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Fast-track the achievement of your goals with our offers today: Looking for the right information by going though mails, chats, folders or chatting with coworkers takes more than 20% of an employees’ time. The best way to organize information. Looking to organize your information better? This project involved the creation of new procedures for the platform's information management, a new blog, a new media library and PDF export. Many established companies are far behind on internal knowledge sharing. Looking for a solution tailored to your specific needs? The project was created bearing in mind the needs of local agents, as they need information assistance in their daily work, and the ones of anyone who wishes to stay informed on the activity of local authorities. XWiki is the best tool to organize your knowledge. You can create multiple wikis, each with its own set of pages. Hosted and managed by. Platform XWiki Platform is the generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it. A wiki is organized in a hierarchy of pages. Modern needs require modern tools that are built for the purpose of organizing information and building a collaborative culture. Just log in with it. Includes modified extension pages (usually configuration pages). Unzip them in any directory of your choice (let's call it XWIKIHOME). The flagship features of this project allow users to update and validate procedure (Publication Workflow Module) and export multiple documents into one PDF (PDF export). using the port 8081, as in start_xwiki.sh -p 8081 for XWiki 6.2+ and start_xwiki.sh -8081 for older versions). They can be fixed by giving permission to the other user to write in the directories XWiki writes to. You should read Getting Started Guide to learn how to use XWiki. Do not close the terminal window that shows up. Use the breadcrumbs located above the title to navigate inside your pages. Various usability improvements such as ability to skip the recycle bin, simpler unlike feature, more consistent menus. Looking to organize your information better? Before 4.0.1 and 4.1M1, 4.1M2: The directory where you installed XWiki Enterprise (the default location is, Powered by XWiki 11.10.2-node2. On Mac you will need to use "Open with Terminal" or run these scripts from the Terminal. If you've installed the Demo zip with the Standard Flavor pre-installed, you can log in using the default Admin user (first letter is capitalized). Launch XWiki using "start". one of the companies sponsoring the development of XWiki. Collaboration does not stop at software. Learn about our Project Methodology or take a look at our implemented projects: Amazon has chosen XWiki as its next generation internal Wiki platform for documentation and collaboration. The Demo packages are zip archive files that can be used for all platforms. If you're instaled another package, the Distribution Wizard will have led you to create an admin user. Do not close the DOS window that shows up. The basics. To extend the power and functionalities of your wiki with the features that you need, head over to the Extension Manager where you can search for and install extensions. You can also use the Sandbox for more demo content and generally a place to experiment with your wiki's features. The Windows installer creates shortcuts to start and stop XWiki in your Windows start menu. Go beyond the available extensions and define the structure of your data based on your needs, creating your own applications with App Within Minutes (AWM). Unzip them in any directory of your choice (let's call it. The French National Centre for the Management of Territorial Service (CNFPT) chose XWiki for the implementation of a knowledge and news base, about local administration. XWiki's software offers the perfect tools to building a collaborative culture in your company. XWiki innovates with the "Structured Wiki" concept and brings the highest information organization features to your company. Whenever one leaves the company, the information leaves too. It requires Java to be installed on your system. Only a true collaborative tool will help build your collaborative culture. Playground is a test instance on XWiki.org that you can use in order to discover some of XWiki's features. To browse through the 900+ community contributed extensions available for XWiki, head over to the Extensions Repository. 12.8 28 September 2020. The pages created by the user or by XWiki extensions on behalf of the user. Go to the directory where you've installed XWiki (XWIKIHOME) and run start_xwiki.bat in Windows or start_xwiki.sh on Unix or Mac. Not finding that vital piece of information can lead to costly mistakes - mistakes that could have been avoided with a collaborative tool. Extend your wiki. Our team will bring you a process and the right approach, backed up by our 15 years experience of building collaborative projects. Go to the directory where you've installed XWiki (XWIKIHOME) and run start_xwiki.bat in Windows or start_xwiki.sh on Unix or Mac. On-Premise or hosted in Cloud. XWiki SAS's team of professionals is the best solution for you and your team. SCOR - the global reinsurance company - chose us to implement a dynamic procedure knowledge base to facilitate internal communication for the sales team, in all countries and business units. It's easy to get lost in a big wiki without them. XWiki SAS's team of professionals is the best solution for you and your team. Graphical Windows native installer is a Windows executable file. Note that the wiki is unmoderated and its content is reset automatically every day. This is the XWiki server running. AWM will take care of making it easy for you and your users to create and manage the data. ), for collaborative workspaces or even as a complete intranet. In some cases, you might already have a Web Server running on port 8080. First, you need to download the suited XWiki version for your use case. Ready-to-use or Customized. Before you start make sure you've read the System Requirements. To make the most out of your wiki, log-in and: Use the button above to edit this page and start customizing your wiki to your needs.

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