you doing it. Turn on Gravatar images on your blog comment, 65. Make list of useful & interesting people to follow in your niche, 95. Try for something a little unique that isn’t in too much of a broad niche to start with. Add in a few “surprise” gifts so they don’t always know what’s coming. Great artists and singers are not born overnight. Today, March 8th is International Women's Day. Show log files of intense conversations, 18. It’s International Women’s Day, and in 2018, the event may be even more important, and resonant, than ever. You can say good-bye to spammers!! Show readers how these sites have changed from 2000 by using the internet archive wayback machine. People adore quotes that motivate them or make them think, so use them wisely. Big things start from small ones, and motivational blog posts can do miracles. Are you entering the second year of your blog? Share your favorite blogs or bloggers in one post, 26. For instance, if you’re in the finance industry, you might develop a “Get out of Debt” worksheet that will help readers better plan their finances. Amazingly safe! Make it like a real conversation by turning on Gravatar images that let commenters show their face. It can also turn out as a motivational blog post for someone who doesn’t own those kinds of things. These posts can easily go viral, but be sure you’re prepared for backlash. Have a “group” meeting next Saturday at 9 PM. Prove that a blog in your niche can have reasonable traffic numbers and maybe even be profitable. 134. Share your blogs income & traffic numbers, 32. In case you haven’t traveled for a while, publish the best or worst experiences you’ve had in certain countries/airline companies/etc. Many people don’t know the basics and make common mistakes. Hope you find my International women’s day Instagram post designs and quotes worth sharing. I recently posted an infographic about “What if your WordPress gets hacked?”. For example “Did you know that the pink/red/white color of flamingos comes from the food they eat?” You can gather those facts in your own post to generate buzz. They can also have the offers and discounts lined up for the International Women’s Day. Do you have someone you’ve always wanted to say something to, whether it’s your child or a celebrity? So publish your paintings, comics, graphical design masterpieces, and other creations as well. Rant about something that REALLY disturbs you, 99. Ask for general feedback on your blogging, 71. Build a list of your readers. Make a list of interesting stats in your niche, 105. As much as people love rumors, they love to know the dirty little secrets of other people. Be sure they have to earn it, such as by leaving a blog comment to be eligible. Online galleries and portfolios look cool and can be the first step to the world for artists. AND RECEIVE UPDATES ABOUT OUR LATEST POSTS AND VIDEOS. Make a full case study about something, 25. International Women's Day: Books by women, about women, for everyone; 8 books to read on International Women’s Day; 10 vintage books that celebrate International Women’s Day; 365 books by women authors to celebrate International Women’s Day all year . Ask people to write guest posts. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Woman's Day participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. People love to be entertained. It creates great WOW effect for people to see how ugly the websites used to be back in the dot.com bubble times. Busy people work the most, but they’re quite often ready to help if you offer them value from your side. In 1911, International Women’s day was marked on 19th March many European countries, and in coming years its importance was realized all over the world. This is something that creates many different opinions among your readers. Write a review about it. People love it when they discover something that will make life easier. If you ask them, do it kindly, and state clearly why they should do it and what they get for doing it. They do giveaway campaigns regularly. People love to dream and believe that these things will happen to them. What questions do you get asked constantly, either about yourself or your industry? Thank your audience for following you, 78. If not, then check it out here. 10 Blogging Skills Bloggers Must Improve (Not Just Writing! Interesting to note, too, that the discussion of International Women’s Day on Twitter is also huge, particularly among 18 to 24 year-old users. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen the rise of the #MeToo movement, the second Women’s March and increased focus on gender equality in the workplace more broadly. Their approach is different, out of the box and it makes them extraordinary. All Rights Reserved. can be a good starting point and will portray the socially responsible image of the corporate as well. This blog post idea is similar to posting random quotes just to produce some content, but it can really spark a discussion, even if the question is rhetorical. 3. Besides, some of the traditional marketing ways can’t be ignored altogether. Here are some digital marketing ideas which will enhance your involvement in this day and will help in subtle branding. 18). Tell them something shocking! There are many to-do list apps and services, but try to publish your tasks on your blog. Interviews are extremely popular in two cases: a) you deliver an interview with a famous person who rarely speaks in public or b) your shares rally insanely useful and practical tips and content. You might get a job offer for doing that. The hunt for the perfect present for her ends here! This day is meant to make women feel special. 17). Build a portfolio of projects you’ve run, the applications you’ve coded, and so on. Each day, post a new blog post (or have a guest author), and then include a quick gift for one winner at the end of each post. Do you have any query about WordPress hosting? Publish your short story (about 200 – 500 words) as a unique blog idea, and ask your followers for feedback. Over on Twitter, there’s a range of emoji hashtags you can use to participate in the IWD conversation. Share some of your training and consulting material with your readers via a live online workshop. History of National Women's Day. As a matter of fact, I know many bloggers who produce excellent content. Create quality content, and people will be ready to buy it for a nice amount of money. But it was only in the year 1975 when UN started celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th of March. You can also host live calls via Google Hangouts. By signing up to GreenGeeks Web Hosting through us, you can benefit from a, Get your Eco-Friendly site up and running now starting from as little as, Sign Up For Our Free Video Blogging Course. The more apps you list, the better. What are the best tools to create website mockup online? Right from our childhood to our adulthood, there is a woman around us, at birth, she is a mother, when young she is girlfriend and after marriage, she is a loving wife. To make your readers constantly engaged with your blog, then I suggest you start a blog post series. Be sure to let them know when the post is public to help drive their followers to your site. Here’s your chance to shine. Ask one of them if you can interview him or her and post his or her responses on your blog. It ensures that marketing campaign has both online and offline flavors, and the brand’s visibility is enhanced in real as well as the cyber world. Record the conversation and post it for your viewers to see later. Write about why you actually started blogging, 79. In 1911, International Women’s day was marked on 19 th March many European countries, and in coming years its importance was realized all over the world. You can document what ever costs you like. How to Start an Online Meal-Kit Delivery Business and Earn a Decent Income From Home? People might get mad at you, but that doesn’t matter. Video tape a quick skit, whether you want to send a political message, educate your viewers, or just produce a spoof that will make them laugh. As these people are often too busy to respond, they enjoy fame and publicity. The Ometria Blog - Helping you Win at Ecommerce. Maybe you remodeled your kitchen. It’s International Women’s Day, and in 2018, the event may be even more important, and resonant, than ever. Twitter also recently launched their new #HereWeAre campaign to promote female representation. Want to blow your reader’s minds? Try to make it clever and funny to drive more traffic. Compile a list of common mistakes in your niche, 76. 15,348 blogs created with this guide... and counting! Ask some billionaire to write a post for you, 98. It gives nice pressure and motivation to achieve the goals, and it will excite your loyal followers, and it might give you even more good blog ideas too! Every item on this page was chosen by a Woman's Day editor. Womanhood is you.” – Viola Davis, “Think like a queen. Are you planning to attend a conference in your niche? So, if you’re not a designer, hire one to get a viral infographic that stands out from the crowd. 15 Innovative Online Consulting Business Ideas To Make Money From Day One! It’s a win-win situation; you get the content, and they can build up their name or brand. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen the rise of the #MeToo movement, the second Women’s March and increased focus on gender equality in the workplace more broadly. 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